Unsubstantiated dirt is good dirt

Highlights from Usenet gossip groups:

Name-Alexanda Wentworth
Dirt-cheapskate, returned flower arrangements to florist after wedding for full refund; married to the nelly acting George Stephanopoulos
More dirt-allows husband to have gay affairs

Name-Kristanna Loken
Dirt-Likes drugs especially extasy; got her role in T3 by sleeping with one of the producers; went to Ireland with a group of lesbian friends on a horse-back riding/sex trip; was into voodoo worship and drinks blood; gave ex boyfriend Justin Whalin (Jimmy Olson on tv's Lois and Clark) genital herpes; aborted his child because she was using accutane at the time, met and moved in with Justin Whalin when she was 15 (he was 20)

Name-Jeff Probst
Dirt-loves meeting trannies via internet; sends them his pix and then suggests 'meeting

Name-Farley Granger
Dirt-he was fired from OLTL( a soap) in the 70's for attempting to coerce an underage fellow actor to perform oral sex in his dressing room. Pfft, one day he's playing Dr.Will Vernon-the next he's standing online for unemployment benefits. He was (is) a nasty piece of work.

Name-Fiona Apple
Dirt-dumped Paul Thomas Anderson after she caught him fucking Estella Warren

Name-Cybill Shepherd
Dirt-behaves like a raving bitch to any co-stars she perceives as outshining her; hated by most of the cast, crew and writing staff of her last tv show; mean cunt
More dirt-Cybill has a bad reputation among personal assistant recruiters; she refused to pay one after her personal assistant quit after three days - she had given the person a huge list of things that it would be impossible to do in one day - coupled with her raving bitchiness, the unsuspecting assistant ran away; Cybill has done this all over town; she hated co-star Christine Baranski; behaves like a raving bitch to co-star she perceives as outshining her; horrible person to work with; hated by most former co-stars of her last tv show; Cybill used to count the lines in her scripts given both to her and to Christine Baranski; she was on British tv bragging out the delights of oral sex with Elvis Presly; treated the creator of the tv show Moonlighting even nastier than she treated Bruce Willis

Name-Jordan Knight
Dirt-noted by groupies for having crabs; bi-sexual; girlfriend Evelyn told his mother that she was pregnant before telling Jordan so that he couldn't pressure her into getting an abortion

And the grand daddy of all:
Name-Alyssa Milano
Dirt-as actually eaten shit; on one movie set in Canada, she infuriated a propmaster and after bitching him out, she ordered him to get her something off the craft services table (food bar). He got her a hot dog, but before giving it to her, shoved his shit in it using a pen's inkwell