Man, you jinxed it!

Heard at work approximately 70 minutes ago: "Man, if David Hasselhoff can get laid, anybody can get laid" referring to the old rumour that Batman actor Cesar Romero was having an affair with Nancy Reagan. The rumour most certainly wasn't true: Reagan's daughter Patti Davis held a fantasy that Romero was her real father due to his friendship with Nancy.

Anyways, what do I see on the "MSN Today" newswire an hour after hearing "if David Hasselhoff can get laid [so can B-movie actor Ronald Reagan]"? Michael Bolton and Desperate Housewives starlet Nichollette Sheridan are engaged. Man, if Bolton can get laid, anybody can.

Bonus Reagan quote: I'm told I can't use the word depression. Well, I'll tell you the definition. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job; depression is when you lose your job. Recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.