A real "on this day in history" moment

Yes, today is the day that Julius Caesar was assasinated in 44 B.C. Shakespeare (perhaps in the original Klingon?) popularized the "Ides of March" and now we actually have a historical event worth remembering. Forget The University of Toronto being chartered, or the trademark for Rolls Royce being registered, or Czar Nicholas II abdicating the throne, Titanic beating Star Wars in the box office receipts, the birth of Lord William Lamb Melbourne or Emil Adolf von Behring, or the death of Dr. Benjamin Spock or Connecticut pioneer John Davenport: this is the Ides of March, the day that Caesar was freaking assasinated. It just is way too up there in history...I can hardly think of a similar event. The signing of the Magna Carta perhaps, or the invention of fire. How do you compare it to the infamous Ides? Sure its World Consumer Rights Day, and the day American corporations file income tax, but that just doesn't measure up.

(March 15 44 B.C. was a bad day all around: Xena and Gabrille on Xena: Warrior Princess were crucified on that day. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields took place on March 15th too, though the year 3019 in the Third Age slightly pre-dates Caesar)

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