If you miss Sir Humphrey the character and Sir Humphrey the cat try Sir Humphrey the blog

Yes, Sir Humphrey's name is immortalized* in blog form.

Not a whole lot of the Mr. Appleby flavour, to be fair. The "real" Sir Humphrey would never make such an opinionated comment on Islam as "There are not enought good experiences of Islam out there to negate the bad Cartoon experience", and he never would have uttered or written the phrase "Go Moss go! I was blowing at the TV set hoping that would help. I guess you had to be there."

Sir Humphrey likewise wouldn't say this on the subject of copyright law (though to be fair, "Bernard Wolley" made this post, and it does seem similar to some Bernard lines).

Still, its not a half-bad site to keep in mind.

Curious factoid: Neither Yes, Minister nor Yes, Prime Minister ever actually utter the word "Canada".