Why all 94 Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations are horrible and shouldn't be enacted

Early in June, to much fanfare and celebrating by uppity Indians, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) released it's massive report into how Canada needs to "reconcile" with their horrible past: namely, trying to educate the Red Indian. I posted on the 23 minute long rant by Ezra Levant where he read through some of the more egregious aspects of this ridiculous report, but as I also noted over on Small Dead Animals, there's a lot more in there that Ezra missed.

So let's break it down: let's go through the entire report's recommendations and see which ones -- if any -- are worth the trouble. While we're here let's keep two salient points in mind, which will be important considerations to evaluate the individual calls to action
  1. Are any actual Indian groups required to do anything? Or are they always the recipient of somebody else's largess?
  2. Is there largess? Specifically, how much money will Canadian taxpayers need to spend to implement this report?
So here we go, and we'll start with their What We Have Learned: Principles of Truth and Reconciliation document. Try not to laugh at the embossed background with a feather, by the way, you totally need to pace yourself. First thing you'll notice is now we know where Willie Littlechild ended up. For those who don't remember, Littlechild was the Alberta MP who gained a brief bit of fame when he was taken to court for his pro-GST vote after receiving anti-GST petitions. You may also notice that it describes him as "Chief Wilton Littlechild". Willie Littlechild is not a real Chief. He's an honourary cheif in Hobemma, but it's like an honorary degree from a university. It's like Wayne Gretzky signing "Dr. Wayne Gretzky" when he gives somebody his autograph. It's a hilarious joke, and an indication that the TRC is going to be nothing but lies By the time we get to the actual principles, we've already gone off the deep end.
The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is the framework for reconciliation at all levels and across all sectors of Canadian society.
The UN Declaration comes up a lot, so it's important to know early how much of a giant crock of shit it is. There's no other way to describe it. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a useless document that should be rightfully ignored. You literally cannot justify going to this source material to justify a single of the action items found later in the report. For one thing, the report entirely classifies the population of countries into two distinct groups: "Indigenous peoples" and "everybody else". For one thing, there's been a decent amount of intermixing between those two groups, so there isn't exactly a neat divide between them. For another, this creates an odd hierarchy where the first people on a piece of land imbue special rights to all of their kin on said land no matter what subsequent action takes place. Finally, it curiously doesn't apply to all pieces of land. Nobody is saying that the Dniepr Balts should have special rights in Ukraine, or that the Chwezi should be paid money from the Bito or other later groups to settle in Uganda. No, this seems to be a special declaration only to the earliest inhabitants of land that were later colonized by Great Britain. Okay, onto Principle #2:
First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples, as the original peoples of this country and as self-determining peoples, have Treaty, constitutional, and human rights that must be recognized and respected.
The reference to treaty rights is another giant red flag. As Cory Morgan has noted, the treaties apply to both parties, and so why isn't the treaty rights of white Canadians respected? The Red Indian agreed to remain on the reservation and not foster dissent against Her Majesty or her government. Indeed, they agreed to be left out of the voting process entirely: if they are indeed "First Nations" to be "nation-to-nation" dealing with Ottawa (more on that later) then why should they be voting in Canadian elections? Again more on this later but its important to see why the principles are inconsistent and one-sided. You'll see lots of this: nothing at all could possibly be the Indians' fault.
Reconciliation is a process of healing of relationships that requires public truth sharing, apology, and commemoration that acknowledge and redress past harms.
We've already seen with the Willie Littlechild thing that "truth sharing" is going to be very very very untruthful and selective process. As for apology, Steven Harper did that back in 2006 (he shouldn't have) since "acknowledging and redressing" past harms is only applicable if there are past harms. And there aren't. By Principle #4, the report has already gone off the deep end.
Reconciliation requires constructive action on addressing the ongoing legacies of colonialism that have had destructive impacts on Aboriginal peoples’ education, cultures and languages, health, child welfare, the administration of justice, and economic opportunities and prosperity.
"Ongoing legacies of colonialism" include such things as the existence of the Supreme Court (which is violating centuries of jurisprudential tradition by elevating the recommendations of this group to the status of high law), freeways, the Trent–Severn Waterway, and poutine. I'm not sure which of these is said to have a "destructive impact" on the education or healthcare of the Red Indian, though if it endorses the action items in the TRC report the Supreme Court may well qualify. In fact, reading through Principle #4 the ongoing destructive impact on Indians for all topics (particularlly health, child welfare, and economic opportunities) is mostly caused by the Indians themselves. Ezra had fun with some of the provisions of Principle #5, but to my mind the giant issue is that it mentions outcomes which is absolutely horrible.
Reconciliation must create a more equitable and inclusive society by closing the gaps in social, health, and economic outcomes that exist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.
All Canadians, as Treaty peoples, share responsibility for establishing and maintaining mutually respectful relationships.
Again, why aren't Red Indians included in this list. They are quite literally treaty people, they have status cards and everything. Why don't they have a responsibility for establishing and maintaining mutually respectful relationships? After all, they are part of the relationship. Typically, especially in today's namby pamby world, a relationship is a "building partnership" and even Ask Abby can tell you what happens when the responsibility to establish and maintain mutual respect is only afforded to one party.

The perspectives and understandings of Aboriginal Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers of the ethics, concepts, and practices of reconciliation are vital to long-term reconciliation.
One of the key problems with native culture is frankly going to be the ageist attitudes they have to "elders". Older people may be on balance wiser than the rest, but an institutional reliance on a specific subgroup cannot be a recipie for good public policy. It especially seems a bad fit when a culture fetishizing youth has to 'reconcile' with a culture fetishizing old age. As the graphic notes as well, this seems to only apply to Indian elders. Elders in the white community down the road who may have traditional views on subjects aren't a factor to be considered when "reconciling", apparently.
Supporting Aboriginal peoples’ cultural revitalization and integrating Indigenous knowledge systems, oral histories, laws, protocols, and connections to the land into the reconciliation process are essential.
With Principle #8, we see our first mention of "oral histories". "Oral histories", for those who are unaware, is the idea that since the evil white man had invented writing (along with, well, pretty much everything) while the Red Indian had not, it's "unfair" to expect that the records from the advanced civilization are given a higher priority from the less advanced one. It's completely nonsensical and paradoxical, and as I tweeted to left-wing Canadian artist Kinnie Starr if we accept its pretense than unverifiable claims get elevated above documentary evidence, a complete rejection of the entire philosophy of rationalism. Of course, I might make money suing her into poverty thanks to my family's "oral history"
But Principle #8 goes even further than that. It says that we need to "integrate" the Red Indian's knowledge systems (which were only a few short millenia away from figuring out bronze!) along with those oral histories, their laws, protocols, and connections to the land. It's a good time to review that the "connections to the land" is a bunch of blatant bullshitting. The Red Indian, partly due to their spiritual belief that slain wildlife got reincarnated, were actually brutal environmental stewards whenever they got into large enough numbers to impact their environment. That they by and large didn't get into large enough numbers speaks to their lack of technology and a culture that didn't strive to innovate and discover, not to any sort of special ability to commune with the Great Crow. The real Red Indians clear cut, overhunted, deforested, and manipulated the environment with the best of them...the only thing keeping the land from en masse reflecting this is that they weren't the best of them! We are almost done kids, so bear with me. The comedy builds near the end, Principle #9 is that...
Reconciliation requires political will, joint leadership, trust building, accountability, and transparency, as well as a substantial investment of resources.
"Political will" is one thing, but "joint leadership" would be something totally new. The Red Indian is completely incapable of any "joint" leadership. Whenever they talk "joint leadership" what they mean is white Canada pays us money and we blow it on cronyism. Joint leadership is a nice phrase they get to bandy about, though: it implies their beloved "state-to-state" treatment, operating under the nice illusion that Indian Reserves are actual nations rather than little municipal fiefdoms where the elites live large off an economy almost 100% funded by free money from hardworking Canadian taxpayers.
With the above graphic in mind, "accountability" is a laughable one-way street as well. Who are Indian bands accountable to? Nobody. As you'll see, though, implementing the TRC recommendations won't require Indians to do actually anything, so I guess they can throw "accountability" in there for free. They do the same for "transparency", seeing how they expect white governments to do all the heavy lifting, and they are transparent to begin with. Which means, of course, "trust building" is itself a completely empty exercise. Where have Indians, who have been engaged in en masse lying about residential schools, been forced to do better at making themselves trustworthy? Canadians rightfully don't trust lazy shiftless Indians, and nothing in the TRC documents will change that. Finally we get the purest form of comedy with Principle #10. This is where it just admits that it needs to spread its lies and deceits.
Reconciliation requires sustained public education and dialogue, including youth engagement, about the history and legacy of residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal rights, as well as the historical and contemporary contributions of Aboriginal peoples to Canadian society.
The one thing you notice is that "dialogue" is the furthest from the minds of a TRC-supporter.
They don't want "dialogue", they just want their lies (that residential schools were dens of racially based rape and murder) heard, and any dissenting voices quited up. This is why they want very one-sided notions of history pushed into the curriculum. By saying the truth: that the Red Indian was an economically and culturally backwards people, and that under the terms of the treaties Canada was obliged to educate them in a world 6,000 years ahead of them, and did so with limited resources to the best of their ability, and that the end result failed because the Red Indian on balance just can't learn to be civilized (as all the missing and murdered women at their hands goes to show). The "including youth engagement" is a nice touch. The "get to them early while their tiny brains haven't got functioning bullshit detectors" mindset has been how the left has won when it comes to faggots, so it's not too shocking that they're interested in reproducing [no pun intended... -ed] that success when it comes to the latest Big Lie. They want to talk about the "history and legacy" of residential schools (by only covering a sliver of the history, and none of the legacy: namely that Red Indians are able to more or less write in English), but they're really big on the "treaties". Cory Morgan in Calgary has done quite a bit on the treaties which I'll be consulting shamelessly aping over the next couple thousand words. The first thing of note is that Canada has satisfied the treaty requirements by a country mile -- even factoring in inflation and ridiculous bullshit like equating a "medicine bag" with "free universal healthcare" (and for those keeping track, that's white healthcare, not Indian healthcare which would basically be rubbing dandelions on a wound while smoking a pipe and praying to the Great Crow). Meanwhile, the Indians have routinely violated the treaties by fostering dissent against the Canadian (Federal) Government and leaving the reserves which they aren't ever supposed to do. You can bet that -- like all the benefits of education -- this aspect of the treaties won't be part of the "history and legacy" that gets taught in schools so they can "include youth engagement" that tells uppity Indians to move back onto the reservation where they belong (according to these precious treaties, of course). Finally, they hilariously want "historical and contemporary contributions of Aboriginal peoples to Canadian society" to be taught in schools. "But kids are in school for only 12 years! How can we fit this 8 minutes of discussion in, we're packed full!" Outside of the War of 1812, historical "contributions of Aboriginal peoples" are pretty much limited to Louis Riel violently violating the treaties (to which he was rightfully put to death), and that guy who hung around David Thompson. Modern contributions of Aboriginal people are limited to Graham Greene and Lorne Cardinal, and Susan Aglukark if you really think there's musical talent in imitating a dying cat. There, Principle #10 is fulfilled. Just cut-and-paste that sentence and go nuts. With that, it's time to move past the principles and onto the meat-and-potatoes of the "Truth and Reconciliation" Commission: the Calls to Action. I'll warn you right now: every "call to action" is a bad idea and should never happen. None of them are justifiable. With that warning, let's dig in. Okay, you may have to do a small action to read more...namely, click the "read more" below. After all, I'm already 2400 words in and there's a lot of ground to cover. If you're reading this on the main page, you ain't done yet! If you are on this post itself, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Nevermind. Time to tackle the stupid recommendations.

1. We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to commit to reducing the number of Aboriginal children in care by:
i. Monitoring and assessing neglect investigations.
ii. Providing adequate resources to enable Aboriginal communities and child-welfare organizations to keep Aboriginal families together where it is safe to do so, and to keep children in culturally appropriate environments, regardless of where they reside.
iii. Ensuring that social workers and others who conduct child-welfare investigations are properly educated and trained about the history and impacts of residential schools.
iv. Ensuring that social workers and others who conduct child-welfare investigations are properly educated and trained about the potential for Aboriginal communities and families to provide more appropriate solutions to family healing.
v. Requiring that all child-welfare decision makers consider the impact of the residential school experience on children and their caregivers.
Here's the first of many (many many many) instances where the TRC report calls on Canadian taxpayers to spend more money. First we need to monitor and assess neglect investigations (we don't already?) Then we have to "provide adequate resources" (ie. spend money) to keep neglected children on the reserve where their savage parents continue to neglect them. Social workers will also have to be trained about the "impact" of residential schools? How will that help? Tell a social worker that the child was neglected because her grandmother was taken off the reserve to be taught math? What the hell difference does that make? Does the child magically get less abused and beaten because his or her horrible uncivilized parents are the offspring of an attempt to civilize them? The call to action says that training social workers about residential schools will allow them to "provide more appropriate solutions to family healing". That's not while child services does to white families who have their children taken away: the children get taken away. Where can "more appropriate solutions to family healing" be applied to Christian parents who still use corporal punishment on their children, or refuse vaccinations? Likewise, "child-welfare decision makers" considering the impact of things in the past don't help the children, and helping children is (for white people at least) the primary purpose of Child Protective Services. Whether you agree with it or not, that's how it works for everybody except for the Red Indian. Yet the TRC demands more special treatment, even though existing special treatment has resulted in dead and abused kids from their savage and dangerous on-reserve families.
2. We call upon the federal government, in collaboration with the provinces and territories, to prepare and publish annual reports on the number of Aboriginal children (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) who are in care, compared with non-Aboriginal children, as well as the reasons for apprehension, the total spending on preventive and care services by child-welfare agencies, and the effectiveness of various interventions.
Again, notice that Canadian taxpayers are footing the bill. By the end of this post you may be sick of me pointing this out, but please remember they never got sick of sending you the bill. In this case I think the costs are relatively minimal (not that it excuses their demand it be spent): government already produce reports of who is in care and why, and I'm sure the racial makeup of the poor abused children is included. In fact, this CBC story I linked to above already mentions the percentage of Indian children apprehended (it's 10x higher than the white population, by the way: I told you these Indians were savages). Total spending by child-welfare agencies is again already published. It's called a budget, and while I understand that the Red Indian is confused and shocked and angered by budgets, that information is already out there. The effectiveness of various interventions? We have to take your children away from you. That tells you how effective various lower "interventions" are. The last one? Pretty effective, frankly. They are quite possibly expensive, and the impact of doing it cheaper may be a fair tradeoff for the taxpayer, but curiously enough the TRC report doesn't call on the government to do that. No political points in saving people money, it seems.
3. We call upon all levels of government to fully implement Jordan’s Principle.
Jordan's Principle is that when a Red Indian child needs social assistance, it's provided automatically by whoever gets appealed to first no matter who is responsible for the funding (which is intended to get sorted out later). It's another racially-biased system in which the Red Indian, who apparently depend on government largess from so many sources that it's hard to keep track, gets instant funding for whatever urgent treatment they require. As a pragmatic principle it isn't bad, but what it does do is send a pathetic and horrible (and true) message about the dependency class that already sucks billions out of government coffers and pays back nothing in return.
4. We call upon the federal government to enact Aboriginal child-welfare legislation that establishes national standards for Aboriginal child apprehension and custody cases and includes principles that:
i. Affirm the right of Aboriginal governments to establish and maintain their own child-welfare agencies.
ii. Require all child-welfare agencies and courts to take the residential school legacy into account in their decision making.
iii. Establish, as an important priority, a requirement that placements of Aboriginal children into temporary and permanent care be culturally appropriate.
It's hilarious that one of the TRC recommendations is that "Aboriginal governments" "establish and maintain" their own child welfare agencies. Notice that they never have to fund these agencies; they cannot do it, of course, as that would require anybody on the reserve does productive work which can then be taxed. You're also left hilariously wondering if the second recommendation backfires. After all, the left is claiming that the Red Indian's social problems (from their murder rate, to their fetal alcohol syndrome rate, to their tendency to beat dogs) all stem from the Residential Schools. Ergo, if welfare agencies are to "take into account" decisions about child welfare, wouldn't that mean they should take the kids off-reserve and put them with loving white families that don't drink when pregnant, kill each other, or whip the family dog until it dies? Meanwhile, this "culturally appropriate" thing seems only for the Red Indian. Nobody would dare say an East Indian family shouldn't be allowed to adopt a white kid, even though it's entirely culturally inappropriate to feed a good Swedish boy Butter Chicken.
5. We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to develop culturally appropriate parenting programs for Aboriginal families.
Why is it the job of the Canadian taxpayer (who, one again must note, is fronting the bill for every "government" described above) to develop "culturally appropriate" programs to help Red Indian parents take care of their kids? Why should the Red Indian need expensive government-provided parenting help anyways? Isn't this a tacit admission that they suck at it? Maybe this is why all their little girls keep going missing or getting murdered?
6. We call upon the Government of Canada to repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
This is the infamous spanking recommendation. That's what Section 43 of the Criminal Code is about, corporal punishment of dependents. This is one of the more famous bits that Ezra Levant had such sport with. But what, really, does it have to do with the Residential Schools to begin with? The connection, as some such as Jen Gerson in the National Post have decided to make, is with the corporal punishment incurred at Residential Schools. Being a school, only English was appropriate (unless it was in a second language class). Students who tried speaking other languages (usually to conspire with each other to do mischief without staff catching them) were spanked, and rightfully so. Since it was a residential school, this rule was 24/7. English only. Tough cookies if the Red Indian thought this was "unfair", but their culture rejected education entirely remember. So there was corporal punishment, and since this isn't the squishy sensitive modern age, that meant spanking and strapping. In fact, most of the Survivors Speak section on spanking is about violating this simple rule: you want to speak your native language all day, then have your elders renegotiate the treaties so that the Canadian Government wasn't responsible to give you the education your backwards culture didn't. Way of the world, and all that. (As a fun fact, three of the six "spanking" stories are about not speaking English, one was about alleged sexual abuse, one was literally a "stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about" scenario, and the other is the hilarious story of Alphonsine McNeely who was upset that the nuns didn't spank her when she menstrated, or soemthing). Still, of all the silly recommendations, this ranks up there with the silliest. As mentioned above, the Red Indian beats the shit out of dogs, I'm unsure why they are concerned with spanking children. Also, if spanking is illegal won't that mean huge numbers of children will be taken from their on-reserve homes after huge swathes of their parents are in jail for spanking?
7. We call upon the federal government to develop with Aboriginal groups a joint strategy to eliminate educational and employment gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.
Hey, do you know that the Red Indian already receives tuition support, travel support, and living expenses when enrolled in post-secondary education? Did you also know that the Federal Government is legally obliged to follow racist hiring practices for public servant positions, and pick less capable and less qualified Red Indian applicants ahead of white or asian applicants? That seems like quite the "joint strategy". In fact, Service Canada maintains a list of the racially-discriminatory programs and services they only offer the Red Indian to improve their education and employment. As for actual private sector employment, don't forget that the largest private sector employer of Red Indians is Syncrude, where 9% of their workforce is Red Indian. That's worth remembering when you see Indian Bands opposing pipelines. As for "eliminating" employment gaps entirely, I'm pretty sure that's not going to be possible. Let's face it, the Red Indian's culture is still anathemic to a hard working private sector job. Those who try to go against it are accused of "acting white" for a reason. So long as stories like this keep coming out, employers will rightfully be steering clear of enough people to ensure the gap will forever be there, no matter what "joint" strategies (read: strategies paid for exclusively by the Canadian Government while Indian Chiefs set the rules) are developed.
8. We call upon the federal government to eliminate the discrepancy in federal education funding for First Nations children being educated on reserves and those First Nations children being educated off reserves.
This is an easy one. Education off the reserves is entirely a provincial responsibility. Status Indians who live on-reserve receive funding according to this formula: $14,342 per student (excluding cultural centres, capital maintenance expenditures, the "Paths for Education" program in the NWT, and administrative costs at DIAND required to maintain the bureaucratic infrastructure). We can "eliminate this discrepancy" very quickly, and reduce the funding to $0 per student, which would mean federal education funding both on reserve and off reserve would be perfectly balanced. Indian bands could then raise the funds through taxation to run their own public school system if so desired.
9. We call upon the federal government to prepare and publish annual reports comparing funding for the education of First Nations children on and off reserves, as well as educational and income attainments of Aboriginal peoples in Canada compared with non- Aboriginal people.
The first part of this demand is literally already done. Indeed, I linked to it in the last section. As for annual "educational and income attainments", since they want to include both Indians and whites, this would mean running the census every year. That's expensive, and frankly not worth the energy. I'm also not sure what they hope to accomplish: it's expected to simply shame the government into wasting more and more tax dollars raised by hard working Canadians to chastize them for not giving more money to lazy Indians who aren't making as much as they wish. If you thought the Gender Wage Gap was polarizing, you ain't seen nothing yet.
10. We call on the federal government to draft new Aboriginal education legislation with the full participation and informed consent of Aboriginal peoples. The new legislation would include a commitment to sufficient funding and would incorporate the following principles
i. Providing sufficient funding to close identified educational achievement gaps within one generation.
ii. Improving education attainment levels and success rates.
iii. Developing culturally appropriate curricula.
iv. Protecting the right to Aboriginal languages, including the teaching of Aboriginal languages as credit courses.
v. Enabling parental and community responsibility, control, and accountability, similar to what parents enjoy in public school systems.
vi. Enabling parents to fully participate in the education of their children.
vii. Respecting and honouring Treaty relationships.
Now they want legislation, bringing in...Residential Schools Mark Two. That's what the "participation and informed consent" bit is about: the #IdleNoMore idiots actually believe that the "oral histories" which said their people were bilked into accepting residential schools is true. You can't reason with levels of stupid like that, and as Residential Schools Mark One taught us, you can't really educate them much either. There are seven points to this plan, each building on the foundation of the ridiculous from the one before.
  1. "Closing the gaps" within a single generation is impossible. Absolutely fundamentally impossible. Why? Because the current generation are retarded and clueless, and enjoy being that way.
  2. Again, education attainment levels and success rates have less to do with legislation passed in Ottawa and more with the cultural constructs of the students and the world they live in. It's why an asian immigrant will do better in school than a native black kid will. The Red Indian's culture is the hurdle to improvement success rates, and nothing in the TRC recommendations call on their parents and ignorant facilitators like DJ NDN to change. So nothing will.
  3. "Culturally appropriate curricula" is basically code for "the Red Indian needs easier questions to improve their scores". This hardly seems fair to the rest of the student body of Canada, who are expected to score well on standardized tests that haven't been crafted to be "culturally appropriate".
  4. Credit courses are already available.
  5. Considering what happened over the past year in Alberta, forcing Faggot-Familiar Alliances into schools over parental wishes, I'm not sure when the Red Indian gets "similar" control and accountability as conservative Christian parents have that they'll be particularly impressed by what they've achieved.
  6. Likewise, "fully participating" in the education of children is something that the left has been taking away from white children so they can be in the hands of the State. When Justin Trudeau talks about "implementing all 94 TRC recommendations" I'm pretty sure he's not planning to give parents across the country more control over state bureaucrats.
  7. "Respecting and honouring treaty relationships" was what brought the Residential Schools into force in the first place. You watch, implement these "consulted" educational reforms and you'll be sued into oblivion by some uppity Indian in 2053 anyways.
11. We call upon the federal government to provide adequate funding to end the backlog of First Nations students seeking a post-secondary education.
There's no "backlog" of students seeking a post-secondary education. In fact, many post-secondary schools have special quotas mandating white students be turned away until the correct number of Red Indians are enrolled. No, what is a backlog is of Indians wanting a free education, as well there should be. Because none of them should be getting a free university education. Herb Grubel's famous line about the Red Indian living off the high hog of somebody else's money comes into play here. While post-secondary schooling isn't a "physical good" as Grubel referred to, it's still a tangible benefit. As I discussed when Alberta leftists demanded lower tuition for everybody, tuition is your filter, it's your tiny hurdle that lets you know the applicant is serious about his education. The Red Indians who demand free education aren't serious about it: they just want their living expenses covered without really working for a few more years. It's why they have "Aboriginal Studies" in the first place: a lame collection of gimmie courses that require no intellectual rigour, where you can limp through four years and get a "degree" that never once triggers the slightest of thoughts, just regurgitating discredited Marxist drivel. What you learn in white people classes power series methods using infinite series summations, typically Taylor series, to obtain a solution for differential equations by substitution the power series into the differential equation to obtaint the coefficients separation of variables another method of solving differential equations requiring an equation whose solutions are usually numerous functions of a single variable so that each function can be solved separately and then combined using superpositions finding the Fourier series What you learn in indigenous studies critical discourse about whiteness ie the desire to go out get a job and build a civilization and settler national identities ie what Poland is
12. We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to develop culturally appropriate early childhood education programs for Aboriginal families.
I feel like we covered this one already, and in fact we did! This is almost identical to point (5), calling on "culturally appropriate parenting programs for Aboriginal families". That last one was basically "please spend taxpayer money to teach the Red Indian not to violently abuse their children". This one is "please spend taxpayer money to teach the Red Indian not to ignorantly fail to teach their children to read".
13. We call upon the federal government to acknowledge that Aboriginal rights include Aboriginal language rights.
You might be deluded enough to think that this simply meant free speech rights, but of course you're wrong. A deluded #IdleNoMore woman named Heather McCann says that this is to keep the number of "dying" Injun languages down. Kelly McParland at the National Post says that some interpretations call for all 50 distinct Red Indian languages to be given the same status as French or English. More on that below.
14. We call upon the federal government to enact an Aboriginal Languages Act that incorporates the following principles:
i. Aboriginal languages are a fundamental and valued element of Canadian culture and society, and there is an urgency to preserve them.
ii. Aboriginal language rights are reinforced by the Treaties.
iii. The federal government has a responsibility to provide sufficient funds for Aboriginal-language revitalization and preservation.
iv. The preservation, revitalization, and strengthening of Aboriginal languages and cultures are best managed by Aboriginal people and communities.
v. Funding for Aboriginal language initiatives must reflect the diversity of Aboriginal languages.
Here's where McParland's fears come to fruition. Having two official languages costs $2.4B a year, though $900M of that is actually spent educating children in official languages. That still leaves $1.5B, almost all spent by the federal government, just having a second official language. How does that scale up? How much will Canadian taxpayers have to waste just so some pathetic loser who speaks Gitksan and is perfectly fluent in English but insists on speaking another language gets his court documents or even government publications translated to another language? Does the TRC even know? Will the TRC members be donating their own money to this silly cause? Of course not, check out "principle 3": the Canadian taxpayer is "responsible to provide sufficient funds" for the Red Indian to revitalize their own damn language. (In fairness, this isn't in general "their own" language anymore than this is the "language" of David Cameron or this is the "language" of Jacques Parizeau). Yet, ironically, the "preservation, revitalization, and strengthening" are best done by the people whose ancestors happened to speak the language (or a similar one). This is, as you might guess, flat out wrong. First, if white people are spending the money preserving these languages, then they "belong" to those who foot the bill, and rightfully the Canadian taxpayer should insist on having top academics -- probably not Red Indians -- be the keepers and maintainers of these dying languages. As for the final principle, funding "must reflect the diversity of Aboriginal languages", I assume the intent is to bilk the taxpayer more and more. Because of such diversity, we need to pay far more than we do for French. $2.4B? Bah! That's nothing. Instead, we should turn that around: because of diversity, we should make sure they all communicate with each other in English, the most common "aboriginal" langage.
15. We call upon the federal government to appoint, in consultation with Aboriginal groups, an Aboriginal Languages Commissioner. The commissioner should help promote Aboriginal languages and report on the adequacy of federal funding of Aboriginal-languages initiatives.
For those who don't know, Canada currently has an Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (not just a Commissioner, but an office thereof!). What has he been up to? Well, he's been complaining about the lack of French during the election and pleased at more French being available at border crossings. Is there a need for more French election coverage? Probably not. Check out this Elections Canada job posting on Craigslist though:
Elections Canada is looking for a temporary, part-time Community Relations Officer (CRO) --Asian in the Vancouver South district. The CRO- Asian maintains contact between the local Elections Canada office and the Asian community through interaction with organizations representing or serving them such as immigration services, citizenship associations and community centres in the electoral district.
  • Maintain contact between the local Elections Canada office and Asian population through interaction with organizations representing or serving them;
  • Provide translation, interpretation and literacy services as needed;
  • Assist with the implementation of the targeted revision program as it relates to the Asian population, if required, and co-operates with the revising agents;
  • Distribute Elections Canada informational material;
  • Lead forums and seminars, or make presentations, to raise awareness of the electoral process; and,
  • Keep the RO apprised of activities related to voting in the South Asian communities.
This employee must also speak Cantonese and Mandarin, be knowledgable of "customs and cultural sensitivities of the Asian communities", have community contacts...but, oh, "English and French is an asset". But if you don't got 'em, not a huge problem. There is no Office of the Commissioner of Chinese Languages in Canada complaining about a lack of Chinese in the federal election. Hell, there isn't even an office-less Commissioner. Instead, in the real world, Elections Canada just gets on with the matter of expanding the already huge number of Chinese speakers who are changing the course of elections, usually not for the better. As for French, the Office was mandated in 1988, though the Commissionership was created by useless and thankfully dead prick Pierre Trudeau in 1970. How's that been going for the French anyways, by the way?
It hasn't, strictly speaking, been a disaster but you can't exactly call this money well spent, either. The green bar in the Stats Canada graph above shows the date the 1988 Official Languages Act (which, among other things, created the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages) was enacted. You can see how boffo this has helped the speaking of French across the country. Non-native speakers have upticked slightly due to immigration from African hellholes not coincidentally administered by the French, but French as a Mother tongue has fallen, language spoken at home has fallen, and ability to conduct a conversation has remained stagnant. In other words, it's been a complete waste of money. So why do the Red Indians think that their Language Commissioner will fare any better? This is just a waste of taxpayer money, and the TRC proponents really need to pace themselves. They aren't done wasting it.
16. We call upon post-secondary institutions to create university and college degree and diploma programs in Aboriginal languages.
See? More tax dollars raised by hardworking Canadians being wasted. This one is relatively benign, mostly because Canadian universities are already wasting money on this. The University of Alberta has an entire Faculty of Red Indian Studies. Here's a list of Red Indian languages you can learn in British Columbia, and here's the list for Saskatchewan. Out East, Laurentian University even has a degree in Indigenous Social Work which is appropriate for a child race that apparently speaks no language as fluently as they speak the language of welfare and dependency. Regardless, every degree issued by any post-secondary institution is a waste. These degree holders are unable to go out and make the world they live in better at the end. Like existing holders of degrees in Modern Languages, the available jobs related to the degree are basically limited to obscure government posts or in academia teaching Modern Languages to more people to get more degrees at more cost to the taxpayer that won't be of any use in the real world.
17. We call upon all levels of government to enable residential school Survivors and their families to reclaim names changed by the residential school system by waiving administrative costs for a period of five years for the name-change process and the revision of official identity documents, such as birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, health cards, status cards, and social insurance numbers.
This is one of the cheapest TRC recommendations, though it obviously comes with a huge caveat emptor: the primitive and unusable names that the Red Indians started with has to change (or at the very least be transliterated into English) anyways. For example, look at the Red Indian word for Vancouver: K'emk'emeláý. For one thing, how do you pronounce that word? Wouldn't you end up sounding completely retarded? It makes Klingon look easy to follow and sensible, for crying out loud. For another, you apparently can't wear a festival headdress now without being accused of casual racism, do the Red Indians who talk like this realize how much a white person trying to pull it off makes Brocket 99 look like a reconciliation commission? If you want a more practical issue, in the word Vancouver alone there are two characters not in the standard English alphabet. One of them, the acute accent y (ý) is so obscure and nonstandard that there's literally a help page to allow you to even type the letter. And that doesn't always even work: in Notepad, for example, you cannot reproduce this letter. And that's only one incomprehensible name for which we already have a perfectly good one: Vancouver. (Though technically we stole the name from the Americans). Likewise, Red Indians who attended residential schools already have perfectly good names: the ones they have right now. If they want to change it, fine, but I don't see why taxpayers should have to pay $120/head for a "feel-good" exercise that leaves the recipient less able to function in modern society.
18. We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to acknowledge that the current state of Aboriginal health in Canada is a direct result of previous Canadian government policies, including residential schools, and to recognize and implement the health-care rights of Aboriginal people as identified in international law, constitutional law, and under the Treaties.
This is another ridiulously expensive one, all based on lies. It is true, strictly speaking, that "the current state of Aboriginal health in Canada is a direct result of previous Canadian government policies". Specifically, if it wasn't for the policies of Canadians governments, the Red Indian population would have been completely erradicted by disease. In Edmonton, that monument to the monies spent keeping the Red Indian alive is known as the Charles Camsell Hospital: built and funded and staffed by whites to cure the Red Indian of Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, by the way, remains a large health issue around the world, and even in 2015 we can see that in third world countries (which, had whites never come in 1492, would accurately describe a Canada only being run by the Red Indian) TB is crippling. That's the world that Canadian government policies avoided. Likewise, every Red Indian who is alive thanks to surgery or the Germ Theory of Disease is alive as a direct result of Canadian government policies: namely, providing the Red Indian with modern healthcare that their primitive culture could not have come up with. That's certainly worth acknowleging: you're only alive to bleat to the media about "residential school horrors" because white people have invented medicine and allowed you to partake in its benefits. I look forward to that statement being put forth by all levels of government. Of course, we know that the Red Indian isn't serious about actually acknowledging the benefits they have been provided by white medicine. They want it acknowledged that they want more of it -- lots more -- and that somebody else who creates wealth is going to have to pay for it. That's where the second half all comes in. Let's start at the end: what do the treaties say about the provision of healthcare for the Red Indian? The quick answer is "basically nothing". Treaty 6 is pretty much the only treaty to reference medicine at all, and seeing how public healthcare didn't exist in the 1870s when Treaty 6 was signed "basically nothing" is a pretty good description. Here's what Treaty 6 has to say about healthcare:
That a medicine chest shall be kept at the house of each Indian Agent for the use and benefit of the Indians at the direction of such agent.
As a rough aside, Treaty 6 also says that the Red Indian is never ever ever to leave the reservation, beg white people for change on the streets of Saskatoon, and will report to the RCMP any misbehaviour by a member of their tribe. But more on that later. There's also another small little rider related to serious health crisis:
That in the event hereafter of the Indians comprised within this treaty being overtaken by any pestilence, or by a general famine, the Queen, on being satisfied and certified thereof by Her Indian Agent or Agents, will grant to the Indians assistance of such character and to such extent as Her Chief Superintendent of Indian Affairs shall deem necessary and sufficient to relieve the Indians from the calamity that shall have befallen them.
In other words, the Charles Camsell Hospital (created to save the Red Indian from TB) is a treaty requirement. Paying for Gary Moostoos to get life-saving surgery isn't. Now you know why they left "treaties" to the end of the sentence! As for "international law" or "constitutional law", this is an internal matter for the Canadian taxpayers. If we decide not to pay, we don't pay. It's really as simple as that.
19. We call upon the federal government, in consultation with Aboriginal peoples, to establish measurable goals to identify and close the gaps in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, and to publish annual progress reports and assess longterm trends. Such efforts would focus on indicators such as: infant mortality, maternal health, suicide, mental health, addictions, life expectancy, birth rates, infant and child health issues, chronic diseases, illness and injury incidence, and the availability of appropriate health services.
This "consultation" and "establishing" of "goals" would be of no benefit whatsoever to Canadian citizens. The gaps in health outcomes between "Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities" is caused by the simple fact that the Red Indian engages in horrible personal decisions and habits that destroy their health. The Red Indian will never become as healthy as the white population so long as they engage in...
  1. Smoking cigarettes at over three times the rate of whites
  2. Alcoholism six times the white Canadian average, which results in a whopping 16% of Red Indians born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  3. Get AIDS at four times the rate of whites. On-reserve, HIV is at "epidemic" levels.
  4. Are fatter than whites, particularly among youth. Red Indians on-reserve are fatter than the ones off-reserve (possibly because of their Chief Spence soup diets).
  5. Have a massive substance abuse problem including gas-sniffing unheard of in white populations.
  6. Have serious mental health problems including suicide rates six times higher than white Canadians.
In other words, the gap in outcomes is unavoidable. Well, okay, fine, if the Red Indian stopped doing all of this perhaps you'd see some improvement. But that's putting the cart before the horse if the plan is to "establish measurable goals". "Attawapiskat building a rocket capable of sending people to Jupiter" is a measurable goal, but it's completely impossible. All that publishing annual reports will do is keep the pulp and paper mills open. Identifying the gaps is something Statistics Canada already is wasting taxpayer money doing. Closing the gaps requires a repair to the individual proclivities of the Red Indian themselves. We tried closing a gap like that once: the outcome was the Residential School system and look how much thanks we're getting for it now.
20. In order to address the jurisdictional disputes concerning Aboriginal people who do not reside on reserves, we call upon the federal government to recognize, respect, and address the distinct health needs of the Métis, Inuit, and off-reserve Aboriginal peoples.
As per above, as per the treaties there aren't supposed to be off-reserve Aboriginal peoples so the "jurisdictional disputes" are pretty easy to rectify: no level of government should be responsible. Individual Red Indians living off the reserve are on their own. That's the deal they signed when they left the reserve.
21. We call upon the federal government to provide sustainable funding for existing and new Aboriginal healing centres to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harms caused by residential schools, and to ensure that the funding of healing centres in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories is a priority.
It's been pretty firmly established that the "physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harms" in educating members of a culture that otherwise would remain in the Stone Ages isn't something worth really considering. Beyond that point, there's no reason to "prioritize" any "healing centres", especially when they are engaged in quack medicine. More on that in a minute.
22. We call upon those who can effect change within the Canadian health-care system to recognize the value of Aboriginal healing practices and use them in the treatment of Aboriginal patients in collaboration with Aboriginal healers and Elders where requested by Aboriginal patients.
There's that quack medicine again. Those who can effect change within the healthcare system would include people at some point using some sort of medicine. "Aboriginal healing practices" specifically call for a rejection of medical science.
Western medicine is founded on science, but we must recognize that this holds no inherent guarantee of quality or efficacy.
To make matters worse, the same drug addictions discussed above are a part of "Aboriginal healing practices! The same things that are making the Red Indian sick are part of the backwards medical traditions of their culture.
The Four Sacred Medicines Sweetgrass (the North) is used by almost all Aboriginal peoples in North America for ritual cleansing. When Sweetgrass is walked on, it bends but does not break. Hence, it has been associated with virtue: an injustice can be returned by a kindness, by bending, not breaking. Tobacco (the East) is held as a scared plant by most First Nations peoples. Tobacco connects us to the spirit world; it absorbs prayers and carries them to the spirit world. If a request is accompanied by an offer of tobacco that is accepted, the promise must be honoured. Tobacco can also be used to thank the Creator for his gifts: if you enjoyed good weather, you could leave some tobacco on the ground, and say thank you for the gift. Tobacco is generally not smoked, except on special ceremonial occasions. Cedar (the South) is used for purification and (taken as a tea) to attract positive energy, feelings, emotions and for balance. Its vitamin C content helped prevent scurvy when fruits and vegetables were unavailable during the winter months. Sage (the West) is a women's medicine, conferring strength, wisdom, and clarity of purpose. It is a powerful purifying medicine that drives away negative energies. Sage can be found braided and hung in people’s homes, perhaps tied with a ribbon in one of the colours of the medicine wheel. The threefold braid represents body, mind and spirit. Smudging A 'smudge' is smoke used for ritual cleansing. Smudging is a ceremony traditionally practiced by some Aboriginal cultures to purify or cleanse negative energy, feelings or thoughts from a place or a person. Sacred medicines such as cedar, sage, sweetgrass or tobacco are burned in an abalone shell. The shell represents water, the first of four elements of life; the medicines represent gifts from mother earth and the burning represents fire, the next two elements. The person puts their hands in the smoke and carries it to their body, especially to areas that need spiritual healing (mind, heart, body). The smoke represents air, the final element. Perhaps the smell of the burning medicines stimulates the brain to produce beta-endorphins and promote healing processes. Healing circles Meetings held to heal physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. A symbolic object, often an eagle feather, may be given to a person who wishes to speak, and then it is passed around the circle in sequence to others who wish to speak. Shamans may conduct the ceremony. Sweat Lodge (a.k.a. Purification Lodge) A ceremonial sauna used for healing and cleansing. It made of a wooden framework covered by blankets or skins, usually igloo-shaped, about 1.5 metres high and large enough for eight people to sit in a circle on the ground. Hot stones are placed in a shallow hole in the centre of the lodge. A medicine man pours water on the stones to produce steam and participants may spend an hour sweating in the lodge. The lodge combines the four elements of fire, water, air and earth. Ceremonies include offerings, prayers, and reverence. At times, excessive exposure to the heat of the lodge may have health effects; also toxins can be released if grasses that have been exposed to pesticides are placed on the rocks. Sun Dance (a.k.a. Rain Dance, Thirst Dance, Medicine Dance) A ritual that celebrates the harmony between man and nature, and spiritual dedication. Originally practiced at the summer solstice, the sun dance represents continuity between life, death, and regeneration. The symbolism often involved the buffalo, on which plains Indian groups depended, so deserving reverence, but which they also had to kill. Four days before the ceremony, the dancers prepare by purifying themselves, at times in a sweat lodge, by meditating and collecting ceremonial items of dress to use in the sun dance. The sun dance itself takes another four days, and generally involves drumming, singing, and dancing, but also fasting and, in some cases, self-inflicted pain. This symbolized rebirth and often involved piercing the skin and attaching cords that the person had to tear out. This element led governments to suppress the sun dance around 1880, but it has been re-introduced. Pipe ceremony The pipe is used individually and in groups for prayer and ceremonial purposes. Participants gather in a circle. A braid of sweetgrass is burned to purify the area and those present, to make a sacred place for the spirits to visit. Tobacco or kinnickkinnick, a traditional mixture of bearberry and wild herbs or red willow shavings, is smoked so that prayers can be made to the Great Spirit or requests made of the spirits. The pipe may also be smoked to open other meetings or ceremonies. When not in use, the bowl and stem are separated and carried by one individual, the pipe holder.
If Red Indians want to be treated by this quack medicine, they should be paying for it out of pocket. Public healthcare is highly offensive: it shouldn't be the taxpayer's responsibility to treat you. Public sham healthcare is even worse: it definitely shouldn't be the taxpayer's responsibility to pay for you to get 'treatment' that doesn't work. (Political parties wanting to enact the TRC recommendations who also call the Conservative Party "anti-science please take special note)
23. We call upon all levels of government to:
i. Increase the number of Aboriginal professionals working in the health-care field.
ii. Ensure the retention of Aboriginal health-care providers in Aboriginal communities.
iii. Provide cultural competency training for all healthcare professionals.
Put another way, this recommendation is demanding governments waste public monies on:
i. Using racial quotas that ensure that healthcare professionals will be hired despite not having the required levels of training or skill necessary and/or below other potential employees who go above and beyond their levels. Also: hiring healthcare workers who believe in unscientific lies about healing circles and sun dances curing the whopping cough.
ii. Forcing Red Indians who become healthcare workers to stay in communities against their will
iii. Wasting time and money on telling healthcare professionals that they should apply unscientific nonsense on patients just because their ancestors lived in a different place than the ancestors of the people across the hall. Al_in_Ottawa over at Small Dead Animals put the (i) aspect of this provision best:
The idea that aboriginals should study hard and become health care professionals on their own merits like everyone else doesn't occur to them, instead the government will wave a magic wand and poof! there'll be aboriginal doctors and nurses and paramedics.
24. We call upon medical and nursing schools in Canada to require all students to take a course dealing with Aboriginal health issues, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, and Indigenous teachings and practices. This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.
University courses aren't free. They aren't even almost free. They cost money. At the University of Toronto, a year of Nursing costs roughly $10,000 for 7 courses. Then consider that students in Ontario only pay roughly 43% of the cost of their education and we see that each UofT nursing course costs the government $1894 per student. Already Ontario nurses are having trouble passing exams, do we really want to waste time they could be learning how to provide better care in learning about how the Red Indian's 10,000 years-late technological development required the Canadian government (attempt to) teach them how to become part of a civilized society? 15,128 students entered nursing in the 2011-2012 school year meaning that the price tag for this extra nursing course would be roughly $28.65 million dollars annually from government, and another $21.61 million paid cumulatively by the country's new nursing students. All of that to teach a lie. Fifty million dollars a year wasted teaching nursing students convenient lies that the Red Indian tells themselves? No thanks.
25. We call upon the federal government to establish a written policy that reaffirms the independence of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate crimes in which the government has its own interest as a potential or real party in civil litigation.
Too late. This, among other provisions, was enacted when, in June of 2013, An Act to Amend the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act and to Make Related and Consequential Amendments to Other Acts was given Royal Assent.
26. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to review and amend their respective statutes of limitations to ensure that they conform to the principle that governments and other entities cannot rely on limitation defences to defend legal actions of historical abuse brought by Aboriginal people.
No. Just flat out no. Here's Sandy Attwood from Attorneys.com on the purpose of statutes of limitations:
The purpose of the statute of limitations is to ensure that justice is done, both for the defendant and the plaintiff. The persons involved are encouraged to go to trial as quickly as possible because when a case is prolonged, evidence can be corrupted or disappear and memories can fade, leading to inaccurate testimony. There are countless defendants who have been wrongfully convicted due to a prolonged case.
Evidence can be corrupted. Memories can fade. Testimony can be inaccurate. That describes almost every word uttered by former Residential School students to the TRC hearings. Even if crimes were committed (no actual evidence has been produced), it's basically impossible for the alleged perpetrators to be given a fair and complete trial. When the "person on trial" is an entire nation and the citizens of that nation who had absolutely no involvement or even awareness or even corporeal existence at the time of the offenses. It's also worth noting...
Treaties have also inducted this code into international law.
Remember when teaching about international law and treaties was something we wanted nurses to do? Apparently the section on Statutes of Limitations wasn't covered in Residential Schools...
27. We call upon the Federation of Law Societies of Canada to ensure that lawyers receive appropriate cultural competency training, which includes the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.
This same requirement will come up in regards to journalists, and was one of the parts that Ezra Levant had a bit of play with in his YouTube rant. The Federation of Law Societies should be, like the Toronto Faculty of Nursing, be more interested in ensuring that lawyers are trained that free speech exists in Canada. It's also telling that the Commission wants the government (who they just finished insisting are kept independent from the RCMP) to force lawyers to be taught specific propoganda. It's one thing to force it on nurses: if you love government healthcare you shouldn't object to anything forced upon nurses from learning about false Red Indian history to being required to use her ovaries to host a generation of super soldiers. Lawyers, however, are a different matter. The Law Society of British Columbia doesn't like this idea at all, as judged by this quote from George D. Finlayson:
"It is imperative that the public have a perception of the legal profession as entirely separate from and independent of the government, otherwise it will not have the confidence that lawyers can truly represent [the public] in its dealings with government."
While you can argue it's a little silly for lawyers to object to government regulation of their profession when they have apparently no problem cashing in on the paycheques caused by government regulation of every other profession, but the fact remains that the government demanding that the Federation of Law Societies do what a bunch of lazy do-nothings want in order to foster a misrepresentation of history will go over the legal profession like a lead zeppelin.
28. We call upon law schools in Canada to require all law students to take a course in Aboriginal people and the law, which includes the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and antiracism.
Not enough to go after practicing lawyers, but also to ingrain the #IdleNoMore lies in law schools as well. Again, we see them wanting to force their version of the Residential School legacy on others. But this is a good time to look at how ridiculous the tail end of this demand goes. It's a cut-and-paste job, appearing in three separate recommendations. They want skills-based training (ie. a lazy Red Indian "accredited" in deciding if the lawyer in front of him believes all the lies inherent in the TRC itself) in conflict resolution (which, uh, they already receive), human rights (again, covered in university courses up the ying-yang), and "antiracism" which is rich coming from people who demand their race get special treatment by the Canadian Government (and, indeed, the law school in question). There's also a bit about "intercultural competency". What the hell does that mean? Well, "Intercultural competence is the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures." For example, when you're speaking with a white person and you say the phrase "beat the living shit out of your pet dog" they will react with horror. Say the phrase "beat the living shit out of your pet dog" to a Red Indian and they will run out to their pet dog (who was just abused earlier in the day) with the heaviest stick they can find and bash his skull in until the last vestigaes of life fade away from him. That's what we call "intercultural competence". I bet you hope you get a lawyer (or a teacher, or a journalist) like that next year, don't you?
29. We call upon the parties and, in particular, the federal government, to work collaboratively with plaintiffs not included in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement to have disputed legal issues determined expeditiously on an agreed set of facts.
Unless the "agreed set of facts" is that the Residential Schools were a force for good and not a single dime of taxpayer money should be wasted "settling" with anybody who received a far better education than their culture deemed of value, this is a foolish recommendation.
30. We call upon federal, provincial, and territorial governments to commit to eliminating the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in custody over the next decade, and to issue detailed annual reports that monitor and evaluate progress in doing so.
This is one of the more talked about ones, but the quick summary is that apparently "missing and murdered indigenous women" isn't the problem we've been led to believe: after all, the people who are doing all of the murdering and missinging are being caught and that directly leads to the "overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in custody". It may not be a particularly pleasant fact to the Red Indian activists, but the cold hard reality is that the members of this savage primitive race are savage and primitive, performing brutally violent acts that civilized society has determined as so heinous that they be held in custody. Until Red Indians commit violent crimes at a rate closer to that of white Canadians, they will remain "overrepresented" in custody in order to protect the most vulnerable members of their communities. Don't worry, folks, more on that later.
31. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to provide sufficient and stable funding to implement and evaluate community sanctions that will provide realistic alternatives to imprisonment for Aboriginal offenders and respond to the underlying causes of offending.
Specifically, Indian Reservations want the right to "banish" citizens from the reserve rather than have them in custody. All this means is that otherwise peaceful white communities will have dangerous and violent Red Indian offenders in their midst and no effective way to curtail their movements. This is definitely not in the public interest.
32. We call upon the federal government to amend the Criminal Code to allow trial judges, upon giving reasons, to depart from mandatory minimum sentences and restrictions on the use of conditional sentences.
It's no secret that the mandatory minimums brought into force in 2012 aren't popular with lawyers and far-left activists. However, their attempt to use TRCs as a smokescreen to push for their own unpopular political views shouldn't impress anybody else.
33. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to recognize as a high priority the need to address and prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and to develop, in collaboration with Aboriginal people, FASD preventive programs that can be delivered in a culturally appropriate manner.
Red Indians cannot handle their liquor. Because of this, their babies are coming out broken. I don't know how "culturally sensitive" this is, but its the truth. The truth is important in something called "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" I would wager, and therefore addressing and preventing FAS requires individual Red Indians do a better job at managing their alcoholism. It's nice to see that the TRC knows about the prevalence of fetal-alcohol syndrome, but it would be nicer for them to acknowledge it earlier when they demand the "outcome gap" go away without realizing it's impossible. We're a third of the way through these recommendations, by the way. Yes, only a third...
34. We call upon the governments of Canada, the provinces, and territories to undertake reforms to the criminal justice system to better address the needs of offenders with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), including:
i. Providing increased community resources and powers for courts to ensure that FASD is properly diagnosed, and that appropriate community supports are in place for those with FASD.
ii. Enacting statutory exemptions from mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment for offenders affected by FASD.
iii. Providing community, correctional, and parole resources to maximize the ability of people with FASD to live in the community.
iv. Adopting appropriate evaluation mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of such programs and ensure community safety.
The problem with this recommendation, or perhaps better to say one of the many problems amongst all the problems with this recommendation, is that it is has a very far-left and one-sided view of the purpose of the criminal justice system. For those keeping track, incarceration of prisoners has four basic functions:
  1. Retribution: prison life is supposed to suck. When a savage Red Indian harms someone on Canadian soil, we punish him. In return for his uncivilized action, we enact a price on his body and soil.
  2. Incapacitation: the prisoner is in the prison rather than out and on the street with you and me. If a Red Indian who has been found to commit violent acts is rotting away in a jail cell, he isn't out on white Canadian streets (or in his reservation) creating a future #MMIW
  3. Deterrence: better not do that savage thing and stay out of prison. A Red Indian who's on the ball will avoid commiting a violent act against civilization, knowing that when he's found and caught and tried he will find himself in a jail cell. Again.
  4. Rehabilitation: the prisoner should come out of jail a better person than he was when he went in. We expect the time we extracted from the Red Indian to be time well spent: providing him with physical and emotional well-being along with a set of skills and habits that will cause him in the future to be less likely to commit a violent act. To be more civilized, one might say.
The problem is that the three requirements of this recommendation do nothing to satisfy any of these four-parts. It means that a savage Red Indian whose brain chemistry is so distorted that rehabilitation isn't possible will have less of deterrence to commit another crime, be in his community harming others rather than be incapacitated, and suffer no harm to punish him (and benefit us!) as a result of his actions. The best argument for this recommendation is that, akin to mental illness, a Red Indian with FAS doesn't have the ability for rational thought to allow for deterrence and to minimize the harm he should undergo via retribution. Since it's easy to contrast this with the other two aspects, it doesn't hold much water. At least a mentally insane patient has a (small!) amount of incapacitation and rehabilitation. Nowhere in this recommendation is there an additional requirement that Red Indians suffering from FAS be held against their will in mental institutions for as long as it takes (likely, until death) before they can be safely allowed into the general population. Therefore, it is wholly without merit.
35. We call upon the federal government to eliminate barriers to the creation of additional Aboriginal healing lodges within the federal correctional system.
The main "barriers" to the creation of healing lodges should be that, as per above, they don't satisfy the four requirements of incarceration. They also don't jive with the "antiracism" discussed above. Unless, of course, the federal government also allows white Canadians to create trail by combat. Fundamentally, though, giving the Red Indian a separate (and easier!) penal option does not provide any benefit to the Canadian citizenry at large.
36. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to work with Aboriginal communities to provide culturally relevant services to inmates on issues such as substance abuse, family and domestic violence, and overcoming the experience of having been sexually abused.
I didn't realize that Red Indian culture contained a "culturally relevent" way of sexually abusing, but apparently it does and we have to provide some services for it? I'm joking of course, what they want is for white Canadian taxpayers to give corrupt Indian Chiefs money that they say they will use to teach their criminals how to overcome the physical and sexual abuse they endure in their reserves. Leaving aside the issues of whether they will actually use the money for its intended purpose (as longtime blog readers know, Indian Reservations have a nasty habit of taking money we give them for a good cause and instead spending it greedily upon themselves), why is this an intended purpose anyways? To borrow the parlay from modern feminism, why don't Red Indian communities teach their men not to brutally assault their women and children? Why do they demand tax money to pay for this? Joe Schmo of Whitestown, Whiteprovince will have to spend more money for communities to "provide inmates services on domestic violence" while his community's domestic violence is falling. Sorry, but his culture's successes should be his financial boon as well.
37. We call upon the federal government to provide more supports for Aboriginal programming in halfway houses and parole services.
Again, we have both the one-sided view of what the penal system is designed for, along with the insistance that racial groups that don't have a serious domestic violence problem be punished financially for it. No thanks.
38. We call upon the federal, provincial, territorial, and Aboriginal governments to commit to eliminating the overrepresentation of Aboriginal youth in custody over the next decade.
Again, over the next decade will Red Indians try harder not to commit criminal acts? If so, the "overrepresentation" will decrease. If not, it won't, nor should it.
39. We call upon the federal government to develop a national plan to collect and publish data on the criminal victimization of Aboriginal people, including data related to homicide and family violence victimization.
Statistics Canada already does this. So does the RCMP. Unfortunately, when this data is collected and published and demonstrates how violently dangerous Red Indian men are, it doesn't go over well. So what's the point of a national plan to collect inconvenient truths that the Indian Lobby fights against?
40. We call on all levels of government, in collaboration with Aboriginal people, to create adequately funded and accessible Aboriginal-specific victim programs and services with appropriate evaluation mechanisms.
We're already wasting tax dollars on this provincially in Ontario, Saskabush, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Federally we're wasting tax dollars on calls for support that include "Aboriginal-specific victim programs" (ie. racial quotas for victims services). Similar programs are available in Alberta. At a certain point, can't governments acknowledge that taxpayers have paid more than enough? These services don't do anything but encourage calls for more and more expensive services. Shut them all down.
41. We call upon the federal government, in consultation with Aboriginal organizations, to appoint a public inquiry into the causes of, and remedies for, the disproportionate victimization of Aboriginal women and girls. The inquiry’s mandate would include:
i. Investigation into missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.
ii. Links to the intergenerational legacy of residential schools.
This is the infamous demands for the #MMIW inquiry. As has been covered ad nauseum, we don't need an "inquiry" because we already know the cause. The investigation into missing and murdered girls is already being handled, rather effectively, by the RCMP.
Homicides of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women had similar solve rates of 81% and 83%.
Come to think of it, the same study also provides a clue into the unSolved cases as well!
Relationships between the offender and victim for 2013 and 2014 showed a trend similar to that found in the 2014 Overview (1980-2012). Offenders were known to their victims in 100% of solved homicide cases of Aboriginal women, and in 93% of solved homicide cases of non-Aboriginal women in RCMP jurisdictions in 2013 and 2014. Current and former spouses and family members made up the majority of relationships between victims and offenders, representing 73% of homicides of Aboriginal women and 77% of non-Aboriginal women in RCMP jurisdictions in 2013 and 2014
100% of cases where the offender knows the victim. 100%! That's a pretty good starting point, don't you think? As for the second point, since Residential Schools were overwhelmingly a source for good, there is no "link" between them and Red Indian women getting killed by their own kind.
42. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to commit to the recognition and implementation of Aboriginal justice systems in a manner consistent with the Treaty and Aboriginal rights of Aboriginal peoples, the Constitution Act, 1982, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, endorsed by Canada in November 2012.
We the Canadian people call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments to ignore the call for racially segregated "justice" systems that do not provide justice in accordance with civilized and enlightened views. Unless, again, German people get trial by duelling. Maybe Africans can settle legal disputes 8 Mile style as well? Then we'd really be culturally sensitive. Again, though, let's be serious and look at what treaties have to say about "implementing Aboriginal justice systems". Nothing. Nothing at all. Wait, that can't be right, can it? Oh yes it can. There are no treaties that discussed allowing the Red Indian to set up independent or even parallel criminal and/or civil court systems. This isn't a mere oversight: parallel civil court was established in Queerbec as part of the British Conquest in 1759-1763. It's not like the idea was so alien they didn't think of it. France was able to get a strong settlement out of Britain because the English wanted to avoid a war: Canada was straight up traded for Guadeloupe with the British allowing Roman Catholic Frenchmen to maintian thieir civil (but not criminal!) law. In other words, what this recommendation calls for is a completely new treaty right. In other words, an admission that the treaties should change. What a novel idea! I have a few ideas for changes too! (Change Number One: abolish all treaties. Change Number Two: go have a sandwich, Change Number One pretty much solved everything). As a practical manner, the suggestions for what this legal system will entail is some frightening reading.
it is not necessary, in our opinion, for Aboriginal communities to "own" or have a valid legal claim to the land they occupy in order to be identified as Aboriginal communities for purposes of establishing Aboriginal justice systems
So reams of unemployable homeless Red Indians in major cities like Edmonton or Saskatoon (who have left their reservation in violation of the treaties) become a "community" who can establish their own justice system? So they can setup a system by which they can steal from the white community they are feeding off of, then "convict" and "punish" themselves for the crime and continue along their merry way?
where there is a community of Aboriginal people with a self-declared and recognizable collective identity distinct from that of the non-Aboriginal people surrounding them, then their "collective right" to govern themselves in accordance with their customs and traditions exists, as well.
Why can't other racial and cultural groups get in on this action? How would they feel if whites decided that raping and murdering a squaw should be punishable by a $2.50 fine? So why do they think that setting up their own corrupt justice system is a good thing? Quite obviously, it isn't. Any proposal for a new justice system is null and void. English law is what made Canada the amazing country it is today. Regressing to an inferior system for specific racial classes is not in the national interest.
43. We call upon federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to fully adopt and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for reconciliation.
First off, no "reconciliation" is required. So we're already done. Secondly, let's look at what this perverse UN document actually says before we bother using it as a framework.
Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination.
Unless we're talking about giving all Canadians more individual rights and taking away more powers of government, then we're talking about different rights for people of different races. Pass. Oh, and by the way, guess how many times the word "reconciliation" occurs in the UN document. Hint: the answer is less than one.
44. We call upon the Government of Canada to develop a national action plan, strategies, and other concrete measures to achieve the goals of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Again, the "goals" of this UN document are abhorrent. We don't want to achieve them. It would make Canada a worse place to live. Par example:
Indigenous individuals, particularly children, have the right to all levels and forms of education of the State without discrimination.
That's what got us into this mess in the first place! Besides, the Red Indian is loathe to ever pay for this education. See Recommendation 11.
Indigenous peoples have the right to revitalize, use, develop and transmit to future generations their histories, languages, oral traditions, philosophies, writing systems and literatures, and to designate and retain their own names for communities, places and persons.
They can have their ridiculous place names all they like. But the Government of Canada should return the names to the Queen Charolotte Islands, the town of Hobemma, and President Monkey should reinstate the name Mount McKinley. Silly local names should be akin to "Hogtown" or "Beantown". They are not the official name, nor should they be.
45. We call upon the Government of Canada, on behalf of all Canadians, to jointly develop with Aboriginal peoples a Royal Proclamation of Reconciliation to be issued by the Crown. The proclamation would build on the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the Treaty of Niagara of 1764, and reaffirm the nation-to-nation relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the Crown. The proclamation would include, but not be limited to, the following commitments:
i. Repudiate concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous lands and peoples such as the Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius.
ii. Adopt and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for reconciliation.
iii. Renew or establish Treaty relationships based on principles of mutual recognition, mutual respect, and shared responsibility for maintaining those relationships into the future.
iv. Reconcile Aboriginal and Crown constitutional and legal orders to ensure that Aboriginal peoples are full partners in Confederation, including the recognition and integration of Indigenous laws and legal traditions in negotiation and implementation processes involving Treaties, land claims, and other constructive agreements.
Let's say it all together this time: there is no 'reconciliation' required. Beyond that, we aren't talking "nation to nation" anyways. The Red Indian lands are entirely under federal jurisdiction. Those living on Indian Reservations are not nations because they don't in any way shape or form act as nations. They don't raise taxes based on the wealth creation of their citizenry: instead the leech off of the generosity of white taxpayers who live down the road and already have to pay for their own governments. The first step to Indian Reservations being "nation-to-nation" is to send all the "citizens" on Canadian land back to their homeland where they are to remain until permitted across by Border Services. The second step is for all federal monies to cease flowing to Indian Reservations. Once we do that, then mauybe we can talk "nation to nation". As for the individual bullet points:
i. Both terra nullius and the Doctrine of Discovery were excellent concepts that should not be repudiated. For the former, its application applied/applies to Antarctica, the open sea, and outer space bodies. If the Red Indian wants to build a rocketship and fly to Io and live their traditional life there, nobody can stop them. It's nice open empty land available for production, which is exactly the state North America was at in 1493. The Doctrine of Discovery is very similar, which basically says that to settle a piece of land simply required nobody to be already using it. Such principles have occurred in every wave of human expansion (and hobbit expansion!) in history. There is literally no reason to reputiate it. If Atlantis rises from the seabed tomorrow, go right ahead and move in.
ii. As we've established, the UN Framework is a piece of garbage that says nothing about no reconciliations. I'd much rather Justin Trudeau wipe his ass with it than ever actually implement it. It may even, as I'm sure Justin would agree, improve the smell.
iii. Renew treaty relationships sounds good. Let's go back to the original text. For starters, everybody back onto their reservations!
iv. Aboriginals are not "full partners in Confederation" because Confederation has already actually happened. As Canada expanded, treaties were signed which do not mention Indigenous laws and legal traditions. They are gone. Null. Void. Forever. Furthermore, "constructive agreements" require Canadian citizens to demand their tax dollars cease to be wasted on money given to people simply because their grandfather happened to glance in the direction of land that eventually a civilization was built upon.
46. We call upon the parties to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement to develop and sign a Covenant of Reconciliation that would identify principles for working collaboratively to advance reconciliation in Canadian society, and that would include, but not be limited to:
i. Reaffirmation of the parties’ commitment to reconciliation.
ii. Repudiation of concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous lands and peoples, such as the Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius, and the reformation of laws, governance structures, and policies within their respective institutions that continue to rely on such concepts.
iii. Full adoption and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for reconciliation.
iv. Support for the renewal or establishment of Treaty relationships based on principles of mutual recognition, mutual respect, and shared responsibility for maintaining those relationships into the future.
v. Enabling those excluded from the Settlement Agreement to sign onto the Covenant of Reconciliation.
vi. Enabling additional parties to sign onto the Covenant of Reconciliation.
Since the "parties to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement" include the Canadian taxpayer, let's be very very very very careful what convenants we agree to fund. Again, we also have 5 bullet points that are based on ridiculous falsehoods.
i. "Commitment to reconciliation" is an open-ended bit of fluff. Unfortunately, open-ended fluff tends to be used by activist judges to expand the amount of free money that taxpayers have to give Canada's least achieving ethnic group. Delete it.
ii. Again, Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius are perfectly fine concepts. The government shouldn't refute them, we may find use for them in the future. The laws must stay.
iii. Again, the UN document should be ground up into a powder and put into Chief Spence's soup.
iv. The treaties have been a source of destruction, and have cost the Canadian taxpayer billions annually. Either remove them, or demand that Canada's Red Indian population live up to their treaty obligations (for example, "behave as good and loyal subjects of Her Majesty the Queen").
v. I suppose we can allow this one to stand provided that no government may sign onto this without receiving explicit support of its citizens. I don't want Rachel Arab signing away my tax dollars either.
vi. See (v)
47. We call upon federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to repudiate concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous peoples and lands, such as the Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius, and to reform those laws, government policies, and litigation strategies that continue to rely on such concepts.
Again, Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius are good. I'd rather we stuck with them rather than UN nonsense.
48. We call upon the church parties to the Settlement Agreement, and all other faith groups and interfaith social justice groups in Canada who have not already done so, to formally adopt and comply with the principles, norms, and standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a framework for reconciliation. This would include, but not be limited to, the following commitments:
i. Ensuring that their institutions, policies, programs, and practices comply with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
ii. Respecting Indigenous peoples’ right to selfdetermination in spiritual matters, including the right to practise, develop, and teach their own spiritual and religious traditions, customs, and ceremonies, consistent with Article 12:1 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
iii. Engaging in ongoing public dialogue and actions to support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
iv. Issuing a statement no later than March 31, 2016, from all religious denominations and faith groups, as to how they will implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Here's where things really start to get weird. Hey, did you know that Canada is willing to take 11,300 Syrians and 23,000 Iraqis into Canada by September 2016? That 33,000 people is probably at minimum 30,000 Muslims. Have the #IdleNoMore losers thought to tell these refugees that before they are allowed into Canada they must declare that their religious practices will be accomodated to comply with what Phil Fontaine wants? Will they profess that they are under no circumstances allowed to convert or attempt to convert any Red Indian into the Muslim faith? Will they agree to publicly speak and act in a manner consistent with United Nations documentation? (Hint: they aren't good when it comes to UN documentation). The demand for "all religious denominations and faith groups" doesn't make a lick of sense, even if you wrongly believe that the Residential Schools were Bad Things religious groups should be apologizing for. Muslims didn't have any Residential Schools, nor did Buddhists. Should a Buddhist temple in Calgary be forced by the government to "engage in ongoing public dialogue" about a topic that they had absolutely nothing to do with?
49. We call upon all religious denominations and faith groups who have not already done so to repudiate concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous lands and peoples, such as the Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius.
Again, "all religious denominations and faith groups". Including Muslims. As I wrote about this on the comment thread at Small Dead Animals:
There are three action items with "all denominations and faith groups" references which mean the TRC expects Muslim leaders to do more than Indian Chiefs (who don't get any action items). The big thing about Section 49 is that terra nullius is a real thing with real world implications. Specifically, the Bi'r Tawil Triangle, the 800 square mile unclaimed area in between Egypt and Sudan that is alternately claimed and disputed by each side. Obviously these would be Muslim countries arguing over the territory meaning that the TRC expects Egyptian Muslim groups in Canada to reject their own land claims.
So ignoring for now that Muslim clerics have more "to-do" items than everyday Indians do, the Commission wants the Government of Canada to force Muslim religious groups in Canada to officially repudiate the actions of Muslims in Egypt. (Specifically, denying their land claims). What the hell right does any Red Indian have in telling a Muslim what their ex-countrymen should do in disputes with each other?
50. In keeping with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, we call upon the federal government, in collaboration with Aboriginal organizations, to fund the establishment of Indigenous law institutes for the development, use, and understanding of Indigenous laws and access to justice in accordance with the unique cultures of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.
So now white Canadians have to pay extra taxes so that Red Indians can go to special schools to learn their unjust fake laws in order to operate their offensively unwanted parallel legal system discussed in Recommendation 42? Can't the Red Indian do anything using their own money?
51. We call upon the Government of Canada, as an obligation of its fiduciary responsibility, to develop a policy of transparency by publishing legal opinions it develops and upon which it acts or intends to act, in regard to the scope and extent of Aboriginal and Treaty rights.
This is another recommendation that partly falls under the category of "things that already happen only it doesn't just happen in relation to your ethnic group". It also, fittingly enough, falls partly into the "no you aren't allowed to tie the federal government's hands". All legal cases, for one, are not held by the Federal Government but instead are published in Law Reports such as Dominion Law Reports, Federal Trial Reports, or Supreme Court Reports. In other words, the legal opinions of judges in cases (whether the Government of Canada was involved or not, and whether it has anything to do with Red Indians or not) that receive a judgement are already being published. At first glance, this is what this recommendation is asking for. But, on second glance, this isn't exactly what they are asking for. They want the Government of Canada to publish legal opinions of lawyers hired by the Crown before or whether the case goes before a judge or not. In other words, the Government of Canada is being told its lawyers must give up their legal opinions of a case without the Red Indians involved having to give up theirs. This is, quite simply, madness. If the Government lawyer discovers that the Birch Narrows First Nation agreed in their treaty negotiations that forever going forward all its sons and daughters would be given up to the authority of Her Majesty the Queen for reeducation and slavery for all times, and it never came before any legal body, that research remains the Government of Canada's to disseminate as it sees fit. Not only does this basically demolish the ancient legal right of Confidentiality (which do apply to lawyers working for the government, but it's a gross mischaracterization of a gross mischaracterization: namely, the Government of Canada's imagined fiduciary duties to the lazy Red Indian, an invented an interpreted by courts with no basis whatsoever from the treaties themselves. From Guerin v. R. in 1984:
this requirement, which places the Crown between the Aboriginal group and third parties to prevent exploitation, gives the Crown discretion to decide the Aboriginal interest
However, and this is important, the moment Red Indians try to go to court to force a definition on "Aboriginal interest" that the Crown did not operate with when acting within their discretionary mandate even this bullshit and undesirable "fiduciary relationship" falls apart. If uppity Red Indians want to twice violate the treaties, that relationship is null and void. So long as the Crown's discretion is the impetus for the fake fiduciary requirement, that discretion must be adhered to uniquely.
52. We call upon the Government of Canada, provincial and territorial governments, and the courts to adopt the following legal principles:
i. Aboriginal title claims are accepted once the Aboriginal claimant has established occupation over a particular territory at a particular point in time.
ii. Once Aboriginal title has been established, the burden of proving any limitation on any rights arising from the existence of that title shifts to the party asserting such a limitation.
This one is far simpler: both bullet points are bad. They are against the interests of the Canadian taxpayer.
i. Occupation over a particular territory should only be accepted when it has been established right now. This exact moment in time. Lands that have become part of Canada in accordance with the treaties belong to Canada. It says so right there in the treaties. Just because a Red Indians' ancestor once looked at or walked across or even camped out on as patch of land is absolutely no justification in a civilized society to take that land away from its rightful -- the one who built it and developed it and invested his time and money in improving it -- nor to justify robbing the income he generates as a function of that improvement he has made in order to give it to somebody who does not and cannot build anything comparable from a race of people who couldn't be bothered to find bronze in two countries with some of the world's largest copper deposits.
ii. Forcing legitimate white owners of land to prove that they didn't rob a Red Indian before their birth is not only ridiculous but also implies that this fake "aboriginal title" is established, which it shouldn't.
53. We call upon the Parliament of Canada, in consultation and collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, to enact legislation to establish a National Council for Reconciliation. The legislation would establish the council as an independent, national, oversight body with membership jointly appointed by the Government of Canada and national Aboriginal organizations, and consisting of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members. Its mandate would include, but not be limited to, the following:
i. Monitor, evaluate, and report annually to Parliament and the people of Canada on the Government of Canada’s post-apology progress on reconciliation to ensure that government accountability for reconciling the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the Crown is maintained in the coming years.
ii. Monitor, evaluate, and report to Parliament and the people of Canada on reconciliation progress across all levels and sectors of Canadian society, including the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action.
iii. Develop and implement a multi-year National Action Plan for Reconciliation, which includes research and policy development, public education programs, and resources.
iv. Promote public dialogue, public/private partnerships, and public initiatives for reconciliation.
This is, flat out, a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. An "Independent oversight body" with no powers, given a mandate to basically do nothing of import and look at reports that either already are being published or never should be. Specifically:
i. There is no "relationship" in need of "reconciling". Red Indians must become taxpaying citizens and abandon both their treaties and their reservations.
ii. None of the ninety-four recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action are worth implementing. That's 0/94, as I'm roughly 57% of the way explaining to you. No recommendations implemented, no committee required to monitor/evaluate/report on the progress of the implementations.
iii. Developing this "multi-year National Action Plan" implies that there are even more (and, by extension, even stupider) recommendations besides the 94 in this document. What other batshit insane ideas are the #IdleNoMore types going to demand? Will I have to redo this post in three years?
iv. Public dialogue is only applicable once the Red Indian admits himself into the general public, becoming citizens of Her Majesty like the rest of us. "Public initiatives for reconciliation" are just calls for yet more tax money transferred from productive white members of society and given to Red Indians to fester on their reservations. No.
54. We call upon the Government of Canada to provide multi-year funding for the National Council for Reconciliation to ensure that it has the financial, human, and technical resources required to conduct its work, including the endowment of a National Reconciliation Trust to advance the cause of reconciliation.
There should be no council. Even if we granted such a council, it should not receive any financial, human, or technical resources provided by the labours of taxpaying citizens of Canada: particularly when it will just turn around and decry them as racist recipients of colonialism and demand more of their freedoms to taken away.
55. We call upon all levels of government to provide annual reports or any current data requested by the National Council for Reconciliation so that it can report on the progress towards reconciliation. The reports or data would include, but not be limited to:
i. The number of Aboriginal children—including Métis and Inuit children—in care, compared with non-Aboriginal children, the reasons for apprehension, and the total spending on preventive and care services by child-welfare agencies.
ii. Comparative funding for the education of First Nations children on and off reserves.
iii. The educational and income attainments of Aboriginal peoples in Canada compared with non-Aboriginal people.
iv. Progress on closing the gaps between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in a number of health indicators such as: infant mortality, maternal health, suicide, mental health, addictions, life expectancy, birth rates, infant and child health issues, chronic diseases, illness and injury incidence, and the availability of appropriate health services.
v. Progress on eliminating the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in youth custody over the next decade.
vi. Progress on reducing the rate of criminal victimization of Aboriginal people, including data related to homicide and family violence victimization and other crimes.
vii. Progress on reducing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the justice and correctional systems.
Again, demands that federal and provincial governments just spend more money generating more reports in order to keep more useless government sociologists "gainfully" employed.
i. Métis children generally aren't from the reserves. Foster and adoption agencies are loathe to keep and public race-related records, for reasons varying from black crack babies in the U.S. being almost as prevalent and hard to adopt as Red Indian FAS babies in Canada and the never-discussed fact that whites are the only race on the planet that tends to adopt and raise foster children. This isn't going to change because the Indian Lobby asks very very nicely. As for the total spending? Too much. Reasons for apprehension? Red Indians keep being unable to care for their children.
ii. Again, we already collect that data. In case you forgot from Recommendation 8, on-reserve children receive $14,342 per student (excluding cultural centres, capital maintenance expenditures, etc. etc.). Off-reserve depends on the province. In 2008 in Alberta it was $11,086/student, in Ontario it was $10,657/student, and in PEI it was $9,260/student. This is the result of about 90 seconds of Google searching. Do we really need a federally funded committee to do this?
iii. Seeing how massively subsidized education (again, see Recommendation 8) is provided to all Red Indians in Canada, if the "educational attainment" is below average this is a good thing for the taxpayers, and certainly not something that you can blame whitey for. As for income attainment, income is attained upon gainful employment, as we discussed at Recommendation 7. Gainful employment occurs when individuals can demonstrate value to an employer. Again, if Red Indians are deficient here, there are lots of people to blame. None of them are taxpayers.
iv. If you go back to Recommendation 19, you'll see that we already know what causes these "gaps". Any failure to close them is a failure in individuals. Maybe a little less time complaining about Indian Headdresses at music festivals, more time telling your race to stop drinking Lysol like it was tap water.
v. "Overrepresentation" was covered in Recommendation 30. Maybe stop trying to act like American blacks?
vi. Hey, wait just a minute. One tick earlier the committee was supposed to be "eliminating the overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in youth custody". Now they are also supposed to be "reducing the rate of criminal victimization of Aboriginal people"? Which one is it? Due to the nature of the offenses, it really is a "pick one or the other" here. I can just see this conversation now... (insert Wayne's World "doodlidoo" sound effects here)
Runs With Welfare: The 3,547th meeting of the National Council for Reconciliation is now underway. What is the progress under task 55(v)?
Born With a Grant: We have set all our violent young murderers free. I am pleased to report that we have elimated overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in youth custody. Runs With Welfare: Excellent work. Now what is the progress under task 55(vi)?
Dances With Lysol: I am saddened to report that for some unknown reason, the numbers of victims of family violence has skyrocketed. Families with teenaged children seem to be particularly impacted.
Runs With Welfare: That is very disappointing. We call on racist whites to give us $119 billion dollars to deal with what clearly is a legacy of our grandmothers being taught arithmetic.
vi. Wait, now we're worried about "reducing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the justice and correctional systems" again? How hard is this? Either your violent brothers and fathers are in jail, or your women and children are at risk of violence. This seriously cannot be this difficult.
56. We call upon the prime minister of Canada to formally respond to the report of the National Council for Reconciliation by issuing an annual “State of Aboriginal Peoples” report, which would outline the government’s plans for advancing the cause of reconciliation.
Again, more reports giving more data that doesn't actually do anything. The "State of Aboriginal Peoples" is pretty bad. The plan to advance that state is to stop demanding government reports and fix your broken culture.
57. We call upon federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to provide education to public servants on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.
Well, it's been a while since we saw this one (Recommendation 28 to be precise, which is where we tore the underlying concepts a new one). Now they want to waste more government funds in providing education to public servants, because it's vitally important that the Operations Coordinator in Regina working for the Saskatchewan government be cajoled into feeling guilty about the great society that white Canadians have built over the years while working "with Central Services and stakeholders to negotiate supply and lease agreements for the Ministry and be responsible for new procurement and lease policies, procedures and processes."
58. We call upon the Pope to issue an apology to Survivors, their families, and communities for the Roman Catholic Church’s role in the spiritual, cultural, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children in Catholic-run residential schools. We call for that apology to be similar to the 2010 apology issued to Irish victims of abuse and to occur within one year of the issuing of this Report and to be delivered by the Pope in Canada.
This is another of the silly ones that has been addressed in much of the media coverage of the "Calls to Action". Now the current Pope is a bit of a pathetic nutter: he's busy blathering about climate change while European Christian society is overrun by fake refugees, so getting him to apologize for trying to provide an education doesn't seem particularly far-fetched. However, if there's one thing we've learned over the past 57 recommendations they fall into two general categories:
  1. Horrible ideas that will cost a billion dollars to attempt and will most certainly fail
  2. Horrible ideas that will cost a few million dollars to achieve
I guess now we have to add "horrible ideas that can be executed on the cheap" which I suppose makes this one of the less benign of suggestions. However, it still requires the Pope to participate in a lie: to claim that teaching Red Indian children how to multiply two integers together was at all a bad thing. (As a rough aside, the 2010 apology was instantly rejected by the same people who demanded it and there's no reason to believe that the #IdleNoMore crowd will react any differently)
59. We call upon church parties to the Settlement Agreement to develop ongoing education strategies to ensure that their respective congregations learn about their church’s role in colonization, the history and legacy of residential schools, and why apologies to former residential school students, their families, and communities were necessary.
Again, the demand here is that church congregations be told a lie: that their ancestors did wrong in the act of fulfilling treaty obligations and providing another culture with the formal education that their backwards culture would not and could not have done. Likewise with "colonization": North America was essentially empty. There's no reason to apologize for the congregation's church in being built by people who came to this deserted wasteland and built a society upon it.
60. We call upon leaders of the church parties to the Settlement Agreement and all other faiths, in collaboration with Indigenous spiritual leaders, Survivors, schools of theology, seminaries, and other religious training centres, to develop and teach curriculum for all student clergy, and all clergy and staff who work in Aboriginal communities, on the need to respect Indigenous spirituality in its own right, the history and legacy of residential schools and the roles of the church parties in that system, the history and legacy of religious conflict in Aboriginal families and communities, and the responsibility that churches have to mitigate such conflicts and prevent spiritual violence.
There's a whole lot of crazy in this one. Again, this calls on "all faiths"; meaning for some infathomable reason the Commission is again demanding that Muslims change the tenants of their faith based entirely on the demand of a guy wearing feathers who has a great-great-grandfather who sort of lived near here once. Also count the huge number of participants here, none of whom will be permitted to dissent from the Great Residential School Lie. Specifically, this recommendation demands religions agree to not proselytize to Red Indians who hold "traditional" spiritual beliefs (it's unclear if a Muslim is allowed to try to convert a Christian Red Indian). Beyond that, more false teachings about the "evils" of Residential Schools, an insistence that alone in the world it's a shame when "Aboriginal families and communities" face religious conflicts (maybe white Canadians should force native leaders to watch a performance of Othello or read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man before going forward on this recommendation?). As for "the responsibility that churches have" in preventing "spiritual violence", the answer is "none whatsoever". The reason? "Spiritual Violence" is entirely a good thing. Christians need to be more spiritually violent, not less.
Sometimes spiritual violence means we jump into the political ring by lobbying for what is right. We have a responsibility to be involved in politics if they affect our nation’s godliness.
"Spiritual violence" is using religion to speak out against the evils of society. Since those evils include giving up all of BC to people who have no claim to it, "spiritual violence" against surrending more land seems a good first step.
61. We call upon church parties to the Settlement Agreement, in collaboration with Survivors and representatives of Aboriginal organizations, to establish permanent funding to Aboriginal people for:
i. Community-controlled healing and reconciliation projects.
ii. Community-controlled culture- and language revitalization projects.
iii. Community-controlled education and relationship building projects.
iv. Regional dialogues for Indigenous spiritual leaders and youth to discuss Indigenous spirituality, selfdetermination, and reconciliation.
What, $7.9 billion dollars a year isn't enough already? The members of these churches (members who, by the way, had nothing at all to do with Residential Schools) already pay extra in taxes every year for "Community-controlled healing and reconciliation projects" (which end up being the bureaucratic apparatus in which Indian Chiefs kill their own reserve's children) that never seem to achieve anything. Likewise "culture and language revitalization projects". If the Red Indians interested in revitalizing their language and culture are so interested in doing so, let them spend their own money on the project like every other language and cultural group does. Similarly, "education and relationship building projects" [what does that even mean? Is it something akin to ChristianSingles.com run by the private sector? -ed] sound like something that should be the responsibly of those who want to hold such projects. Finally, why are "regional dialogues" that these church congregations are not even invited to being paid for by innocent members of the congregation? Especially when Red Indians internal conversations are likely to simply be gripe-fests at the productive members of society footing the bill.
62. We call upon the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, in consultation and collaboration with Survivors, Aboriginal peoples, and educators, to:
i. Make age-appropriate curriculum on residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada a mandatory education requirement for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve students.
ii. Provide the necessary funding to post-secondary institutions to educate teachers on how to integrate Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods into classrooms.
iii. Provide the necessary funding to Aboriginal schools to utilize Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods in classrooms.
iv. Establish senior-level positions in government at the assistant deputy minister level or higher dedicated to Aboriginal content in education.
The purpose of education is to educate. Re-telling the "woe is us" lies about Residential Schools is hardly a wise idea considering how offensively bad public schools already are about imparting useful and true information. (There's a curious tendency, mind you, for far-left lies taught by far-left teachers to "stick with" the student body far more effectively than any actual knowledge ever does). The fact that it was one of the first priorities of the far-left Rachel Arab government tells you just how evil and reckless this recommendation is, in general. Meanwhile, there are the ridiculous specifics:
i. Every grade? Why does this need to be covered in every grade? We don't cover World War II in every grade, so why should this minor little bit of Canadian history be the exception? The rationale, of course, is simple: they want to indoctrinate little kids in their anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda. So they hammer these lies from Day 1 and keep repeating them until fools actually get fooled.
ii. What are "Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods" and why the hell should they be utilized in university-level instruction? I'll give you a fair warning, the backwards Red Indian culture has absolutely no methods or knowledge that will give any insight into Fluid Dynamics, Molecular Genetics, Victoria Literature, or Molecular Physics. None. Zero. Zilch. There's the education on how you can incorporate it into serious post-secondary studies into the world around us and the advancement of our knowledge: you can't. Stone Age cultures aren't able to provide special insight into advanced science and technology. In fact, I'm not 100% sure that "Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods" would even help you in taking these courses.
iii. We probably shouldn't even have "Aboriginal schools", let alone pay them taxpayer dollars to "utilize Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods". Shouldn't Red Indian teachers already have this knowledge and use these methods? If not, then how on earth can you even call them "Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods"? Do these teachers first have to learn white teaching methods?
iv. Senior government positions cost money. Lots of money. And what do we get in return? Not much. So naturally we should waste more taxpayer dollars on creating useless bureaucratic positions dedicated to fake (read: "Aboriginal") content. And why does this person need to be "assistant deputy minister level or higher"? Easy: to cost more money (not coincidentally, there will be a howl if a white person is hired for this role) and exert more power. There isn't a "senior-level position in government" dedicated to mathematical content in education, you may note, nor need there be. We're 2/3rds of the way through this list, by the way. Or, as "Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods" would probably say, 5/3rds.
63. We call upon the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada to maintain an annual commitment to Aboriginal education issues, including:
i. Developing and implementing Kindergarten to Grade Twelve curriculum and learning resources on Aboriginal peoples in Canadian history, and the history and legacy of residential schools.
ii. Sharing information and best practices on teaching curriculum related to residential schools and Aboriginal history.
iii. Building student capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.
iv. Identifying teacher-training needs relating to the above.
I'm surprised they didn't also demand that this annual council of education ministers meeting be held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, and that there be complimentary bar service.
i. As covered in Recommendation 62, there's no need for any curriculum in every grade related to residential schools, let alone the relatively minor role played by Red Indians in Canadian history.
ii. The best practice is not to teach these lies about the noble work white Christian groups did in educating otherwise uneducated kids from a backwards culture.
iii. "Building student capacity" makes no sense. Either the kids have the ability at a certain age to handle a piece of knowledge or they don't. Since no "knowledge" is being imparted, there's no capacity to build.
iv. Teachers who teach these lies to children need to be fired. There is no reason to pass #IdleNoMore fantasies along as documented facts. None.
64. We call upon all levels of government that provide public funds to denominational schools to require such schools to provide an education on comparative religious studies, which must include a segment on Aboriginal spiritual beliefs and practices developed in collaboration with Aboriginal Elders.
Again, no. One of the nice things about denominational school systems is that they are slower (not slow enough, but slower) at adopting ridiculous far-left "education" trends that harm students and cost the public money. They also receive public funds, it's true, but the members of that denomination also pay taxes into those public funds (which a certain group doesn't, really, whose identity escapes me at the moment). If their denominational schools are attacked for receiving public money, then being a member of that denomination should excuse parents from all taxes which go towards education (local, provincial, and yes even federal). This one-sided misreading causes public funds to become a "government has full control over parental complaints" hammer that does nothing more than justify the complete abolishment of publicly funded education. Now its true that most (not all!) denominational schools do include a religious studies portion, and I imagine they will include nonsense about both Mohammed and the Great Crow, but there's no reason to require them to do so. There's also absolutely no justification to require these courses to be vetted by members of a different religious belief.
65. We call upon the federal government, through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, post-secondary institutions and educators, and the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and its partner institutions, to establish a national research program with multi-year funding to advance understanding of reconciliation.
There is no requirement for any "reconciliation", "understanding of reconciliation", or "multi-year funding to advance understanding of reconciliation. Meanwhile, this is just more white Canadian taxpayer dollars used to fund a program that only benefits a single race solely on the basis of where their ancestors were born.
66. We call upon the federal government to establish multiyear funding for community-based youth organizations to deliver programs on reconciliation, and establish a national network to share information and best practices.
Again, multi-year funding for youth to participate in a process that should not occur based on lies that the Red Indian is desperately trying to foster on the rest of the country.
67. We call upon the federal government to provide funding to the Canadian Museums Association to undertake, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, a national review of museum policies and best practices to determine the level of compliance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and to make recommendations.
We call on the government to force the Canadian Museums Association to go to all of their members and tell them what horrible racists they are for daring to stick to some sort of scientific method. Besides, the CMA is primarily an advocacy association, not a policing body. A national review to ensure "compliance" with state doctrines based on the Big Residential Schools lie just isn't part of their mandate, nor should it be.
Training was the CMA's single largest program in the early 1970s. But already, decentralization was beginning. Basic training courses were being handed over to provincial associations wherever possible. In the long range, members believed the CMA would become a liaison and advisory body to oversee training, and encourage universities and colleges to develop degree-granting programs. Eventually, of course, that's exactly what happened.
68. We call upon the federal government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, and the Canadian Museums Association to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 2017 by establishing a dedicated national funding program for commemoration projects on the theme of reconciliation.
Happy 150th birthday, Canada! Here are the lazy descendants of the people who spent century after century living in squalour here to tell you that the world-leading country you came and built with your bare hands deserves shame for daring to take steps to help us experience it with you! 
69. We call upon Library and Archives Canada to:
i. Fully adopt and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Joinet-Orentlicher Principles, as related to Aboriginal peoples’ inalienable right to know the truth about what happened and why, with regard to human rights violations committed against them in the residential schools.
ii. Ensure that its record holdings related to residential schools are accessible to the public.
iii. Commit more resources to its public education materials and programming on residential schools.
Apropos of nothing, guess what the Red Indian's favourite international body says about human rights...
Article 28 1. States Parties recognize the right of the child to education, and with a view to achieving this right progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity, they shall, in particular: (a) Make primary education compulsory and available free to all; (b) Encourage the development of different forms of secondary education, including general and vocational education, make them available and accessible to every child, and take appropriate measures such as the introduction of free education and offering financial assistance in case of need;
i. In other words, what happened at Residential Schools wasn't a violation of human rights but in fact the mandatory state functions to ensure human rights. Now you may disagree with some or all of this document (I do, certainly), but the fact is that primary education could only be provided via Residential Schools and therefore they were mandatory and government funded. That's the truth about Residential Schools, and I certainly hope that every Red Indian in Canada learns this. It is, indeed, their "inalienable right to know the truth". Not a phony truth that paints the whites in a bad light and the Noble Savage in a good one. This was a much-needed course of events. Make sure that gets taught.
ii. The Library and Archives Canada has many records which have contractual restrictions placed upon them by the donor and even more government records which fall under legal restrictions as they pertain to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Therefore, Library and Archives Canada cannot just "make their records available to the public". They have legal and contractual obligations. I understand this is hard for the Indian Lobby to wrap their brains around, but it's the facts.
iii. Who funds Library and Archives Canada? Taxpayers! If you had to guess that another recommendation would demand white taxpayers pay more money, could you have guessed it?
70. We call upon the federal government to provide funding to the Canadian Association of Archivists to undertake, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, a national review of archival policies and best practices to:
i. Determine the level of compliance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Joinet-Orentlicher Principles, as related to Aboriginal peoples’ inalienable right to know the truth about what happened and why, with regard to human rights violations committed against them in the residential schools.
ii. Produce a report with recommendations for full implementation of these international mechanisms as a reconciliation framework for Canadian archives.
Look kids! More tax money wasted on this ridiculous lie!
i. The "level of compliance" to teaching the Red Indian about their own unfortunately brutal past is an exercise best left to individual parents. This is also the second reference to the "Joinet-Orentlicher Principles" which is actually the 2005 revisions by Diane Orentlicher of a 1997 document by Louis Joinet.
That original document has nothing to do with Residential Schools, by the way. It has to do with amnesty being granted to state and quasi-state actors as a way of providing them impunity from human rights violations undertaken during their leadership of a state or armed forces. Even if you accept (and you shouldn't!) that Residential Schools fall under this document (it only "encompasses grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 and of Additional Protocol I thereto of 1977") the relevent section for Archivists merely refers to document destruction. This is opposite of what the Indian Lobby does, by the way. They invent documents using the ridiculous and discredited method of "oral histories" (which we covered in discussing Principle #8 earlier in this blogpost). Where does the Commission call upon Red Indians to stop equating physical documentation with rumours and modern invention?
ii. The Association of Canadian Archivists (I'm not sure why the Commission inverted the word order for the organization, was this them reverting to "Tonto-speak"?) is a not-for-profit organization which receives funding from donors and from member organizations, mostly federal and provincial archivist organizations which receive, you guessed it, public funding. This is one of the more indirect drains on the taxpayer, and at least this time potential donors can be made aware that their donations will be wasted on generating meaningless reports about "compliance" with unrelated UN documents.
71. We call upon all chief coroners and provincial vital statistics agencies that have not provided to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada their records on the deaths of Aboriginal children in the care of residential school authorities to make these documents available to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.
So are there a lot of provinces that haven't provided these records? Even APTN couldn't be bothered to answer the question. The CBC did a drive-by smearing of the Manitoba Government without bothering to confirm that the information hasn't been provided. Meanwhile, as the APTN article notes, death notifications aren't supposed to go to provincial vital statistics agencies: they are supposed to go to Indian Agents. That's in the treaty. Remember when you wanted them enforced? Well, we did!
72. We call upon the federal government to allocate sufficient resources to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation to allow it to develop and maintain the National Residential School Student Death Register established by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.
Another demand for white taxpayers to pony up more money: this time in order for the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (made up of Red Indians) to track the deaths of Red Indians. One would think the "self-governnance" that Indian Bands are always after would entail doing this themselves, with their own funding. If they aren't willing to do that, then "sufficient resources" shouldn't come from Ottawa's pockets.
73. We call upon the federal government to work with churches, Aboriginal communities, and former residential school students to establish and maintain an online registry of residential school cemeteries, including, where possible, plot maps showing the location of deceased residential school children.
No other race gets federal funding for its members to get special online maps of gravesites at taxpayer expense, and neither should the Red Indian. You know where the Residential Schools are. You know which of them have graveyards (hint: they are the schools that also have churches, since churches have graveyards). They know Wikipedia is a thing, right?
74. We call upon the federal government to work with the churches and Aboriginal community leaders to inform the families of children who died at residential schools of the child’s burial location, and to respond to families’ wishes for appropriate commemoration ceremonies and markers, and reburial in home communities where requested.
The informing families is pretty much the most benign recommendation on the list. Of course, in order to fit in with the rest of the document this has to have a ridiculous taxpayer-funded aspect where the federal government spends money connecting families and churches. It isn't stated here that they want the feds to pay for relocating the bodies either, but you know it's implied and they'll find a ridiculous judge to back them up if the government gives them an inch.
75. We call upon the federal government to work with provincial, territorial, and municipal governments, churches, Aboriginal communities, former residential school students, and current landowners to develop and implement strategies and procedures for the ongoing identification, documentation, maintenance, commemoration, and protection of residential school cemeteries or other sites at which residential school children were buried. This is to include the provision of appropriate memorial ceremonies and commemorative markers to honour the deceased children.
We've already seen in B.C. what the Red Indian's idea of "strategies and procedures" for "commemoration and protection" of thousand-year-old "gravesites" on private property and its such a sick violation of property rights -- of real rights -- that it warrants metaphorically salting the earth of this entire recommendation. In the article, we're talking with 1,500 year old gravesites. That's a really really really old gravesite. Why are we still protecting it? The Red Indian realizes that his ancestors graves won't be protected sites into perpetuity, right? We preserve a small number of historically or culturally significant gravesites (even the Red Indians wailing over Grace Islet have to try and argue their site [or, more specifically, the entire island] falls under that definition), of which the Residential School sites certainly don't qualify. In several cases they were be on existing church lands (already protected by the various provincial Cemetary Acts) and in other cases they are no different than any other loose graves: only of interest to the families, and their responsibility to protect. You might be shocked and surprised by this, but "ancient native burial grounds" is a phrase that could conceivably be used to describe the entire continent of Europe. Indeed, to avoid the entire continent being off-limits to human development because of all the dead humans underfoot, graves have been routinely built on and ignored.
A movement dedicated to ensuring that burial should only take place outside cities arose in Europe during the eighteenth century, but had little impact in Britain. By the 1840s over 50 000 corpses were interred in London each year in only 218 acres of burial grounds. Coffins were often stacked several deep, with little earth cover, and a foul stench frequently emanated from churchyards.
It may sound heartless, but children buried in the school backyard are no more "sacred" a gravesite than the 3,000 bodies estimated at the site of the new Liverpool Street Crossrail Station. It's true that archaeologists are involved, mainly because we get to learn about the daily lives of victims of the English Civil War and the Great Fire of London. No such archaeological mysteries await kids buried in random patches of ground when they had to be quickly disposed of before they infected the entire population with TB.
76. We call upon the parties engaged in the work of documenting, maintaining, commemorating, and protecting residential school cemeteries to adopt strategies in accordance with the following principles:
i. The Aboriginal community most affected shall lead the development of such strategies.
ii. Information shall be sought from residential school Survivors and other Knowledge Keepers in the development of such strategies.
iii. Aboriginal protocols shall be respected before any potentially invasive technical inspection and investigation of a cemetery site.
We've already covered the two classes of cemeteries: already covered by existing legislation, and (rightfully) not covered at all by legislation and no action will be taken.
i. The strategies are led by either legislation, or asking the property owner very nicely and seeing if he will comply. The community "most affected" (whatever the hell that means) has no role in "developing strategies"
ii. Do the former students (the loaded term "survivors" should always be called out as bullshit) have any insight whether or not the cemetery falls under the relevant provincial legislation? Highly unlikely.
iii. "Aboriginal protocols" are similarly not worth considering. Many Red Indian extremists believe that their graves are sacred from the moment of burial until the sun goes supernova (not that the latter concept would have ever come about had Columbus not sailed the ocean blue). This is a stupid "protocol" that will have to be nipped in the bud eventually, so it might as well be now. Inspection and investigation of cemetary sites is covered by legislation. Inspection and investigation of private sites that happen to have a corpse in them is covered by whatever the landowner wants to do.
77. We call upon provincial, territorial, municipal, and community archives to work collaboratively with the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation to identify and collect copies of all records relevant to the history and legacy of the residential school system, and to provide these to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.
Archives keep records. Those interested in the records are responsible to "identify and collect" the ones relevant to the history they are interested in. This is yet again a symptom of the laziness intrinsic to the culture that spent 100 centuries in North America without bothering to develop a single technology. This same spirit is on display here. It's disgusting and abhorrent, and the cure to the Red Indian's culture problems isn't served by babysitting their researchers and holding their hands for them.
78. We call upon the Government of Canada to commit to making a funding contribution of $10 million over seven years to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, plus an additional amount to assist communities to research and produce histories of their own residential school experience and their involvement in truth, healing, and reconciliation.
You know that $10M is a relatively low number demanded upon Canadian taxpayers, especially spread out over the seven years. Yet again, Red Indians want something but they want white people to do all the work.
79. We call upon the federal government, in collaboration with Survivors, Aboriginal organizations, and the arts community, to develop a reconciliation framework for Canadian heritage and commemoration. This would include, but not be limited to:
i. Amending the Historic Sites and Monuments Act to include First Nations, Inuit, and Métis representation on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada and its Secretariat.
ii. Revising the policies, criteria, and practices of the National Program of Historical Commemoration to integrate Indigenous history, heritage values, and memory practices into Canada’s national heritage and history.
iii. Developing and implementing a national heritage plan and strategy for commemorating residential school sites, the history and legacy of residential schools, and the contributions of Aboriginal peoples to Canada’s history.
They are former students, not "survivors". These lies must end. The first crazy thing with this demand is that "the arts community" be who the federal government collaborates on. Seeing how this "arts community" skews ridiculously left, I don't think they are a particularly good party to involve in creating a "framework" for a public policy discussion, especially when that framework would be used to do real evil as a phony heritage comemmoration would entail.
i. There should be absolutely no racial quotas on the Historic Sites and Monuments Board. No Red Indian should be permitted on the board unless he is qualified on merit, not based on where his great-great-great-great-great-grandmother squatted.
ii. "Indigenous history" falls into two categories: actual history, and nonsensical pseudo-historical lies. The former is already, by design, inherent in any evaluation of historic sites and monuments. The latter, which include nonsense like "Residential Schools were genocide", is bunk and needs to be completely ignored. Which leads us to the obvious question: what the hell do they mean by "memory practices"? It comes from a 2006 book by a British moonbat names Annie E. Coombes. Note some of the key words (my emphasis) in this passage:
Child removal narratives, then, have become instances of active remembrance, a performance of remembering and reconstruction that recalls and commemorates the past variously. They have become recognised as a genre of memory that both constitutes and shapes indigenous selfhood. Separatation narratives are one of the most powerful ways of imagining the self in terms of indigenous/First Nations' identity: 'who people are is closely linked to what they think about memory, what they remember, and what they claim to remember.' As we have seen, this function is frequently presented as therapeutic for the individual and for the indigenous and First Nations' community more generally. More than this, as a memory practice it constitutes First Nations' communities in new and powerful ways, emphasising a history of struggle and the persistence of indigenous histories and identities in the face of policies of cultural genocide.
So as you can see, "memory practices" are a euphemism, a code word for the Red Indian to flat out invent histories that don't correspond to reality. So when the Recommendation demands that the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada "integrates" a deliberate system of heartfelt and poignant false narratives, the only possible response is a resounding "no way man".
iii. I'm not sure what "strategy" is needed to "commemorate" the site of schools that don't exist anymore. A plaque? The other obvious problem is that Residential Schools literally mark the failure of Red Indians to make any sizable contribution to Canadian history as per the above graph. This is the period of Canadian History featuring the FLQ Crisis, Trudeau's New Society, two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Winnipeg General Strike. The "contributions to history" weren't particularly noteworthy in this era, partly because the uneducated Red Indian would be unable to invent sonar or discover insulin. Again, that's what the Residential Schools were designed to achieve. The violently primitive Heiltsuk Indians could have impacted Alexander Mackenzie's 1792 Peace River expedition but their stone age society was hardly going to be developing the Canadarm.
80. We call upon the federal government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, to establish, as a statutory holiday, a National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to honour Survivors, their families, and communities, and ensure that public commemoration of the history and legacy of residential schools remains a vital component of the reconciliation process.
Another semi-famous one, a "national holiday" to mourn the best thing that ever happened to the Red Indian. For one, one would think a "vital component of the reconciliation process" would be the day where we stop agonizing over the supposed horrors of Residential Schools. How would a permanent "you suck" holiday achieve that? Would it have an end date? Would it be written into the legislation that in 2153 you start going back to work? Every statutory holiday costs the Canadian economy $6.9 billion in lost productivity. Per year. (this also impacts taxpayers, big surprise). You'd think that the Red Indian not working has cost the economy enough money already without adding to it. Yet a couple of dykes from Regina want this implemented immediately, on June 21st; you'd think they'd be dimly aware that this puts the national "Whites Are Evil for Being More Advanced" holiday a week before Dominion Day and three days before General Wolfe Appreciation Day. Of course, the fact that I'm not using the commonly understood terms for Canada Day and St. Jean the Baptiste Day speaks to the other side of this coin: the unwashed masses are unlikely to start spending a day off in June sitting in their home with war paint on their face crying over a candle in the dark, they're likely to do what they do on every holiday: party it up.
Traditional observance of Memorial day has diminished over the years.At many cemeteries, the graves of the fallen are increasingly ignored, neglected. In hopes of reviving observance of Memorial Day, and increasing travel and business, four federal three-day holidays were established in an by Act of Congress in 1971. While there are towns and cities that still hold Memorial Day parades, many have not held a parade in decades. The 2004 Washington D.C. Memorial Day parade was its first in over 60 years.
So we'll cost the Canadian economy billions (though not as many billions of tax money we already waste on the Red Indian) for a "commemoration" day that most will ignore and that will (as Ezra noted) entrench hostility rather than help move past it.
81. We call upon the federal government, in collaboration with Survivors and their organizations, and other parties to the Settlement Agreement, to commission and install a publicly accessible, highly visible, Residential Schools National Monument in the city of Ottawa to honour Survivors and all the children who were lost to their families and communities.
Another waste of money. How many are we up to so far? (according to David Akin we're supposed to hit 31 by the time we're done) This one again lies about who graduated from Residential Schools (they are former students, not "Survivors" and I don't care which organizations they form) and then insists that the federal government pay for a "highly visible" monument in Ottawa that tells the lie that teaching the Red Indian to live in a modern society isn't the greatest act of (treaty mandated) kindness that whites ever gave them. Well, if we're going to waste white taxpayer money on this thing let's at least make it historically accurate: A great TRC monument whites spent 120 years teaching the Red Indian to read this is how far in the alphabet they learned
82. We call upon provincial and territorial governments, in collaboration with Survivors and their organizations, and other parties to the Settlement Agreement, to commission and install a publicly accessible, highly visible, Residential Schools Monument in each capital city to honour Survivors and all the children who were lost to their families and communities.
Just in case you were concerned that Recommendation 81 was only 70% ludicrous, here comes a nice 100% ludicrous one calling for another monument in every capital city in Canada. I can't be that creative with the pseudo-photoshopping, but let's see here.

83. We call upon the Canada Council for the Arts to establish, as a funding priority, a strategy for Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to undertake collaborative projects and produce works that contribute to the reconciliation process.
The Canada Council for the Arts is a Crown Corporation, so yes indeed we're talking about wasting more taxpayer money (though, to be fair, the Council already wastes $182M annually. It even has an "Aboriginal Arts Office" wasting money on Red Indians! Meanwhile, there should be absolutely no public funding to propaganda. The Residential School lie needs no more public money wasted on repeating it over and over again. Red Indians should have been educated, and Residential Schools were the best way to do it. Give me money to tell that story.
84. We call upon the federal government to restore and increase funding to the CBC/Radio-Canada, to enable Canada’s national public broadcaster to support reconciliation, and be properly reflective of the diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples, including, but not limited to:
i. Increasing Aboriginal programming, including Aboriginal-language speakers.
ii. Increasing equitable access for Aboriginal peoples to jobs, leadership positions, and professional development opportunities within the organization.
iii. Continuing to provide dedicated news coverage and online public information resources on issues of concern to Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians, including the history and legacy of residential schools and the reconciliation process.
Here's another of the more famous ones. This recommendation, you notice, doesn't give a number, but it's been mostly implied to be the $115M cut from the CBC budget in 2012. So it's just another annual eight-figure burden on the Canadian taxpayer. This has been deconstructed in a lot of ways, including Colby Cosh's silly suggestion that we provide the CBC's funding to APTN instead and, of course, CBC-loving liberals can't get enough of the suggestion. This insane chick from McMaster University actually thinks this recommendation doesn't go far enough because it doesn't demand government control of private broadcasters and their "media representations of Aboriginal peoples". Still, there is the basic problem with the CBC itself. It's expensive, it's outdated, it's extremely biased and it is already doing things that violate its original mandate. Taxpayer dollars are going to support an organization that performs a service nobody really cares about and one that deliberately and actively undermines the personal views of a large segment of the population; it's probably not too much of a stretch to go one step further and say that those diametrically opposed to the CBC are bearing the lion's share of the funding of the CBC (must like with regard to DIAND, as it happens). This also calls for the state broadcaster to deliberately push a propaganda agenda that is divorced from fact: believing that "reconciliation" is a goal worth pursuing. Meanwhile the CBC is charged to "be properly reflective of the diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples" which I assume means they have to know the difference between sniffing gas and sniffing meth, as the individual reservation goes.
i. Specifically demanding racially segregated programming does not serve any so-called "reconciliation". Likewise, having TV and radio languages that basically nobody understands not only is a misuse of tax dollars but also creates an unfortunate sociological effect of giving a perception that such languages are more popular than they are. It's similar to how TV has made people think fags are everywhere, when they aren't.
ii. "Equitable access for jobs" already happens. As per the CBC's own website:
As the national public broadcaster, we are the only media organization with a mandate to connect all Canadians, in French, English and eight aboriginal languages. With our strategic plan, we continue to engage, inform and connect citizens from all backgrounds and all regions on issues that matter.
Also, they specifically mention even moar diversity on this page. You can't really "increase" this without having racial quotas for positions...which, of course, we know is the end goal of the Diversity Enforcement folks.
iii. CBC already does enough false history stories, do we need to add the outrageous lies about Residential Schools to the list? Likewise, we've seen CBC push a pro-Indian agenda on everything from Chief Spence to the Makwa fire episode. This is just a little far-left activist quid pro quo: CBC tells warm fuzzy lies about Red Indians, then the Red Indians demand the CBC get more money to keep telling the lies.
85. We call upon the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, as an independent non-profit broadcaster with programming by, for, and about Aboriginal peoples, to support reconciliation, including but not limited to:
i. Continuing to provide leadership in programming and organizational culture that reflects the diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples.
ii. Continuing to develop media initiatives that inform and educate the Canadian public, and connect Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.
This is another relatively benign one, seeing as how it isn't really demanding anything. But, wait, hold on a minute. This speaks to a tendency in the recommendations that you may have recognized: the Red Indian never has anything that they need to do. This is probably the strongest command on any Red Indian in the entire document: the entire Commission has decided the only thing they need to do is have APTN do whatever the hell they were doing before (at, it must be noted, public expense: almost every APTN program is funded by various government agencies such as Telefilm Canada). This speaks to the most offensive thing, frankly, with the entire document. From failing to learn things in Residential Schools to failing to recognize that their cultural failings were 100% responsible for what happened after 1492, at no point does the shameful plight of so many Red Indians be held at their own feet. Here APTN is given a "yeah whatever" recommendation. Why is this even in here?
86. We call upon Canadian journalism programs and media schools to require education for all students on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations.
Ezra commented on this one, and again the Commission demands that all journalism programs in the country teach the Big Residential School Lie: that the "legacy" was anything but a good faith attempt to teach a primitive culture to be less primitive. It's also horribly Orwellian: Canadian journalism schools are generally useless, but having an inaccurate curriculum won't help matters.
87. We call upon all levels of government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, sports halls of fame, and other relevant organizations, to provide public education that tells the national story of Aboriginal athletes in history.
Another "how much will this cost" entry with a side order of "what the hell are they even going on about?". What is "the national story of Aboriginal athletes in history"? Well, it basically falls into four distinct categories.
This seems a pretty short "national story" to tell: it also speaks to how little "sports halls of fame" would have to do with this. At this point, I think they're just trying to look for any aspect of culture that the Red Indian isn't already involved in, and push for extra involvement. The Residential Schools are just a convenient excuse to demand a special "Injuns Only" section of sports halls of fame (since, obviously, they don't get much attention in the real areas). It certainly isn't in the interests of white Canada to get involved in this meaningless feel-good exercise.
88. We call upon all levels of government to take action to ensure long-term Aboriginal athlete development and growth, and continued support for the North American Indigenous Games, including funding to host the games and for provincial and territorial team preparation and travel.
The North American Indigenous Games are the Red Indian version of the Special Olympics. Founded by the infamous Willie Littlechild (he was given a magical Brazilian arrow that fights evil in a hilariously primitive detail I couldn't have made up if I tried), the games are pretty much entirely held in the four western provinces (the Yankee Injuns basically don't bother participating and have made up their own even smaller version). Three guesses who pays for the Games? Well, seeing how they call upon "all levels of government" at least this time they aren't under any delusions. Meanwhile, funding the organization isn't enough: the #IdleNoMore people also think we need to pay for them to organize bids for their own games! Clearly "athletic development and growth" is something that white Canada can only provide to the Red Indian. They certainly aren't even athletic enough to fund their own athletic competition. The "Lazy Indian" stereotype is so effective because it's so deadly accurate. By the way, the Red Indian Games features Tae Kwon Do as one of the athletic events. While I suppose it's no less crazy than golf (fun fact: Red Indians are not related to either the Scottish or the Koreans), it's still vaguely hilarious that the only sport of their own (lacrosse) is played in the white Canadian modified version. Canoe racing looks legitimate until you remember that canoes were invented by the Drents of northern Holland 7,000 years ago. Regardless, the white taxpayer is already shelling out a pretty penny for the Games, and presumably you have to be a Red Indian to participate. So does that mean that they should all be disqualified from the Canada Games? If this guy isn't allowed into the Red Indian Games then I don't see why he should have to compete against them on his turf (though I don't doubt he'll win).
89. We call upon the federal government to amend the Physical Activity and Sport Act to support reconciliation by ensuring that policies to promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being, reduce barriers to sports participation, increase the pursuit of excellence in sport, and build capacity in the Canadian sport system, are inclusive of Aboriginal peoples.
What the hell does this even mean? The Physical Activity and Sport Act was a 2002 piece of legislation which did basically nothing for promoting physical activity or sport, and a lot for establishing bureaucracies. It created a "Sport Dispute Resolution Centre", a government agency that did nothing but provide a government busybody for people to complain to when they don't get their way. That government agency, by the way, is allowed to...
engage any employees it considers necessary for the proper conduct of its activities, and state that directors, officers and employees are deemed not to be employees of the public service of Canada.
So when the Red Indian activists see an unelected and unaccountable publicly funded organization trying to interfere with people's personal lives, their first thought is apparently I need to get me some of that action. How, pray tell, does "physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being" help Red Indians get over the fact that their ancestors were ignorant of basic math until the Residential Schools came along to rescue them? Why do they need to be "inclusive" of a single race? Is this necessary in order to get anybody on the reservation willing to get out of bed in the mornings? If the Physical Activity and Sport act gets any amendment it should be to abolish the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre. Oh, and as a little aside, in 2002 there was a little controversy when it came to the implementation of this legislation.
The issue that has garnered the most media attention was the discussion concerning a request by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport that the bill be amended to include a gender equity provision requiring the federal government to fund sport along sex-balanced lines. The aim of the proposed change would be to better facilitate under-represented groups in the Canadian sport system. This would include obligating universities and national sport programs to give equal opportunity and funding to men and women. Although education is a matter for provincial legislative competence, it was suggested that the federal government could impose a gender equity requirement on universities as a condition for post-secondary education transfer payments. This suggested change was met with some resistance on the part of the Secretary of State for Amateur Sport, the Hon. Paul DeVillers, on the basis that giving any one group “special emphasis” would open the door to other under-represented groups to press for equal legislative rights. Mr. DeVillers said that the proposed amendment was unnecessary as the bill already contained provisions protecting the interests of all under-represented groups, including women, as a cornerstone of the full and fair participation of all persons in sport.
Well say what you will about Paul DeVillers (he was Stephane Dion's parliamentary secretary), but he sure nailed it on the head here. Catering to a bunch of whiny women was the camel's nose in the tent. Red Indians demanding "inclusive policies" in a Sport Dispute Resolution Centre is the rest of the camel.
90. We call upon the federal government to ensure that national sports policies, programs, and initiatives are inclusive of Aboriginal peoples, including, but not limited to, establishing:
i. In collaboration with provincial and territorial governments, stable funding for, and access to, community sports programs that reflect the diverse cultures and traditional sporting activities of Aboriginal peoples.
ii. An elite athlete development program for Aboriginal athletes.
iii. Programs for coaches, trainers, and sports officials that are culturally relevant for Aboriginal peoples.
iv. Anti-racism awareness and training programs.
This is another one that would be awfully expensive once you actually start looking into it. Of course, it's not just the cost that's ridiculous: it's the nonsense that would be required to make this "inclusive" to a primitive tribe that never could have dreamed of a "national sports initiative". It's also unclear what groups exactly they're talking about. The Canada Olympic Committee? Hockey Canada? The Canadian Soccer Association? Or do they mean things like the Sport Canada Research Initiative?
i. Oops, looks like they're after yet more direct funding courtesy of hardworking white taxpayers, who may find that their community sports program doesn't reflect their diverse culture (for example, Irish Canadians may find hurling unavailable, and Turks are going to search long and hard without finding a Camel wrestling circuit in Winnipeg. So why can't Red Indians (who, it should be noted, have racially segregated communities which other ethnic groups don't) create programs in their communities reflecting their "diverse cultures" and "traditional sporting activities"? The answer, of course, is that's a lot of work and they'd much rather you pay for it.
ii. Oh look, now we not only need an athletic development program specifically open to only one narrow racial group, but an elite development program. How much more expensive do you figure "elite" is? Do we need to bring in gas sniffing masters from around the globe in order to teach these athletes stuff they can't learn from just any casual gas sniffer?
iii. Why on earth does your kid's hockey coach need to have training "culturally relevant" to a single small ethnic group? Why don't Red Indians wanting to go into sports first have to receive culturally relevant training to teach them how to work with, say, asians? I can see all sorts of cultural misunderstandings there, from what to do with dogs (eat vs. beat) and how hard kids should work in school (as hard as they can vs. work? what's this work you're talking about? their descendants should sue the government). Is learning how to perfect a slap shot or how to pitch a slider different for a Red Indian compared with any other kid on the planet? If not, then why have this course? If so, then why don't they admit that they are inferior to the kids from other races around them?
iv. "Anti-racism" is rich coming from a group demanding special treatment for their race based on which hemisphere their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather grew up in.
91. We call upon the officials and host countries of international sporting events such as the Olympics, Pan Am, and Commonwealth games to ensure that Indigenous peoples’ territorial protocols are respected, and local Indigenous communities are engaged in all aspects of planning and participating in such events.
This is one of the shorter demands, but ironically one of the largest in scope. This demand thinks local and acts global, demanding that international sports bodies and almost every country in the world ask the Red Indian for permission every time that they get involved in hosting a major event. This one in particular doesn't even make any sense, rooted in the mysterious belief of the Red Indian that they are both unique in the world in how hard they have been done by and are also members of some sort of International Brotherhood of Indigenous Communities. Of course, as with all these recommendations you're supposed to get a warm fuzzy about inclusive consultation rather than a vague confusion about how this would work in practice. Let's look at the Olympics for an example. The 2024 Summer Olympics have yet to be decided on a location. Four of the proposed locations are in Europe: Rome, Hamburg, Paris, and Budapest. Who are the "local indigenous communities" for these cities? Are there any Sabines still around? (we already know there aren't any Etruscans left). Hamburg and Paris are conveniently both major cities for the Franks, and seeing how Muslim immigration to both cities is getting out-of-hand does this mean that France or Germany can decide that only the white descendants of the Franks are to be consulted in the planning and participation? If a Red Indian happened to immigrate to Germany in 1988 is he okay with his sons and daughters being excluded because they aren't the original white settlers of the land? This is especially relevant in the wake of the Syrian "Refugee" Crisis. I have written before about the Fall of Budapest, but it's worth noting that the "indigenous" peoples are not the ones who are living there now. Budapest was actually founded by Celts so technically the Irish should be planning their Olympics. Then again, the town was repeatedly razed by barbarians. Following the Mongol hordes the Germans came in to replace the Bulgarians and at this point the history gets pretty convoluted. Needless to say, the "local indigenous communities" in Budapest are certainly going to be white Christians, not immigrant Muslims. Do you get the sense that a "only white Christian protocols" rule will go over in modern Hungary like a lead zeppelin?
92. We call upon the corporate sector in Canada to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation framework and to apply its principles, norms, and standards to corporate policy and core operational activities involving Indigenous peoples and their lands and resources. This would include, but not be limited to, the following:
i. Commit to meaningful consultation, building respectful relationships, and obtaining the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before proceeding with economic development projects.
ii. Ensure that Aboriginal peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities in the corporate sector, and that Aboriginal communities gain long-term sustainable benefits from economic development projects.
iii. Provide education for management and staff on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.
So imagine you're a far-left activist who got in on this #IdleNoMore nonsense. The TRC comes out and you want a chance to stick it to capitalism. So what do you do? Well, you've already bilked taxpayers (therefore corporations are some of the biggest victims) by untold millions if not billions or even trillions of dollars. But that just isn't enough, is it? Now you have to demand that "the corporate sector" acquiesce to your whims and pass on the Big Residential School Lie to employees, pretending this ludicrous fantasy is indeed fact. So, apparently, under the impression that misguided UN policy documents are at all relevant to people's everyday lives, you demand that Walmart and Burger King and The Bay adopt a "reconciliation framework" and the "operational activities" pretend that sovereign Canadian territory belongs to an ethnic group with the most tenuous of real-world claims. It's ridiculous in an overall scope, and then the sub-demands go even nuttier.
i. When Second Cup decides it wants to build a location in a new suburban development area, there's no reason for them to "build respectful relationships" of people who's relatives used to sort of live in the general area of the location of the new store. They are, quite rightly, irrelevant to the case at hand. The only consent that matters is the consent of the legal land owners. Red Indians under historical delusions are not the legal land owners in 99.9999% of all cases. Nobody's building a Home Depot in Hobemma.
ii. The jobs, training, and education opportunities which "the corporate sector" makes available should go to whomever the "corporate sector" deems to be in their best interests. If the job calls for a Red Indian, go ahead and hire a Red Indian. If the job is waitress at a Chinese restaurant, go tell the Red Indian to get lost. If the training requires a skill or aptitude or strong educational history, then the Red Indian is probably at a disadvantage. In fairness, the last time white Canada offered the Red Indian an education opportunity they got lawsuits and a TRC, so the #IdleNoMore activists have shot themselves in the foot here. Live by the "you're horrible racists for trying to teach us to live in a modern corporate world" mentality, die by the "you're horrible racists for trying to teach us to live in a modern corporate world" mentality. Of course, in practice again this is already the case. Government agencies already discriminate against whites by offering special quotas for Red Indians. When it is in their best interests, Canadian corporations have no problem hiring Red Indians: oil giant Syncrude is one of the largest employers of them in the country. Demanding that they do more is to demand that they hire people not best for the job which not only robs the economy and the company but the white candidate who lost out on the position. Some "reconciliation" huh?
iii. This is another cut-and-paste job from the "intercultural competency" gag that was addressed up at Recommendation 28. This one is an even bigger burden: demanding that all employers from Mom and Pop firms to large multinationals waste time "teaching" their employees lies about Residential Schools, and about laws that they have absolutely nothing to do with. It's a massive drain on the economy at the behest of the ethnic group voted "Most Likely to Be a Massive Drain on the Economy" in the Great Canadian Ethnic Yearbook.
93. We call upon the federal government, in collaboration with the national Aboriginal organizations, to revise the information kit for newcomers to Canada and its citizenship test to reflect a more inclusive history of the diverse Aboriginal peoples of Canada, including information about the Treaties and the history of residential schools.
This is another effort to push the big Residential Schools lie. Nowhere in here does it even hint that any part of the history of the Red Indian in Canada will be allowed to be critical or otherwise accurate. Likewise, it won't discuss the failed obligations of the Red Indian in the treaties, nor make it clear the concessions that white Canada has made over the years out of the goodness of our hearts. As a result, this is just trying to excuse one of the most ridiculous aspects of the increased demands on the taxpayer: immigration. Even if you believe the ridiculous lies that the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" has to say about the Residential Schools, even if you believe this ridiculous idea that alone in human history the British occupation of Canada was a horrible displacement of a culture that "should" have remained in stasis and alone forever, this doesn't even remotely jive with immigration. A Romanian who immigrates to Canada didn't steal any land from the Red Indian, nor did any of his ancestors (this is, of course, also true of somebody who's family came to New France in 1635, but let's even grant these #IdleNoMore people their ridiculous delusions for the time being). Under what possible basis can it be expected that he surrender large chunks of his income and wealth over the remainder of his life to "pay back" a race of people he under no conceivable circumstance could be considered to have done wrong? And the Romanian immigrant is white. When these Syrian Refugees come to Canada, why are they being told that they need to be bound to some piece of paper signed by Queen Victoria's Governor General? Do you seriously think that they'll buy this later on? Many Muslim immigrants coming to Canada are very anxious to change this country to be more like the barbaric one they left behind, and I'll give you a hint: giving free money to the descendants of a different barbaric society isn't high on their list of priorities. Remember: "Turtle Island" belongs to Allah, Canada belongs to Allah, the whole world belongs to Allah. Already if the Red Indian and the Mohammedan want to go head-to-head things aren't going well for the gang that needs billions of free taxpayer dollars just to stay afloat: while the Red Indian has all the demographic advantages Mark Steyn always likes to note about Muslims, they make up 4.3% of the population versus 3.2% for the Muslims (who already have an edge in fertility. Also, as the Red Indian may bother to tell you, they all live in Canada (or the States), therefore there is no Red Indian counterweight to the Muslim immigration to Canada, already at 60,000/yr and increasing annually (not included is the refugees, which is of some note in 2015). As time goes on, this single group of new "Canadians" already overwhelms the Red Indian at the ballot box. What of the Korean immigrant or the Ethiopian immigrant? Many of these people came from former British or French colonies: in a sense, every argument the Red Indian can come up with to justify their allocation of tax dollars at a bare minimum must mean a special exception for the taxes paid by these immigrants. Otherwise you'll find another TRC in 50 years where the truth of how the Red Indian must pay back the tax dollars from African immigrants is discussed. #IdleSomeMore, perhaps? It leads quite nicely into our final recommendation...
94. We call upon the Government of Canada to replace the Oath of Citizenship with the following:
I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada including Treaties with Indigenous Peoples, and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen
And here it is. The final end to this ludicrous document, the last ridiculous demand, and the last Red Indian lie that needs to be debunked. If you skipped Recommendation 93, a lot of the issues with the Red Indian and the New Immigrant were discussed. This one is almost a funny counterweight to my note about the Muslims: Radical Muslims just go about and change citizenship rules overnight while liberal Canadians laugh in glee. No white papers, no hearings, no discussions: they just force their will upon Canadians. They'll do the same to the Red Indian too, of course: while Red Indians occasionally will revert to their savage nature in the exercise of their silly political aims they aren't quite as willing to violently kill in order to advance their beliefs. Already we see the whole in the logic: even if this change to the citizenship oath was worth discussing (it isn't), it's ultimately meaningless. Do you think that Zunera Ishaq was serious when she said that her true allegiance was to Queen Elizabeth II? If you told her the Queen was coming up to meet her and she was required to curtsy that she would do so? Of course not. Already we have a serious problem with new immigrants not actually taking their oath to heart, and plenty of CBC types willing to jettison that section of the oath entirely. As for the change itself, of course it's a silly idea. For one thing, the treaties are a tiny little aspect of the laws of Canada, and in particular they are one that has nothing to do with individual citizens but instead the government itself. I'm sure the enviro-wackos would love to add Kyoto Treaty into the citizenship oath, but it doesn't mean new Canadians are required to walk in the cold because that new car they have their eye on doesn't jive with Canada's Kyoto Accord commitments. It also entrenches the treaties at precisely the time we should be looking at abandoning them. As I noted above when we examined the preamble, treaties come and treaties go. The treaties are leaving the Red Indian in a condition of squalor and decay and while I certainly have no problem with them living badly in their communities if it's such a problem perhaps it's time to just disband these silly treaties. They were, indeed, signed by long-dead ancestors with other long-dead ancestors of people whom have no relation to those taking the Citizenship Oath to begin with. It's also with noting that the "respect the treaties" crowd have that very one-sided view of respecting the treaties: the part about Indian Agents and requiring Red Indians report any illegal activity against whites they are aware of and staying on the reservations and not fostering dissent against Her Majesty are openly scoffed at and ignored, while parts about getting free money from taxpayers is sacrosanct and subject to inflation. The treaties are a joke, and recommending the treaties be given a special place in the Citizenship Oath is the final joke from this massive joke of a document.

So there you have it. Ninety-four recommendations from the "Truth" and "Reconciliation" Commission and every single one of them dissected and debunked. It's well beyond my scope even to bother costing these recommendations. The craziest thing about them has to be that they aren't even the finished document! This is just the "rough draft"...a lot of these recommendations are very loose and nebulous, particularly when it comes to explaining how these will be paid for and what far-left Red Indian politicians and activists will insist on being promoted to these various committees and boards and groups. That apparently is coming in a couple of years. In the meantime, feel free to comment below if there's anything I somehow missed in the crazy 94 demands above. Don't hesitate to share this post: every time a Red Indian or clueless liberal promotes one or some or all of these 94 recommendations, reply by sending them a copy of this post. Don't let them win: don't let their lies be the only words spoken. Push back against this massive lie, this waste of taxpayer dollars, this effort to malign the hard work and dedication to a lot of good people who's "crime" was to educate the Red Indian. The treaties (ironically) demanded it, the realities of modern life demanded it. They demand it still.

A lot of Red Indians clearly need more education. This blogpost is only the beginning. Your TRC was a lie. Now go learn something.