Safe Haven in Wood Buffalo

How's Alberta the safe haven coming along?

Community members are rallying around the devastated family of a man who they say was fatally shot through his apartment door in Fort McMurray.

Hundreds attended the funeral for 28-year-old Mustafa Mattan at Al Rashid Mosque in Edmonton Thursday.
While it's far too early to speculate as to the cause of this particular attack (though I'm sure President Monkey will declare it a hate crime within the hour), two passages stand out in the CBC article.
Mattan grew up in a rough and tumble neighbourhood of Ottawa, eventually attending university.

But after graduating with a degree in health sciences, he was unable to find a job.
Those closest to him said Mattan was not involved in drug activity or gangs, nor did he have a criminal record.

Mattan, described as quiet and shy, encouraged youth to attend prayer services and stay away from gang life, they said.
Mistaken identity? Or are the family and friends just saying what the family and friends always say?