Quick political wrapup

Quick! Sign up for the baseball pool! You only have 11 more days!

There's a lot of political stuff I want to cover, but no time or energy to do so. Man I hate when that happens. Here's a quick rundown:

Lorne Gunter observes that Iraq's own generals were convinced they had WMD stockpiles available to them, and then says if they were wrong than how could Bush have been expected to know better?

An American draft dodger was arrested crossing from his home in Canada this week. Should he be tried? Waking up on Planet X weighs in.

Stephen Harper is still being chastized for being too much like Bush (apparently the Canadian people prefer our leader to not be visibly proud of our military's international accomplishments). I mean c'mon...as I noted on AB Freedom's first blogpost on the subject, the Bush aircraft carrier "stunt" secured him votes and spawned a hugely successful G.W. Bush action figure. This may not be a half bad thing to emulate (it sure beats emulating the previous President by having Harper sleep with a teenager).

The kids who murdered somebody on a bus last week for telling them to shut their stupid teenaged pie holes were released on bail today. Nice. In other news, those damned bars and their glass drinks!

Is it too much to hope that an independent inquiry might ban photo radar in this fair city? Oh baby!

Finally (for now), Ralph Klein has decided that the procedures in place for his replacement will be slightly less confusing than the World Baseball Classic's tie-breaking scheme. A great way to segue back into the news that there is a little over a week left to sign up to my free baseball pool!