K-Lowe pulls the trigger

The Edmonton Oilers have a new No. 1 netminder, acquiring Dwayne Roloson from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a first-round pick in this June's Entry Draft and a conditional draft pick.

Are we going to stick to four goalies? Are we going to be like Kang's team in my hockey pool now?

I guess its three, for now (still): Mike Morrison, our beloved Mayor Quimby, has been put on waivers.

Speaking of the hockey pool, my buddy J____ has a comment on the Roloson trade:

Welp, I suppose it was either trade for him (AND FOR A 1ST ROUND PICK, WTF...WTF...WTFFFF????!!??) or that hobo you sometimes see pushing a cart filled with garbage bags down Whyte known as Hobo Harold.

Unfortunately they couldn't find Harold at decision time.

Chock me up in the "What crack was Lowe smoking when he pulled the trigger on this deal category ... ie CRAP CATEGORY"

Put that a vote in the "against" category. Along with this quote by Bleeding_Oil on the TSN story: "Brutal! I didn't think it was possible for the Oil to get worse in goal."

The Battle of Alberta is already hot on the topic. So is Covered in Oil: we have a number one goalie. Dwayne Roloson for a First round pick (and a third rounder if he re-signs with the Oil), which is a pretty good deal considering how many first round picks we muff.

In other sporting news, some namby-pamby parental group wants restrictions on cheerleaders. I agree. 36-22-28 or better.

I do have this little thing called a baseball pool

Kirby Puckett lost a fan when he sexually harassed some women. Man I love that affable twin and his lust for affable twins... *sniffle*.

Something I noticed on Friday night at the bar, but forogt about [isn't that your usual story when asked to defend against something that happened at the bar -ed] until now: Donald Brashear was fined $10,000 and forced to endure threads in gay sports websites about how sodomy with him would feel for his comments that the new NHL is "gay". His exact words were: "This game is gay now. You can't even do anything anymore. ... They changed the game to favor the superstars. You can't do anything anymore to set some respect out there." As soon as we saw the comments on the screen at Squires, we all knew... Donald was gonna get fined, and how!

And this is why the World Baseball Classic is on ESPN 2.

Canada beat South Africa at the WBC yesterday in the game I probably should have web-logged as I had planned. The pre-game ESPN talk was all about the details of the mercy rule...if one team was up by 15 runs after 5 innings, the game would be called. With Jason Bay, Corey Koskie, Matt Stairs, and Justin Morneau as the heart of the batting order, this was considered to be a possibility, especially with Pete Orr and Stubby Clapp having such good On-base percentages. Instead, we had 4 scoreless innings, three comebacks from South Africa, and one case of Canada playing 1 run behind. In the end, though, we managed to prevail against what the announcers called "the best acheivement in the history of the South African baseball team".

Today, Team Canada seems to be doing better: 7-0 over the United States?? Could this be the start of a South Korea-style shocker, being the first seed in a division where we were given as the obvious second seed?

Update, 3:46pm: Er, 30 seconds later make that 8-0 after Adam Sturn's inside the park home run over at Chase Field.