If we gave Jews all the money we gave Indians, Canada would have a space elevator by now

Yves Engler accidentally stumbles across a truism. I say this knowing Yves Engler will never intentionally express anything other than far-left bile.

Regardless, credit where credit is due, yadda yadda yadda.

Even the sad history of structural anti-Semitism in this country should be put into proper context. When Jewish immigrants were blocked from entering Canada so were most non-Europeans. Similarly, the land covenants that excluded Jewish property ownership usually took aim at other groups as well and throughout the university quota period few South Asians or blacks had any access to higher learning. During this period of institutional discrimination against Jews, Status Indians were unable to vote and the Indian Act prohibited First Nations from practicing their religious/cultural ceremonies (such as potlatches, pow-wows, sweat lodges and sun dances).

It would be disingenuous at best to claim anti-Semitism has or had anywhere near the effect of racism against First Nations or other people of colour in Canada.
The tough hate against Jews certainly hasn't had the impact of the soft-love towards the Red Indian. Of course, Engler doesn't fully understand why Status Indians couldn't vote: they belong on the reservation. That's what the reservations were for. They shouldn't be voting now -- at least, not if their tribe is involved in either "native self-government" or land claims -- so let's not get too worked up to learn they couldn't vote in the past. That's the ideal future as well.

Still Engler has stumbled upon something: the fate of the Jews and the fate of the Indians are extremely vast. It's hard, of course, to determine whether the gulf is something inherent in the culture/race (Jews are just smarter and more dedicated to their successes than Indians are), or whether it's an impact of their different treatment (the infamous truth Stephen Harper said about the "dependence in the region that breeds a culture of defeatism" regarding the Martimes could describe Indians both on and off the reserve about 1,000 times better.

Which leads us to the title of this blogpost. Canada's Indians receive about $9 billion dollars directly from the Federal government. Another $1B from Health Canada, not to mention as much as an additional $12B from provincial sources. They also, being the vast majority of the homeless, disproportionately receive money from municipal governments as well.

If we put a lowball $22B cap on the total, that's $14,285 per Indian per year robbed from the productive class. And what do they achieve with it? Nothing.

Now let's instead give that money to every single Jew in Canada. That's about $57,894 per kike. What do you think they could do with an extra $57k a year in their pockets?

I stand by my earlier contention:
If the money wasted on Indians in Canada were instead 'wasted' on the Jews, we'd be testing our maple-leaf warp drive right now.