Why Men and women will never be happy

I'd heard of this sort of thing before, but when somebody showed me an example a couple days ago I was in shock. Well, today I was sent an even bigger example.

Example of what, you may ask? To be precise, women's condescending attitude on dating sites. We all heard of the massive potential: meet people for easy over the internet. Talk about relationship goals, sexual goals, entertainment goals, etc. in an easy to handle environment. Think she's gorgeous? Tell her, its way easier in text form. Want to ride his penis until you forget your middle name? Just tell him. Don't like giving oral sex, but have no qualms about joining her at the local Marxist-Leninist club? You can easily and openly discuss it all, with no hangups.

Well, surprise surprise, women have found a way to introduce hangups. I think this is a good time to show an example of what I mean:

"Can You Make Me Sparkle?


New set of rules:

1 - If you are a SINGLE male (LET ME REALLY emphasize this point)
2 - Over 35 or Under 24
3 - A Smoker (light, casual, whatever, I don't care)
4 - Looking for a quick get together
5 - Hoping for a onenight stand
6 - Going to be unable to hold an actual, intelligent conversation when or if anything between us proceeds from emails to chat, or, a meeting (sorry, I am venting)

Save your messages/chats/smiles/backstages/whatever - well it may work on some girls, I'm not one of them - sorry. This means I will NOT reply to your IM's or Emails or Winks. I don't care how 'hot' your body is, or, how well endowed you are. Unless you look like Vin Diesel's twin brother, I WON'T reply to single guys.

So, before you bombard me with more IM's & smiles guys, stop, go to a mirror. Look at yourself. Have you ever been stopped in a mall by someone looking for your autogrpah because they thought you were Vin Diesel - no huh? Then, do not bother to try to contact me if you are a single guy.

One more time, as apparently SINGLE MEN can NOT read - do not try to contact me if you are a single male, please, it wastes both our time.

Otherwise, onto the good stuff. If you can read below, you have a sense of who I am, a real tiny sense, but, a sense none the less. What am I looking for - fun times, BUT only after we get to know one another. To me, Intimacy starts in the mind, not in your pants.

Now, what am I looking for - a couple. Let me be clear about that, by a couple I mean a man AND a woman. Not a man that has a wife/girlfriend/partner that doesn't know what you are doing, or, who you hope to surprise by bringing me home to - if she doesn't know what you are up to, do us both a favor and don't waste my time or your own. I am continuing to come into contact with some apsects of my sexuality, and, am looking to expand my horizons....I would have said sexpand, but, the subtlety of that would likely be wasted on many.


What a demure and polite and wonderful girl. Compare this with the typical male profile which I asked for in comparison (photo not listed):
"love to have fun"

looking for online fun and maybe to meet in person...nothing too serious...just wanting to kick back and have some fun

Notice a difference between these two styles? The woman is already starting out incredibly picky, and demanding, and downright hostile to anybody that might dare start out talking to her without meeting the laundry list of requirements she has assembled. Apparently other women's have been even worse.

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but this is exactly what's wrong with women today: the sexual revolution and the feminist revolution and the spice girls revolution have all assembled themselves together to create a generation of women who demand everything and are prepared to give up nothing in return. I mean seriously...

The first place you notice this is the bar: girls get free cover, drink specials, theme nights, and spend them dressed up to be as alluring as they possibly can be. Then, when they arrive at the bar, they delight in shutting men down. Guys who talk to them are pushed away, guys who buy them drinks gain 5 minutes of coversation before being pushed away, and guys who don't get pushed away gain the thrill of talking about completely banal subjects for hours and plying often hundreds of dollars on drinks only to be pushed away at the end of the night or given a phone number that isn't even real [or four phone numbers from the same girl, each of them "hers" and each of them false -ed]. Meanwhile, any undue attention from guys they don't find attractive enough to play around with like a cat with a ball of string can expect a flurry of insults about their appearance that would result in crying if they were ever received. You look at their attractive attributes and you are also yelled at for the crime of looking at the body parts they spent so much time making plainly visible!

In the old days, of course, men were aware of this danger and set out a serious of cultural norms and rules that kept everything in check. Men had full control over all property. Men and men alone exercised political rights. Men controlled the family name and laid down the rules. Women controlled the sex.

And there was balance.

The problem is that if you give women equal control over property, suffrage, and family while leaving them with the control over sex, you are creating a very dangerous world. I don't think the high level of violence common in young men is entirely removed from the fact that average men will find themselves shot down by below-average women while above-average women milk their appearance for all their worth. [on the bright side, time heals all wounds and also rights all wrongs: women grow up to be old Bridget Bardot crones, while men grow into the grisled sex symbols of Sean Connery or Harrison Ford or Patrick Stewart -ed]

When above-average women find themselves constantly desperate for a wild night of passion and discover that even men whose leagues they should be completely out of are totally disinterested in them and are willing to turn down blatent offers of intimate liasons, when a guy with his shirt unbuttoned can be propositioned by every woman on the sidewalk, and when males at the bar can get in with no cover and be given free drinks and offered free dinners and movies and backrubs in return for the smallest amount of attention delivered to beautiful women who cannot help but fawn over them...only than shall we the Male Species (Homo Sapiens -- rational man) truely be free as God intended for us.

No sexual taxation without sexual representation!