Western Standard Shotgun Threadwatch

I posted 3 quick succession posts to the Western Standard's Shotgun blog which are slightly longer than the quick one-liners I am usually content to deliver over there.

So feel free to watch/join in as I cover happiness in Canada if you're a conservative, the justification for a American military presence in Iraq, and CTV bias regarding the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Update, five minutes later: It seems the Shotgun trackback system isn't working, which may explain why no trackbacks seem to exist for any of the articles. So here's the CTV bias link, here's the Iraq link, and finally the Conservative happiness link. I'm leaving the defunk trackback URLs up just in case the system is fixed.

I just got hit by a massive sense of deja-vu.

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I don't know more or less anything about the Mexican murder suspect situation. My knowledge of Mexico is limited. I do know that Mexican Wal-Marts sell tequila(*), and that my hot Mexican model friend is drop dead gorgeous. But I have noticed something odd: the two women who are accused bear a very odd resemblance to Belinda Stronach.

* - When given my Wal-Mart tequila I replied "Well this is just an example of how Wal-Mart tailors products to regional markets. In Mexico Wal-Mart will sell tequila. In America Wal-Mart will sell firearms. And in Canada they sell tax preparation software."


Anonymous said...

They used to sell guns in CDN Tire,too- back in the fifties, I recall a christmas ad for 'refurbished' Lee Enfield Jungle Carbines, for $12.95!