Married...by Children

3 15 year old girls "slap the behinds of my loving ones" in a ceremony best described as disturbing.

This calls to mind the new story on The Onion: "Pedophile Less Interested The More He Views 13-Year-Old's MySpace Profile" which includes such gems as "According to Sanderson, the most discouraging revelation came when he viewed Courtneee's "More Pics" section, in which she reportedly looks "way older" than she does in her featured front-page photo."

Two things come to mind. The first is who do they get to pose in these Onion articles anyways. Who's the unlucky stiff who ends up in this picture broadcasting his face to the world as a pedophile. Must be an out of work actor or something desperate for a gig.

The second thing coming to mind is that if you don't hate detest and/or fear women then youtube might just be the next best thing to change your mind. Womenfolk have always been a strange lot, but the sexual revolution has just gone and made things overly messy. Women now can openly extort and taunt men with no social or legal recourse, and men are paralyzed by both the law of man and the biological law of nature from taking action against it. I'd rant more on this, but it would get me all worked up.

Bonus link: Gemini_diva may have deleted her profile on Blackplanet.com, but this guy was her friend once