And here's Ryan....uh...Spillberg!

One of the great things about baseball is that the spring training, where prospective players try out for the team, is televised. Its the sort of thing that makes Fantasy Baseball so much more enjoyable than other fantasy sports: hot prospects are quick to identify.

In baseball news, click the link to the right to join the Third Edge Baseball Pool.

Also, Alfonso Soriano has stopped being a baby. Plan on him to royally suck this season.

Al Leiter has retired. That should clear some Yankee payroll to meet the salary cap. Ha!

The new grass is being planted at Busch Stadium. Thick Kentucky bluegrass is being planted, which is fitting since Kentucky is next door to Missouri (really! I looked it up! God my mid-west American geography stinks). [could be worse, you could not realize that Kansas City isn't actually in Kansas -ed]

Finally in some non-baseball news, I recently made a new post at Slashdot.