@hamiltonguy - Paper decomposing is "oil and gas misinformation"? Why are you guilty of it then?

You know what's hilarious? Mark mentioned that paper decomposes, versus plastic which doesn't. Dan Sideen responds with the true statement that because that paper decomposes, it releases CO2. Mark, who seems to think that CO2 is the worst thing ever, claims that it's made up junk science.

In reality of course both paper and plastic are just fine (I prefer plastic): CO2 isn't a problem to begin with, and both types of bag have a small impact on CO2 independent of their end state. CO2 is extracted from the ground in oil, CO2 is used turning it into a bag, CO2 is put back in the ground when I throw a plastic bag onto the lawn of the guy down the street with the "hate has no place here" sign out front. In paper bags it's reversed: the tree stores CO2, CO2 is used turning it into a bag, CO2 is released back into the air when the bag decomposes.

Yet if Mark really thinks CO2 is so bad, so be it. He's an idiot, but we can forgive him an idiotic take. What is unforgivable and a sign that he should be locked up for his own personal safety is that he had just finished saying plastic doesn't decompose (or at least takes 'hundreds of years') which means that the carbon contained within all polyurethanes is indeed stored. He might no like where it's stored, but it's still stored.

Mark says paper decomposes and plastic doesn't. That's just him dropping truth bombs.

Dan says paper decomposes and plastic doesn't. That's O&G disinfo obviously.

I maintain there's only one way to get through to these people.