The Tradition Continues....

Counting down to the biggest party day of the year (well, after Dominion Day. And New Years Eve. Last day of University classes. Last day of University exams. Victoria Day weekend). But other than that, biggest party day of the year.

St. Patrick's Day. March 17th (2 months before Norwegian Independence Day, for those who were curious -- its actually how I remember which day Constitution Day is). This year, it falls on a Friday.

And guess who, as of 2 hours ago, has it off?

And Saturday off. (Where I work, that's a rarity in and of itself). And a night shift (probably, schedule isn't up yet) the following Sunday. Which means the weekend it shall be crazy.

One thing that's damned near impossible on March 17th is a trip to O'Byrnes Irish Pub on Whyte Avenue... the bloody place has a lineup 200 people long by 5pm. Since I have the day off I might pop in mid afternoon, we shall see. I also bought 6 bottles of Guinness ($1 more than 4 supercans with a collectors coaster...but like I have use for a coaster anyways) that I can enjoy in the safety and comfort of my own home, possibly tomorrow evening.

In preparation, EdmontonPlus.ca has a list of the various bars that are doing something extra special for St. Patty's Day. Of special interest to my eye is O'Connors Irish Pub which I have never been to before. Elephant and Castle and Rose and Crown are two other excellent choices. March 17th/18th drinking plans are still up in the air, of course. I'll let you know which places win out... (after that night, of course).