Corb Lund may welcome him, but should we?

Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans, who grew up in Southern Alberta and were basically born as an artist in Nashville, have always had an affinity for Edmonton.

Which is why it was wholly disheartening when today I went to buy tickets to the April 3rd show at Rexall and discovered that the opening act was none other than known conservaphobe Todd Snider.

Memo to Snider: 565,398 voters comprising 60% of the voting population just finished electing conservative Christian straight-white males. We are in command here. You aren't. Screw off.


Anonymous said...

todd snider is one of america's better current songwriters i think. if you dont agree with his point of view, dont listen. i have friends from a wide array of political outlooks, left, right and otherwise and he's one of them. don't be petty.

and, political affiliation regardless, ann coulter doesnt have any class. she does conservatives a disservice.

corb lund.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, and i dont know what 'born as an artist in nashville' means. i've been recording music and playing based out of edmonton for 18 years...? born as an artist in nashville?? huh? i made a couple records there, that's about it.