Canada vs. South Africa

"He looks very comfortable in the Green and Gold" the ESPN2 announcers say as Edmonton Cracker-Cat Stubby Clapp is at the mound. Ironic, really, seeing how the Green and Gold Eskimos are responsible for killing our beloved Trappers and requiring shitty Cracker-Cats like Clapp into the city's sports pantheon. The Green and Gold they speak of are the team colours of the South Africa, though, of course they end up talking about the Oakland Athletics, who beat South Africa 13-1 over the weekend.

Just before Clapp was up, the announcers giggled how appropriate it was that the first player up to bat for Team Canada was #4 and named "Orr". They left out that he was from Ontario though.

Matt Stairs? "18 years of professional baseball under his ample belt." Ha! They mention how Stairs, who played in a street hockey game during spring training, was awarded a Stanley Cup made out of beer cans.

Wow, top half of the first inning and Canada didn't score.

Hmmm, during commercial breaks the MLB.tv feed cuts to private conversations between the announcers as a still image of the ball game is visible. "Is the South African lineup sponsored too? Can I have the card for that? Hey Frankie, I need the lineup card here!"

I should weblog this game. Nah.