Well, I'm totally in the dark

Somebody stole my newspaper this morning. When I woke up at 10 I saw it half-under the door. I was on the computer until 11, went to the bathroom.. and discovered it missing. Damn.

So then I just stuck to some blogging. From Colby Cosh to The Shotgun to AB Freedom to Robert McClelland to The Battle of Alberta to Ianism to Ann Coulter. And do you know what?

Do you know the happiest thing on earth? I still don't know which gay movie (Brokeback,Capote,Good Night, or Crash) won the Oscar! (Which Oscar? Any Oscar, although I know Ang Lee won best director while I was channel surfing waiting for my VCR to finish rewinding).

The newspaper theft and a bunch of uninterested blogs are only half the story: nobody has IMed me with the results yet, or to talk about them. "MSN Today", the annoying celebrity news popup that appears when you login to MSN Messenger, wasn't working properly. It's like I'm in a happy time bubble where the Oscars just never happened.

Is it possible for the ceremony to have ended in some sort of catastrophic cataclysmic event? Did thechickwhowrotebrokebackmountain, George Cloony, Jon Stewart, Jamie Foxx, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and the rest of the Hollywood Liberal crowd die in some sort of freak meteor shower? I just don't know. But I can hope...