You Might be a Global Warming Skeptic If....

  1. ...Your father can tell you how the prairies started warming up when he was younger -- only to have some of the worst winters on record a few years later
  2. ...Your letter to the editor in the Edmonton SUN asking if global warming can be real when its August 8th and we haven't had a single day over 28 Celcius yet gets a half dozen retorts that you can't use isolated incidents to comment on global warming
  3. ...The same people who wrote those retorts write letters to the Edmonton Journal six months later claiming that a brown Christmas or a warm spell in early February is proof non grata that humanity is destroying the globe
  4. ...You link to this page
  5. ...You read about Leif Erikson and the Medieval Climate Optimum even though you secretly believe that Greenland was named as a cruel joke and/or an advertising gimmick
  6. ...You aren't making plans for the Northwest Passage anytime soon
  7. ...You link to this trackback
  8. You make a comment on this Western Standard Shotgun blog entry
  9. ...You still don't hold out much hope for Grande Prairie to be a valuable warm-water port
  10. ...It makes you giggle to learn that forests may contribute to global warming
  11. ...You're convinced "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" is one of the greatest South Park episodes ever
  12. ...You bought a lot of aerosol cans and an old fuel guzzling diesel 1-ton truck "just in case nature needs a boost"
  13. ...You note that Edmonton International Airport temperatures don't always match readings at sites in the surrounding area, making the temperature claims dubious at best