Hey FACLC, why haven't you blogged about hockey?

A hockey posting is as good a time as ever to advertise my baseball pool... see the link on the right.

Why haven't I posted much about hockey? Because its depressing. One of the reasons I'm not currently at liberty to discuss due to anonymity requirements, so we'll leave it be for now.

The other reason(s)? Well, the useless Olympics were on, so that killed a lot of my interest. The women's hockey alone made me want to throw up. So our carpet munchers were better than the carpet munchers of all other nations on earth. Wave the flag in pride, my friend, wave the flag in pride.

Not to mention the Oilers of late have been sucking beyond all human comprehension. Losing two games in a row to St. Louis???? We desperately need a goalie. Ty Conklin never recovered from his little fisticuffs incident versus Atlanta in February 2004 (he broke his hand fighting Thrasher goalie Pasi Nurminen). Jussi Markkanen is best known as "Jussi Rebounds" for semi-obvious reasons, and Mike Morrison is too new to carry a team unless its a shootout. We also could use a bit of offensive talent. One Jason Smith on a team is fine, but four of them?

My second favourite team (see this page for more details) is likewise doing rather poorly as of late. Jarome Iginla has always been a slow starter, but this season seems slower than usual. This is the man who at times single-handedly carried his team all the way to choking in the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004, and he's been barely a whimper this year. A big part of that has to be the loss of Craig Conroy and to a lesser extent Mike Commodore and Martin Gelinas to trades during the off-season. The 2004 magic will be hard to duplicate. Of course, the Flames are atop of the division right now, but it is without a doubt the toughest division in the league, so one cannot get too excited about that.

Plus, I haven't watched a hockey game in probably 5 weeks. I've watched at least a dozen baseball games since then. Which is why I'm closing out this post with a small reminder:
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