I was going to rent a couple games, until I thought instead I should buy one

I went to Blockbuster just now, armed with a $20 bill and a wish list:

  1. Firefly: The Complete Series (DVD) -- I've seen Serenity 8 times, but haven't seen 30 seconds of the TV show it was based on.
  2. Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (DVD) -- Since Family Guy has been either re-runs or new-episodes-I-forgot-to-tape since the New Year.
  3. Something...anything for the X-box. I figure with nothing to do until work tomorrow night, I might just as well get full enjoyment of my black piece of entertainment hardware.
  4. Cheap beer.

And then the discovery hits me: $9.82 to rent a video game from Blockbuster. $19.99-$24.95 to buy a used X-box game from a used video game store. Ouch! For $10 I should get 6 months with the game, and a wild night of sex with Reiko Nagase, the hot digital chick from Ridge Racer.

Only $10 left to buy beer meant it was Alberta Genuine Draft time for me. $10 to rent a game. Holy crap. Even if you only got $5 for the used game when you were done, you're still only paying a $5 premium to own the video game outright.