Fun military links

The side effect of 2 days of researching military hardware is that its addictive.

So here are some of the fun links I stumbled across during my research:

An aircraft carrier made entirely out of LEGO

Miss Rusian Army, a campaign to feature pretty women in the Russian military. A photo of 2005 winner can be seen here...the contest was once Miss Red Army but obviously that wouldn't work these days. Well, except in Canada. Har har.

Norwegian mothers are warning their daughters that they have to be married before they turn 30, or the military will draft them. I wonder how many slutty 29 year olds lucky Norkse men have trapped with this system?

...the Soviets abandoned the base to the Ukrainian army in 1995, but the top brass weren't sure what to do with it. "It's a bit of a national joke. Ukraine has one sub, and the battery's gone. It costs something like $1.25m to buy a new battery, and they haven't got it."

Trapped behind enemy lines in 1942, the Dutch minesweeper Abraham Crijnssen covered herself in tree branches and slowly sailed past the Japanese Navy. Didn't I see that on Down Periscope?

The venerable AEGIS cruiser seems to be a thing of the past. The article is from 18 months ago, so it makes sense that the CG-21 Cruiser had not yet been announced.