My Chinese jersey wasn't a very good counter-fit

CTV/TSN has gone in depth into counterfeiting in major sports, including a 9 minute video into fake jerseys.

It's almost a hilarious video, from Toronto police worried over this phenomenon to the contradictory claims of the anti-counterfeit task force to the sight of Leafs fans miserably noticing how much they've given to their shitty team has ripped them off for this jersey. (Also classic, a reminder of how "negotiations via calculator" works in the non-first and non-English speaking world).

The big aspect seems to be whether or not the "Reebok" logo is included or not, to decide if they pass muster. I've checked my fake jerseys, and none of them have the Reebok logo. Of course, it only cost me $40 each to pick them up. And I got to pick which names go on the back of the jersey. (including former team players

Nobody who looks carefully at my jerseys would ever think they were authentic: when I wore my Oilers jersey for the first time, Martok actually gasped when he saw that the lines weren't correct. And let's just say that after running my one jersey through the wash I'm awfully glad I used my least favourite one as a test case.

Of course, the NHL authentically sells ripoff not-really-jerseys at WalMart for $40 too. The stitching is all wrong, the number on the back is basically tie-died on, and the colours run if you sweat in them too much. There are, in other words, numerous options available to the fan short of throwing $150 down on a jersey that doesn't even have a number on the back.

Or, worse, #OilersFistCaptain, the anti-Albertan asshole who's the worst Oiler in team history.

Bonus irrationality: The argument against these jerseys, by several people in this documentary, is that these people aren't paying taxes. Good. I don't want to be paying taxes either!



See what I mean? The sodomites and their media allies can't even handle somebody with a differing opinion being involved in a political campaign, while they have no problem forcing their sick agenda on your kids.

Whatever your own personal opinion of Chandler, and he's certainly polarizing, this media assault should make you ill.

Highlighted Norwailing

Another issue with the Norwailing, which Cosh doesn't bring up at all, is that Alberta had to deal with that Rat Bastard Trudeau. The National Energy Program cost jobs, opportunity, and value of the oilsands. Did Norway have to put up with that? Was there a worthless piece of shit EU President akin to Trudeau (whose grave my father has literally pissed on) that sabotaged the Norwegian oil industry and caused them a decade and a half of pain and suffering to appease Queerbec? I don't seem to recall. When foreign money got out of the oil industry and crippled Alberta (while we still, one may note, paid into equalization as per above), the province was required to cease the then-meagre inputs into the Heritage Trust Fund they were then making.


Zero (Left) Wing

Guerrilla Radio Drones

A drone, possibly radioactive, has been found on the roof of the office of the Prime Minister of Japan.

The police in Tokyo said that the drone was carrying a camera and a bottle of unidentified liquid that bore a sticker with the universal symbol for radioactivity.

The police also said traces of radioactive cesium were detected on the roof near the drone, though it was unclear if they came from the drone. Cesium is not usually found in nature, but large amounts of it were released into the atmosphere during the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

Still, the discovery of radioactivity prompted concern about whether the drone might have been part of a terrorist attack. There was also speculation it could have been a protest against the Fukushima accident.
Okay, based on the radiation symbol and the fact that it was a Cesium dousing of low intensity, it's pretty clearly some sort of guerrilla anti-Fukushima protest.

Real terrorists may tell you all about an attack in a move to gain notoriety and spread fear, but they certainly wouldn't surreptitiously place a drone on a roof not knowing how long it would take to find it, not tell anybody about it, specifically warn you that it was radioactive, have it actually be radioactive, but then not be actually dangerous. This is almost the exact opposite of terrorism, more an attempt by a lobby group to give the government a message. By putting the radiation symbol on the container it would force the substance to be tested, the nature of the radiation would be discovered, and the Japanese government would be told...something something. It's hard at this point to know the details, and as we discussed on this blog last month asian politics is a hard thing to wrap the brain around.

Still, the bigger story is the power and capability of drones, and how nobody -- from Shinzo Abe to President Monkey -- is safe from the crowdsourced possibilities of these devices.

Media conceal evidence of extreme leftist bias

Below is the comment (first post!) I posted to the Edmonton SUN story about Metro News publishing a political ad from an Edmonton-Centre candidate who spoke out against Faggot-Familiar-Alliances.
Since then, the SUN deleted my comment, and salted the earth by deleting the entire Disqus thread. Again, below is all it took for them to circle the wagons and pretend they didn't lie to you about Bill 10:
Steve Shrout's Metro news chain spent the entire Bill 10 controversy pushing for FFAs in schools, refusing to give any time or space to opponents, deleting comments that didn't agree with the legislation, and publishing endless op-eds purporting to be news.
Now after months of his newspaper lying to the Albertan public about Bill 10, a brave man comes up and speaks all the truths Metro hid from the public, and they regret the error? No. The error was putting agenda-driven reporters like Mike Morrison in charge of a file they could use to push their lifestyle on children. The error is not giving Keating a weekly column. The error is apologizing for finally publishing the truth in their paper.



Well, I said last week's #LoseAllHonourForConnor update would be the last one, but that's before miracle of miracles occurred and the Oilers actually won the draft lottery.

Yes, I did drink the delicious high-test tequila to celebrate. Where I grumbled that I didn't watermark my image.

However, draft McDavid we will. So start queuing up the "Connor McDavid isn't really that good after all" thinkpieces.

Crosby himself, who at 27 is a better player than he was at 18, scored just 84 points in 2014-15; he tallied 102 as a rookie in 2005-06. He won the Hart Trophy a season ago with a 104-point effort that basically matched his rookie scoring totals.

Putting it another way, Crosby’s 84 points ranked third in the NHL in 2014-15. His 102 points in 2005-06 ranked sixth in the league.

McDavid’s a brilliant prospect and potentially a generational talent, the kind of player who stacks up reasonably well even against a phenom like Crosby. The problem is that he’s entering a lower-scoring league, and expectations need to be adjusted to account for that.
Also be on the lookout for "even though the new CBA makes it impossible McDavid might refuse to report to the Oilers articles.


It's not "Islamophobia" when the derka derkas really are trying to kill you

As you may know, an Alberta election is underway. Will godless socialists form government and/or opposition? Will Jim Prentice be the PC leader who finally breaks that hallowed "PCs look in trouble at the time of the election call and then handily win a majority" streak? Will voters remember their distaste of Danielle Smith/Alison Redford/Raj Sherman in the ballot box?

It's funny how politics moves. Okay, not funny "ha ha" more funny "far left media pushes it's sick agenda", but you get my drift.

Last night I posted this article about the Wildrose pie fiasco. I'd started writing it on Friday morning but hadn't had a chance to finish it up until after the weekend and the Monday work rush.

In it, I referenced this tweet with this statement:
(hint, guys, when the Queen of Simplistic Outrage Memes thinks you're out to lunch, you're out to lunch)
What happened between Friday morning and today? Well, over the weekend the Queen of Simplistic Outrage Memes came out with a new outrage meme: Graham Fletcher, "Islamaphobic" PC Campaign Manager.
Graham Fletcher was campaign manager for Edmonton-McClung and constituency association president.

In a tweet Monday, the Alberta PC Party said it had accepted Fletcher’s resignation, adding “there is no place for these views in our party.”

What "views" are those, precisely? Global News seemed fixated on Fletcher's comment that Muslims are putting "their big offended foot into the middle of every damn thing out there?" as a first offense. I disagree with Fletcher on this one: having been to a Muslim country trying to buy shoes, I can attest that the rejection of Jesus and the devotion child-raping Satanic prophet Muhammed has left the people with painfully small feet. Painful, that is, when you're forced to buy new shoes on short notice and they're too small and still the biggest they have and still $100 even after you've talked them down from their ridiculous $350. Beyond that, though, Global decides to just put the comment out there without looking into it. (Longtime readers know that Global news has a far-left bias and isn't interested in discussing facts). Had Global looked into it, they may have discovered Muslims declaring a fatwa on Burger King for a chocolate swirl, a prominent Saudi cleric banning snowmen since it might resemble Mohammed, arranging to get Toronto street performers jailed for criticizing Islam in public or British politicians arrested for quoting Winston Churchill. Global may have picked up on Oxford University Press discouraging references to pork products in childrens books or Muslim Costco employees refusing to touch pork or Muslim bus drivers refusing to permit seeing-eye dogs on board.

Okay, so those are all relatively minor news stories, it's perhaps forgivable that Global couldn't be bothered to learn about them. But do you think maybe they should know that British author Salman Rushdie has lived under death threats for publishing a goddamned book that Muslims were offended by? Or if like most good liberals they ignore anything done before 1997, how about people getting killed over riots because of Danish cartoons? Especially since several of the cartoons were actually faked by Muslims to deliberately cause outrage. Wait, isn't that what Fletcher was talking about? Finally, how callous of Global News to not mention the newest violent outburst where their own lot, journalists, were slaughtered by Muslims because they dared to criticize a religion founded on Mohammed, a fake prophet who worships Satan the enemy of the one true Lord. The blood on the Charlie Hebdo floor has barely dried, and Global throws it down the memory hole rather than possibly bring up some of the events Fletcher's tweet -- which, of course, is completely accurate -- references.

What else has Fletcher been attacked for saying? In reference to the silly #illridewithyou campaign (slogan: even sillier than "Meet a Muslim Family) he says
@troyesivan #illridewithyou multiculturalism does not work. Secular western rule of law, equality, success, work, works just great
That rat-bastard-Trudeau multiculturalism does not work is an ideat that didn't originate with Fletcher. Like so many of you, the first time I read that I thought of the immortal line of James C. Bennett:
Democracy, Immigration, Multiculturalism -- Pick Any Two
Canada has, for better or worse, signed on to the first two tenets, and unless Alberta takes control of her own immigration system to keep the population homogenous there's not a lot of chance of either of them changing anytime soon. So we're left to discard the third. Again, if liberals are so enamoured with "multiculturalism" then they are free to tell us which of the other two can go by the wayside. I know which gets my vote (pun intended). So far we're 0/2 in "debunking" evil things said by Graham Fletcher.

Global News included two (unreadable until you zoom to 300% on your browser) screenshots of Fletcher's tweets, including "Hey Muslim lady - great to hear you will be outing anyone in your mosque who starts spouting anti-infidel, anti-jewish crap" (aren't we in favour of this?) and "Death toll of Peshawar attack: 135 including one teacher who was burnt alive and her students were made to watch" (which is also true). He also said "First thing we do: Close and demolish any mosque that preachers, or supports, violence. JUst do it." (in other words, rather aggressively enforcing Section 319(2) and ignoring Section 319(3) of the Criminal Code). If you want to admonish him for picking which aspect to enforce and ignore, fair enough, but remember that such a choice has already been explicitly created right there in the legislation. Trying to make heads or tails out of legal schizophrenia is hardly a new phenomenon and a weird thing to be upset over. He also comments on Howard Dean's loopy declaration that Muslim terrorists aren't really Muslims even though they scream "Allahu Akhbar" as they kill. He asks if Justin Trudeau will sign onto this same line of thinking. And this is the outrageous behaviour? Seriously?

All of it adds up to this curious term, this "Islamophobic", which apparently is called an irrational fear that the Mohammedans are invading your country, demanding sweeping changes to accomodate their backwards culture, and commit violent terrorist acts against us. So what exactly is so irrational about being fearful about that? And who said Fletcher was even being fearful? Wouldn't you describe his attitude as being more "concerned"? Again, is there anything irrational about being concerned about some pretty goddamned concerning things?

Fletcher did end up resigning, and removed his Twitter account, but fortunately not before taking some solid digs at the ludicrous leftists who objected to what he said.
It appears my remarks that I detest those who would implement Sharia Law and dehumanizing head wear is characterized as Islamaphopic. Silly
[hey at least we have a new spelling for the word! -ed]

The attacks on those deluded anti-anti-anti-anti-somethingism feminists is nothing new, but it's nice to see that Fletcher at the very least goes down with a swing. Tragically, however, he did go down. And that's wrong.

The responses to him are even more wrong: first from the Alberta PCs who say that anybody who opposes a barbaric anti-freedom culture has "no place" in the party. Wait, what? Sticking up for ancient practices of freedom and liberty have no place in the modern PC party? Well, at least that explains their failure to endorse Shayne Saskiw's motion to support the fundamental rights of Albertans to speak out against evil. The PC party is on the side of evil.

Not sure what the excuse is then for Wildrose candidate Saqib Raja, who called the comments "deeply offensive". He then said that Wildrose "respects the religious beliefs of all Albertans" which, of course, isn't true.

But, hey, maybe that's an act of self-preservation. After all, if there's anything this week has taught us during the Alberta Election campaign, it's that the far-left media like Global News pounces on you the first time you say anything true.

Christina H. Sommers on powerful left-wing censors trying to silence real Albertans




Wildrose is the only Alberta political party that believes in Pi.

As you may know, an Alberta election is underway. Will godless socialists form government and/or opposition? Will Jim Prentice be the PC leader who finally breaks that hallowed "PCs look in trouble at the time of the election call and then handily win a majority" streak? Will voters remember their distaste of Danielle Smith/Alison Redford/Raj Sherman in the ballot box?

Last week Wildrose candidate Rick Strankman came under fire after a BYWP event was held in his riding.

What's a BYWP? Obviously, if you're even asking, you're an ignorant culturally imperialist urbanite. BWYP stands for Bring Your Wife's Pie, a form of social gathering-potluck event that typically comes with more than a few top-notch pies. Everybody gets together, eats pie, and assumably when politics come up you'll be able to hobnob with the man who wants your vote.

Unfortunately, the far-left lunatics got a hold of it, and started an immediate backlash about the "1950s" mindset of..people getting together with food. There's nothing actually wrong with a "BWYP" event, and those who got most outraged over it were the same ones who were completely incapable of backing it up with any sort of argument against it. They mostly just pointed to it, screamed feminist outrage, and thought they had scored some sort of political point.

The argument, such as it could be discerned from the sort of mental midget who was busy making it (hint, guys, when the queen of Simplistic Outrage Memes thinks you're out to lunch, you're out to lunch), goes something like this.
  1. All political events are to be "inclusive".
  2. "Bring Your Wife's Pie" excludes uranists, who don't have wives.
  3. Because "Bring Your Wife's Pie" is implicitly directed to men, it therefore also excludes women and is obviously sexist.
  4. By directing a political ad towards men, Strankman and therefore Wildrose are only interested in the vote of men, meaning women shouldn't vote for them.
  5. The kind of men whose wives make pies are exclusively "living in the 1950s" and therefore their votes shouldn't count
  6. Nobody else should vote for the same party as the target audience of a "BYWP" event
  7. By courting the audience who would like a BYWP event, Wildrose isn't deserving of votes from people who wouldn't like a BYWP event.
The quick-thinking among you will probably notice that this entire argument is a load of fetid dingo's kidneys [you may also note that Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been making appearances in a lot of Alberta election posts lately, to which I have no explanation. -ed], from the first "element of the argument right down to the last. Here, therefore, is a thorough debunking of the close-minded urbanite mindset behind the attacks on the BYWP event.
  1. Not all political events are inclusive.

    Actually, I could probably end this debunking right here. But really, I'm just getting started.

    On Friday, Rachel Notley visited the convention of a known hate group, the "Alberta Federation of Labour", a group dedicated to destroying private enterprise in the province. Was this an "inclusive" event? Was it "inclusive" when David Swann visited the Calgary Rehab Centre? Of course not, nor is anybody reasonably expecting it to be.
  2. Sure, BWOP isn't intended for faggots in fake marriages to bring the man they sodomize and whatever baked good he makes while dreaming he had a vagina so his body aligned better with his mental illness. In Drumheller-Stettler, that basically excludes all of three people. One of which I know personally, by the way, and if he objects maybe we can ask him about that nephew he's not allowed to be left alone with. That should end that objection soon enough.
  3. While the target audience of "BYWP" is quite possibly men (as per Debunking #1, there's nothing wrong with that) there's nothing stopping the wife from coming along. Based on personal experience, there aren't many pie-making wives who wouldn't tag along if they wanted to anyways, if for no other reason for the fact that men suck at transporting pies. When my Mom wants to transfer a pie from Point A to Point B, she stacks them in Tupperware that looks either like this or like this, depending on how big the pies are and how many of them she's packing somewhere. When I'm left in charge of transporting pies, I tend to wrap them in a single sheet of saran-wrap (which doesn't even cover the pie), throw it in a used Safeway bag along with the other stuff I intend to take without regard of whether or not they will roll around in transport and damage the pie (ie. jars or cans) or whether they have a risk of crushing the pie (books, or becoming soiled if they land in the pie (magazines)

    The point is that the women who are making the pies are still more than welcome to come if they want to, even though they tend not to be nearly as interested in politics and typically come with either a single issue to get mad at the candidate about, or else end up gossiping in the corner with the other pie-making ladies while it's discussed whether the corporate tax structure as is will accommodate future oilsands-related growth once the boom returns in who-the-hell-knows how many years.

    Not to mention, as so many others have, that as a practical matter nobody wants to eat pies made by men. I've made a few pies in my time, and the only way I can get people to eat one is by lying and telling them that somebody else (by which I mean, obviously, a woman) has made it. Whether it's "reverse sexism" or unconscious biases or the fact that I don't wash my hands after I use the bathroom or whatever fancy buzzwords the urban left have seized themselves upon this week, women's pies are more popular than mine are. A "bring-your-own-pie" event would have way too many people saying "hey that pie that Donald brought looks delicious but there's no way in hell I'm eating it unless Rosey was the chef and Donald is just the sort of person to take BYOP literally". But bring your wife's pie? No, good, that's safe.
  4. If the intended audience for this event is men, of course, so what? Rachel Notley sent out mailers at the start of the election saying that the NDP would stick up "for families". Strictly speaking, the intended audience for this pamphlet was parents with families. Are single people abandoning the NDP in droves because Notley spoke to a group that wasn't them? Of course not: a political party is allowed to do targeted ads to round up support from specific groups. In fact, non-Wildrose parties regularly do so to little fanfare.
  5. Is it a "1950s" attitude that women bake pies? Hardly. Liberals always throw out 1950 when they have no argument, forgetting that their own political philosophies are all from about 1867. Complaints about "living in the past" is rich coming from people doomed to forget everything from the Soviet Gulags to the Gates of Vienna. Beyond that, they don't say what's actually wrong about the 1950s. It's not that women couldn't work, they just en masse decided not to primarily because the rapid advancement in western standards of living provided avarice far beyond pre-war levels using only a single income. As with most things with the left, they don't like what people thought about sex, but that's usually all they can come up with. A strong nuclear family unit was developed, nurtured, and in America reached its zenith in the 1950s at the same time as television was mass-portraying culture in a way literally never before seen. When they use "stuck in the 1950s" as a pejorative when "stuck in the 1930s" depicts them far more accurately, it's a joke.

    In reality, the notion that women did the household tasks in a household is basically as old as households themselves. In fact, it's rooted far far far earlier than that, it's in Genesis Chapter 27 for example.
    5 And Rebekah heard when Isaac spake to Esau his son. And Esau went to the field to hunt for venison, and to bring it.
    6 And Rebekah spake unto Jacob her son, saying, Behold, I heard thy father speak unto Esau thy brother, saying,
    7 Bring me venison, and make me savoury meat, that I may eat, and bless thee before the LORD before my death.
    8 Now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to that which I command thee.
    9 Go now to the flock, and fetch me from thence two good kids of the goats; and I will make them savoury meat for thy father, such as he loveth
    The woman making a pie isn't a new thing invented by the 1950s patriarchy, it's literally an aspect of the mammalian maternal instinct. To paraphrase Ted Byfield's old line, men didn't get together and decide that women would be the ones instinctively doing the cooking: God did.

    As for the attempt to disenfranchise men who think their wife should do the baking, ignore for a moment the fact that implicit in this argument against BYWP is a belief that anybody who votes further to the right of Greg Clark shouldn't be allowed a voice in Alberta or in this election. The mindset of opponents to the "BYWP" are bleating about Wildrose not being "inclusive" with the poster at the same time as actively trying to demonize and exclude a cultural group that they disagree with the politics of. For a bunch of urban political hipsters, you'd think irony would be more up their alley. I'm sure if pushed, the same feminazi wankers who are opposed to BYWP attendees voting on the theory that they'll pressure their wives to vote the same way. Of course, bitchy NDP voters tend do to the same thing to their cuckolded partners, so don't think for a second that argument holds any sway.
  6. The theory that a cultural group with a particular voting mindset precludes anybody from a different (even opposing) cultural group from voting for the same party is a relatively new one, and from what I can determine using it to denounce right-wingers is the only time this theory is ever applied: with the single exception of Jews. No matter where in the world you are from Washington State to Islamabad, being opposed to "Zionism" is considered critical if you're going to woo the votes of people also opposed to Jews not being killed en masse. Once upon a time, the sort of people who opposed BYWP would have balked at being reminded that the only other people who share their views are antisemites. Today, that's less damning to the left than it once was.

    Regardless of the mindset behind it, the reality isn't necessarily true. The eleven people who share 6447 Twitter accounts who call themselves Alberta Party, for example, are always talking about their "big tent". Having a "big tent" was of course the hallmark for the Liberal Party of Canada for generations from Jew-hating coward Heidi Fry to that same "Zionist" community discussed above. If you like the Wildrose economic plan, for example, why should it bother you that people who think wives belong in the kitchen baking pies also like that economic policy. Particularly with the Wildrose abandonment of social (read: real) conservatives, it's crazy to think that a party pushing economic plan that various different groups have determined to be in their best interests would garner the support of various different groups. Some of these newfound NDP supporters, one imagines, oppose murdering Jews -- whoops, I meant bankers -- despite a segment of the NDP voting class that cannot be ignored who are totally okay with it. [though the sentiment is more widely distributed across the spectrum than you might think. -ed]. Yet nobody thinks that by courting a certain class of voter (again, Notley attended a forum at the Alberta Federation of Labour even though they are a well-known hate group) the NDP have therefore shown they cannot possibly garner the support of others. It simply isn't true.
  7. Once upon a time, it would be easy to assume that political parties are to be judged on what they offer and what they can do in power. Unfortunately, that time isn't now, where the outrage machine is quick to enforce the sort of ruthless ideological uniformity that Kathy Shaidle famously warned us all about. Yet it doesn't make it untrue: Wildrose deserves (or doesn't deserve) votes based on what they do, what they promise, whether you think that they can deliver those promises, and what they provide that the further-left-wing parties (from NDP to PC) cannot. To believe otherwise is to reduce politics from the issues of the day being discussed by the citizens of the nation to a sort of pussified shirking sphere where whoever can come up with the simplistic memes gets their will enforced by angry uneducated mobs. Right now the outrage machine is on the side of the far-left, and it suits them well since they cannot provide an argument for their beliefs (hence, this entire post). But it's a fickle mistress, and the moderate-left might be wary about signing onto this for short-term gain.
The cultural differences in the opposition to a "Bring Your Wife's Pie" event have been well discussed, but cannot be understated. Simply put, it's the difference between the sort of people who name drop Ralph Klein's old "Martha and Henry" couple gag, and the people who actually live it. The people where customer appreciation day means BBQ Beef-on-a-Bun from the 4-H steer that they bought at the sale a couple months before. The people who buy big pickup trucks because they actually need them for big pickup truck stuff. The people who get together for fall suppers at community halls or who form posses when thieves try stealing somebody's quad. People whose children don't buy into the far-left bullshit that their teachers -- wait, sorry, educators -- try to drum into them. Where I once filled out a classroom survey on immigration, said that everybody who had immigrated to Canada within the last 15 years should be kicked out, and still ended up on the liberal side of the homemade spectrum we created. The real Alberta, the Alberta not poisoned by lazy teachers with a plum union contract, not diluted from liberal pukes from B.C. or Ontario or Queerbec rafting across the borders demanding we adopt the politics that made their homes so shitty to live in. The Alberta where men are men, women are women, faggots are bloodied up if they ever so much as touch you, and where getting together with some pies enthusiastically made up by the womenfolk is a fun community event, and the opinions of city dwellers don't deter them one iota. Remember, this was an event for Rick Strankman. If you don't know who he is, he's one of the heros who helped demolish the anti-West Canadian Wheat Board by going to jail for the "crime" of selling his wheat to the buyer of his choice. Rural folk heros aren't necessarily hard to come by (along with Strankman, and Brian Knight as linked above, there's also Oscar Lacombe, the MLAs who voted against honouring anti-Albertan sapphist Katherine Dawn Lang, and of course me.

We're the Albertans who made Alberta great. BYWP is opposed by the fake imports who are making it miserable.

On May 5th, make sure you aren't voting for the political scortched earthers.


Under no circumstances should CAUS succeed getting out the unwanted student vote

The Council of Alberta university Students (CAUS) wants students to get out and vote in a campaign they're calling...uh,...."Get out the Vote".

Sounds decent enough, right? The only problem is, University students are horrible voters who support parties that act against their best interests. And they're not very good at listening to how wrong they are.

And CAUS isn't exactly any better, equating a blanket "wasting more money on post-secondary education" policy with a policy that will be for the best of the students or the province who won't benefit from any students who leave Alberta 30 seconds after they get their degrees.

So what CAUS is basically doing is trying to push for more left-wingers, most of whom aren't really Albertans, onto the voter rolls.

No thanks. We need people who are voting for parties to the right of the Prentice PCs, not to the left.


The final #LoseAllHonourforConnor update of the season

The past NHL season has seen the "disappointing Edmonton Oilers" (a phrase that really flows off the tongue after a decade of mediocrity) also lose the epic NHL "tank battle" for last place. Despite a 6/19 record after the trade deadline (a 0.316 winning percentage) and only landing 11/38 possible points over that span, the Oilers still found themselves the third worst team in the league. The Buffalo Sabres held on right until the end, and the Arizona Coyotes who dumped Dubnyk mid-January sucked their way to a second-last place position. As a result, the Oilers only have an 11.5% chance of winning Connor McDavid.

That's barely higher than the goddamned Maple Leafs. It's also less than the odds of either Columbus or the Flyers winning. Despite all the hell the Oilers have endured, the odds are still awfully low. The only thing that might help is that unlike previous years, Arizona really got screwed over with the change that the team that wins the lottery doesn't move 5 steps up like in previous years.

They get the whole thing. And the poor Coyotes have a far higher chance of the third prize, which is still quite the step down. And the Oilers either get McDavid, or are behind even them.

In half an hour, it will all be decided.

Liberal Doctors Tell Medical Lies

As you may know, an Alberta election is underway. Will godless socialists form government and/or opposition? Will Jim Prentice be the PC leader who finally breaks that hallowed "PCs look in trouble at the time of the election call and then handily win a majority" streak? Will voters remember their distaste of Danielle Smith/Alison Redford/Raj Sherman in the ballot box?

The Alberta Liberals are not doing well. Following their last disastrous session where they were led by mentally-ill Raj Sherman, they were the only major party (or, for that matter, minor party) which didn't kick off the 2015 election cycle by bringing in a new leader. They failed to run candidates in 30 ridings and are now gunning for the Alberta Party to try and save their vote share.

Which is why, since their interim leader is "Doctor" David Swann, it's a good time to revisit this old post, where I exposed him as a liar and violated medical ethics by scarring voters over something that isn't backed up by science.

November of 2009 was when the H1N1 crisis had hit all of Canada, Alberta especially hard. It's weird looking back at this now with the whole "anti-vaxxer" campaigns going strong, but there were anti-vaxxers back then as well. In fact, the Government was pushing people to get vaccinated in the wake of diminishing public interest in flu shots. Governments were used to seeing 10-15% demand and were hoping to push it up to 25%. Instead, interest in H1N1 spiked, and 60% of the province wanted to get vaccinated all at once. Unfortunately, Alberta only had bought a proportion of the vaccine and there wasn't any more coming down the pipeline. Faced with an unexpected supply/demand shortage, the government had to start rationing the shots.

That's where "Doctor" David Swann went off the rails.
I’ve heard from seniors...the very people most at risk and most likely to benefit from the vaccine!
- "Doctor" David Swann, former Public Health Officer
(of the government bureaucracy he reminds us is routinely incompetent)
Elderly, you may note, are not being targeted for immunization in the newly revamped plans the Alberta Government announced today. Why is this?

Why, its simple. Seniors are not in high-risk groups for the Swine Flu. Oh, also it appears that the elderly receive little benefit from the flu shot.
David Swann lied. He said a group was at high risk and they weren't. He scare-mongered for cheap political points, a clear ethics violation.
Either Doctor David Swann, the man who wants to be premier in 2012, knows less about H1N1 than some blogger who vaguely recalled that the elderly were not at risk from newspaper stories I glanced over weeks ago... or else the Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party is lying to the people of Alberta in order to scare a significant voting bloc into believing that the Government of Alberta is taking actions that will harm them.
Either that, of course, or he doesn't know much about medicine. He was fired by the PCs in his public health officer role, maybe it was because he was incompetent? His further comments, where he gets basic non-medical facts wrong, point to the latter.
After all, there are no lineups at clinics today. The H1N1 vaccine has been on hold since the flu clinics closed on Saturday afternoon. This was The Bear's "hot topics" on the Paul Brown Show both yesterday and today. It was the topic of letters to the editor, it was discussed on blogs... in fact, just yesterday David Swann discussed it on his blog! While I understand Swann's desire not to have to read anything he's written twice, he possibly should remember writing it.
For what it's worth, Swann also lied to the Legislature, saying he was going to get vaccinated later that same day. He later claimed he didn't, and the media fact-checkers seemed to concur that what he said outside the Legislature was true. They ignored what he said inside of it. They also ignored that he assumed 2 million Albertans would be getting inoculated.
I also notice that Swann wants us to forget that 10% of the population have gotten immunized and its expected no more than 60% will get immunized, "at this rate" the vaccine will be delivered by Christmas, not Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, the shortages of vaccine compared to original assurances is something that Swann doesn't like mentioning either. This guy sure doesn't seem to know a lot about the vaccination program he's promoting, does he?
Swann then proceeds to demand more tax dollars go to groups not at risk, suggests putting the elderly to work minutes after complaining they were made to stand up, and...well, demanding more tax money.
There's no plan in Swann's little gag here, is there? Just another plea for more cash.
As the 2015 Alberta Election progresses, and Swann's party stalls for support, just remember: he isn't really a doctor, he just plays one on TV...no, wait, for some reason he instead does the exact opposite.

He's a Liberal. He's also a liberal. Therefore he's a liar. Punish him at the polls.


Far-left Metro Calgary is an enemy of liberty.

Metro Calgary, who's sodomite media members had no problem beating the drum for Faggot-Familiar Alliances in schools, sure didn't like me calling me out on it and deleting this comment.

Every single thing Russ Kuykendall said was true. That's why the sodomite activists so object to hearing him say it.

Between 2007 and now, we've witnessed numerous cases in Canada, the U.S., Britain, and elsewhere cases of this extremist lifestyle using government to force those opposed to it to retreat out of the public sphere. Russ saw what was happening 8 years ago, and now it's uncouth of him to have dared to be right?

So let's not be surprised when cowardly Metro managing editor Mike Donachie drummed up controversy by getting a pro-#GamerGate booth banned from the Calgary Comic Book Expo, and Metro locked down their site to prevent comments.

If Wildrose ignores social conservatives, then voting for it isn't a vote for better government

The Wildrose Party has taken a disastrous step this week with the announcement that Brian Jean has "no interest" in legislating social issues.
“We are not there to govern on social issues. We have no interest in social issues and we will be bringing no social issues forward to legislate on whatsoever,” Jean said in an interview.
This means a Wildrose Government would pre-emptively surrender to the faggots. Indeed they already have, with the decision to refuse to sign the Russ Kuykendall nomination papers because he dared to speak the truth about the faggot agenda.

There are a plethora of problems with a "fiscal conservative, socially liberal" mindset. For one, socially liberal is bad: it has you signing on to whatever ridiculous liberal cause is coming along without a moral compass to stop it. You end up not being very fiscally conservative.

bitterclingerpa at RedState.com expresses the social liberal mindset and how it is incompatible with fiscal conservatism:
Conservatism is not status quo ante but a belief that a free person in a free society is the best engine for freedom for all people, for economic growth, enabling the protection of rights by not infringing on them and allowing people to learn their life lessons by trial and error. Unfortunately due to it’s lack of structure it’s easily open to atrophy and dissolution.

Social Liberals view society as a field in which fairness does not exist but must be imposed. Where people are suppressed and not free to pick themselves up but need to be picked up and supported by others. It’s a society where others have “too much” and must be compelled to provide for others. It’s a Utopian vision of Society, leveling, a construct. Social Liberalism leverages “Social Justice”, redistribution of wealth (property) and Public Services as the means to an end.
The flip side is ridiculous bullshit like "Sex and Socialism" blogger Elisa peddles:
if you really believe in gay rights and what they represent - the idea that people should be able to make love with any consenting adult they choose - then you have to believe in (sexual) health services and want condoms and dental dams all over the place

Does Brian Jean believe we need government spending on dental dams for poofters while they blow hundreds of partners in their bar scene? If so, can he kindly come straight out and say that? I wonder how that will improve the voter turnout in pie-eating rural Alberta.

We tried going down this road with uranist-loving Danielle Smith, who insisted that the party faithful and the decent real people of Alberta have to change to meet the sick sexual mores of the group who commit suicide when they have their sick lifestyle exposed, waste away of venereal diseases when they don't. When Danielle was elected, the choice she made between Jeff Wilerton and herself was clear: Jeff will give you the party you want that expresses the wishes you have but will unlikely form government, while I'll give you most of the party you want and you'll actually get to form a government out of it. You can claim it's Craig Chandler or Huntsperger's fault all you wish, but the straight up reality is that Danielle Smith promised a bag of goods she couldn't deliver. No matter how much Wildrose capitulated on the fudge-packer file, the extra votes never came, and Wildrose supporters were left perpetually in a "worst of both worlds" scenario. They never become the "NDP of the right" exposing their moral and political philosophy daily on the public stage, nor do they end up forming government. They wind up in a "perpetual opposition" phase, but other than a few outrageous incidents like Sky Palaces or flying a fuck-buddy to South Africa and back, there's no philosophical disagreement over what they want them to do. Wildrose was looking to get into power, but to get into power they were having to sacrifice everything they believed in to do so. Turns out Prentice just got there first, and as a result Danielle "lost her fire". It turns out she didn't necessarily have a better idea for what to do in power other than "don't be as clueless as Red Redford". That position was filled.

Now Prentice is unpopular, not necessarily for being clueless, but for the Rachel Notley Budget that he passed. This I assume bolsters the Brian Jean argument that "fiscal conservatism" will win the day, but if Wildrose wins by just convincing enough voters that they would do a slightly better job with the finances, what has really been gained? Faggots will still have a special agenda in schools. Private education will still be under assault. Alberta hospitals will still be murdering babies. Property rights, including gun rights, will still be an endless pipe dream. And then the money managers won't end up being that good a money managers anyways. When wasteful and incompetent teachers demand more money or more hires (ie. class sizes), a "social liberal" can't really explain why it's abhorrent that the size of government be expanded, why productive people in private industry needn't have their incomes seized just because a bunch of teachers want more money regardless of the economic value of their role. Social liberals are in no position to stand up and say "no". They cannot make a moral or philosophical argument because they don't really have one. They have an immoral and philosophical argument in favour of raising government spending, but not one opposing it.

So when you hear that Brian Jean has decided "social issues" would not be debated by his government, it means that when social issues come up his plan is to let the left (the wrong side) just win without even mounting a fight? This is the principled conservative opposition to the Prentice PCs that he's offering?

There's no wonder Wildrose are stalling in the polls.

I leave you with the immortal words of Dennis Prager.
The entire American experiment in smaller government — and even in secular government — was based on the presumption that Americans individually would be actively religious. Unlike Europeans of the Enlightenment era — and unlike the Left today — the Founders understood that people are not basically good. That is a defining belief of Judaism as well as of Christianity. Therefore, to be good, the great majority of people need moral religion and belief in accountability to a morally judging God. In other words, you will have either the big God of Judaism and Christianity or the big state of the Left.

Social conservatives know that they need fiscal conservatives. They know that the bigger the state, the smaller the God. They know that proponents of the ever-larger state want their own gods, such as Mother Earth, to replace the Bible’s God. Fiscal conservatives must come to understand that they need social conservatives, too. They need them philosophically, as I’ve suggested, and they need them politically. There will never be enough Americans who are fiscally but not socially conservative to win a national election. Sorry.

Wikipedia pussies out on Cranberries

If you want a great example of why Wikipedia's lily-livered far-left NPR-style writing is a detriment to the truth (and there are lots to chose from you just need to look at this Wikipedia article about the Warrington bomb attacks during The Troubles.

In 1994 Irish rock band The Cranberries released the song "Zombie", which was written in protest at the bombings. The song went on to become one of their biggest hits.
One of? One of? "Zombie" reached #1 on the charts in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, and the U.S. Hot Modern Rock. It reached Top 5 in Ireland and Norway, Top 10 in Scotland, and Top 20 in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. It spawned countless Europop remixes, was performed on Saturday Night Live, won "Best Song" at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and been viewed 200 million times on YouTube. What are you saying was a bigger hint? "Linger" is the word most coming to mind, and while it charted higher in the U.S. than "Zombie" and was the band's breakthrough hit, can there really be any doubt as to which is the bigger hit?

But the Wikipedia/NPR method of smarmy ass-covering lazy writing ensures that the two people who thought "Linger" was a bigger hit than "Zombie" don't immediately slap [citation required] on the passage, while the rest of the readers instantly remember "oh yeah, Wikipedia is not necessarily interested with telling me things that are true."

Bonus Irish Wikipedia silly fact: Oliver Moran, a top Wikipedia admin, thinks it's condescending to think people can't learn the complex and silly Wikipedia hypertext language because people on Twitter "pick up the hashtags and @ signs right away". Does he have any idea how many mentions and hashtags are invisible because the complex "you need a space or punctuation mark before the symbol" rule?


A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica Devan Dubnyk

In the summer of 2013, Devan Dubnyk was on top of the world. On August 12th his son Nathaniel was born. The disastrous four year contract the Oilers signed with goaltending drunk Nikolai Ivanovich Khabibulin had finally expired, and that meant that Dubnyk was going to start off the season with the uncontested starting goaltender job of his dreams. There had been talk of the Oilers picking up another major name, but in a league where inexperienced goaltenders come out of nowhere to become stars (Ben Bishop, Dwayne Roloson, Jonathan Quick, Tim Thomas) while long-established guys can become punchlines for no apparent reason (Antti Niemi, JS Giguère, Khabibulin), the Oilers decided to go with the kid, who played 38 games in the "lockout-shortened season" and posted a .920 SV%. (League average was .912)

For the Edmonton Oilers, though, the season's brightest spot is the week before opening day. The season opened with a wild home match against the Winnipeg Jets, and then the Oilers traveled to Vancouver to play the hated Canucks. As I sat at The Tavern on Whyte, I experienced the end of Devan Dubnyk's career with the Oilers. He was completely lit up for four goals in 31 shots, including two easy must-saves shot from near the blue line. Not for the first time that season, Martok had to put down his Guinness for a "Jesus Christ, Dubnyk" exclamation. Then things went downhill. Here's how the goals against line looked for the Oilers in October 2013, and remember we're descending into another Dead Puck Era.

The average number of goals against in 2013-2014 was 2.56. You just aren't going to win a lot of games giving up 3 goals or more, which Dubnyk and the Oilers did 12/14 times in October 2013. You certainly won't win a lot of games giving up 5 goals or more, which they did 4/14 times. The Oilers season, which started with so much hope [they all do. -ed] was dwindling away fast. By November 30th the Oilers had only won 8 games (a 0.296 winning percentage) and the knives were out for Devan Dubnyk.

No one was exactly sure why. New smaller goalie pads were introduced that same season to increase scoring, and unlike the rules for skaters (where Zdeno Charo gets a size exemption that Mike Richards doesn't) shorter goalies and taller goalies faced the same size restrictions.

Devan Dubnyk is 6'6". Other tall goaltenders didn't see a huge performance drop like Dubnyk did, though many (like me) asked how much his height plus his playing style would combine to make him less effective. No matter what the reason, though, at the New Year's break (a critical time in Oilers recent history) the Oilers had only won 13 games, and had been scored on 5 times or more on a whopping nine occasions, including a 6-0 shellacking by the St. Louis Blues. Dubnyk had a couple shutouts to his name, including a 7-0 rout of Columbus, but had also had a 6-game losing streak in between those shutouts. The fans were angry and restless and yet to blame everything on head coach Dallas Eakins. Blood was demanded, and blood was a sacrifice the Oilers organization eventually would have to make.

On January 15th, Devan Dubnyk's Year of Hell began: he was traded to the Nashville Predators and the Oilers went with Ben Scrivens as their new starter. Nashville only agreed to the deal which also moved Matt Hendricks to Edmonton when Oilers GM Craig MacTavish agreed to pay half of Dubnyk's $3.5M salary just to get him out of town. At the time of the deal Dubnyk had been credited with only 11 wins (the Oilers had 15 total), and had a .894SV% with a ridiculously high 3.36 GAA. His role was going back to what it had been in the Khabibulin era in Edmonton, too: a backup goaltender.

He was even worse, actually. He was a backup-backup. Nashville starter Pekka Rinne was on the long-term injured reserve list due to an infection related to a hip arthroscopy, and young Marek Mazanec was temporarily the starter. He also had a capable backup in the form of Carter Hutton, though the week before the trade coach Barry Trotz found himself criticizing Hutton's play. Unfortunately, after the Dubnyk trade Hutton got a chance to prome himself and was solid, with a .910SV% in his 40 games that year with the club. Dubnyk only had two chances to prove himself in Nashville, and he failed miserably: he let in 9 goals on 60 shots over those two games, and once Rinne returned to the lineup there was no room for Devan Dubnyk. The most dreaded possible outcome was now a reality: starting the season as the bona-fide #1, less than two months after being traded away in desperation, Devan Dubnyk was no longer an NHL goalie as the Nashville Predators put him on waivers and there were no takers. He was looking at a stint in Milwaukee with the Predators' farm team.

That didn't happen, however. Instead, a bit of a white knight came to his rescue. The Montreal Canadians traded for him instead, in a gambit that ensured he could be sent to the minors when Carey Price returned from his injury. Another slap in the face for Dubnyk came when Nashville had to agree to pay 50% of the 50% of the salary Edmonton didn't take. Montreal only had to pony up 25% of his cap hit.

Indeed, they didn't have to worry about that cap hit at all. Devan Dubnyk never played a single regular season game with the Montreal Canadians, instead relegating him to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL. It was official: Devan Dubnyk was in the AHL now. He didn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence there either, as he only played 8 games with the team and posted a sub-par .893 SV% in a league full of sub-par. Meanwhile the Montreal Canadians were in the Stanley Cup finals, playing great and poised to make a deep run thanks to the insanely skilled play of goaltender Carey Price, back from injury and looking forward to engraving his name on the Stanley Cup. It looked like Devan Dubnyk's team would be making great strides, while he looked on the sidelines from his AHL backup role as the Bulldogs failed to make the postseason. Accomplished NHLer Peter Budaj was Price's backup, so there was no room for Dubnyk on the big team.

Montreal swept Tampa Bay to open up their playoff push, and in a thrilling 7-game series they took down their hated rivals the Boston Bruins and kept Jarome Iginla from winning a Stanley Cup. Carey Price and a young kid named P.K. Subban were a huge part of that Boston series: Price only let in a single goal in a 1-0 loss in Game 4, and got a shutout of his own in Game 6. He made 29 saves and Montreal was into the Conference Finals. Their opponent, the New York Rangers, had recently upset the Penguins and was a surprise finalist. Compared to the powerhouse Bruins, they seemed like an easy target, and Montreal fans were looking forward to an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. It was hoped that they could do what Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and then Vancouver had tried and failed to do: bring the Stanley Cup north of the 49th parallel for the first time since the Habs themselves in 1993. Though the Rangers had scored a couple goals on Price, one of which should have been saved, the Habs were only down 2-1 going into the second period of Game 1. The series was far from over!

But the NHL playoffs are a game of attrition, and hot goaltenders have an unfortunate pattern of going down. Dubnyk's former club knew that well, having lost Dwayne Roloson to injury in 2006 and losing out on a Stanley Cup in the process. Habs fans familiar with the Oilers' history had to have the name "Roloson" running through their heads when Chris Kreider ran into Carey Price (there was no penalty on the play, as Montreal's Alexi Emelin tripped him up during a breakaway), though at first it seemed harmless, Price played the rest of the second period. Fans were probably curious why he let in two more goals in the last minute of play, but then really got nervous when Peter Budaj suited up in the third. He allowed another 3 goals on only 8 shots, and Montreal was down 1-0 in the Conference Finals. The morning of Monday May 19th 2014, head coach Michel Therrien had to tell the press and the fans the news: the gold medal winning Carey Price was out for the series, possibly the playoffs. That left a hole in the Canadians' roster, and for that the NHL club needed to look at their AHL Bulldogs and use an emergency callup to bring in...Dustin Tokarski.

Dustin Tokarski had been the Bulldogs starting goaltender, Dubnyk had been his backup. Because of his humiliating season, when it came time to replace an injured Carey Price Dubnyk found himself fourth on the depth chart. Tokarski had impressed at the AHL level, and despite Montreal having two goalies with significant NHL experience (Dubnyk and Budaj combined for 445 games at the NHL level, Tokarski had 3), they went with the kid. In his first ever playoff game, Tokarski was solid enough at home, but the Rangers won 3-1 and sent the series back to New York. In Game 3, Tokarski was brilliant, out-duelling all-star Henrik Lundqvist and making 35 saves on 37 shots to post an outstanding 0.946 SV%, a win for his down-but-not-out-team, and...sealing Dubnyk's fate as an outsider looking in. Barring another injury if not two, his season was done for the year. Tokarski looked much more shaky in Game 4 and this time Lundqvist would not let the kid upstage him. A wild Game 5 didn't help either goaltender look good, and though Les Habitants staved off elimination, that was the last time they put a puck past King Henrik. Game 7 was another goaltender duel, and Tokarski was almost flawless with a 0.969 SV% allowing in only one goal. Montreal's offense couldn't muster any counteroffensive though, and in the end Devan Dubnyk's team was eliminated from the playoffs.

Worse, they were eliminated in a way that ensured he had no place in their future plans. They had a Olympic-calibre starter and a rising star who had shown he could handle the pressure of a Game 7 Stanley Cup elimination match. Devan Dubnyk had never suited up for an NHL playoff game. His big contract, the one that not one but two teams found so outrageous they demanded the poor sucker they traded with take on half of it, was finished. Dubnyk had cashed in from the Edmonton deal but he was now an AHL backup chased out of the NHL's worst post-lockout team. If he was ever going to make it back into the salary-cap NHL he would need to suck it up and take a pay cut.

He ended up taking a pay evisceration.

Remember the $3.5M that Dubnyk was making? Instead, his agent could only land him a measly $800,000 on a one-year deal, far closer to the $550,000 minimum wage than his previous salary. Even that minimal investment didn't sit well with a lot of Coyotes fans, as the comments to that news entry will attest. Dubnyk was a toxic property, even at a cheap level for an NHL backup (James Reimer costs the Maple Leafs $1.8M/yr, Michal Neivirth costs the Islanders $2.5M, and $3.4M for the Oilers' Viktor Fasth; at the time of Dubnyk's hiring the Devils had just endured $4.5M for backup Martin Brodeur and Pittsburgh shelled out $2 for Tomas Vokoun). Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes Fans were not impressed that if anything happened to starting goaltender Mike Smith, the alternative was the second stringer for the Hamilton Bulldogs. Still, Devan was at the very least going to be going to games at an NHL arena, suiting up for a team, and at the minimum sitting on the bench.

Mike Smith had played a total of 325 career NHL games at the time of the Dubnyk signing. Strong play with the Dallas Stars in a backup role to Marty Turco in 2006-2008 led to a controversial trade deadline deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning for Brad Richards (Tampa Bay's new ownership ground demanded roster changes in the years following their 2004 Stanley Cup). With Tampa Bay, Mike Smith started the 2008-2009 season but fell to an early injury in November, and was replaced by Olaf Kolzig (and with now-Calgary Flame Karri Ramo as his backup). When Smith came back from his injury, Kolzig himself went down, but Smith's season stalled out in February when a concussion (which he had concealed from team doctors) put him back on the injured reserve. He played 41 games that season and despite the injuries posted a solid .916SV%. Smith started the 2009-2010 season as the Lightning's starting goaltender, but backup Antero Nittymaki quickly began outplaying him, particularly in road games. (Some suspect an off-season incident where Smith took a puck to the head and possibly got another concussion to be the culprit). Soon Smith was in a tandem starter role, but quickly was becoming the "1B" rather than the "1A" option. Smith did recover, and by the end of the season had played 42 games with a .900 SV%. (Nittymaki did slightly better in his 49 games with a .909). Nittymaki went to San Jose the following season, and Mike Smith was again looking at a starter role. Unfortunately he fell to the injury bug again, missing a couple weeks with a knee injury and watching Dwayne Roloson and Dan Ellis take his job away from him. Like Dubnyk, he found himself missing out on his NHL dreams after returning from injury, being sent down to the minors for what Tampa GM Steve Yzerman called a three game "conditioning stint" to get some playing time in. Unlike Dubnyk he didn't finish up in the minors, only playing 5 games for the Norfolk Admirals, but the humiliation of being the third string goalie ended up the factor that caused him to leave to join the Arizona Coyotes in the offseason after his contract with the Bolts expired.

The change of scenery (and a new bride) did wonders: Mike Smith posted a .930 SV% his first year with the Coyotes, playing a career-high 67 games, 8 of them shutouts. On April 3rd he stopped 54 shots to get a shutout against Columbus, an NHL record (since surpassed by Ben Scrivens, who replaced Dubnyk in Edmonton). Arizona made the playoffs, but faced the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round. Phoenix won the opening game, mostly on the strength of Mike Smith's stellar .955 SV%. Unfortunately, in Game 2 Chicago's Andrew Shaw slammed into Smith's head. The concussion-prone 'tender laid on the ice for 5 minutes before returning to action, and Chicago won the game. Shaw was suspended for the next three games, however, and Mike Smith won Game 3 and 4 for his team with a combined .942 SV%. He was even better in the 1-0 Game 6 loss, and then shutout the powerhouse Blackhawks on 39 shots to advance the Coyotes to the second round. In the second round the Coyotes continued to watch their starter get peppered with shots, but Smith endured, posting a .943 SV% over the five games it took Phoenix to win the series, and a .947SV% in their 4 wins. Unfortunately, the playoffs routinely feature top goalies coming head-to-head, and Jonathon Quick of the LA Kings was standing in Mike Smith's way. The LA team roared to score four goals in three of the five games of the series. Smith posted a Game 4 shutout, but it was too late, and the eventual Stanley Cup Champions eliminated the Coyotes. Smith's name was in lights, but Coyotes fans had to wait to see their starter until the end of the NHL's third lockout. Upon his return, it was clear at least some of the magic was gone. He allowed ten goals over two games to start off the season, and then left the third game with another injury. Jason LaBarbera took over the starting duties, but only had a 4-6 record as a starter. Smith came back to play, and posted another .910SV% which was actually lower than LaBarbera's, and Phoenix missed the playoffs. For the full-length 2013-2014 season, Mike Smith started with an 11-3-3 record and the Coyotes looked to be a powerhouse. Smith even performed a rare NHL feat in a game against Detroit when he shot the puck into the empty net with 0.1 second left on the clock, getting scored with an NHL goal (he later scored on himself, one of the few cases of a "goalie +/-" being 0 but not throughout the season). Mike Smith was named to the Canadian Olympic team, and immediately started a slide featuring only three wings over 18 games. Smith attended the Olympics in Sochi, but never got to set foot on the ice due to the Carey Price/Roberto Luongo duo that performed an historic Olympic shutdown. Arizona again missed the playoffs, though Smith had played to a respectable .915 SV% he missed the last ten games of the season with yet another injury. Going into the 2014-2015 season, Mike Smith was the hot Olympic-quality 'tender that the newly minted Arizona Coyotes expected to rely on. The intention was certainly for Mike Smith to play the majority of the games, with Devan Dubnyk his below-average backup and/or recovery project.

Arizona did not start the season well. Mike Smith had vowed in the offseason he would train and get back to the top level that the team expected of him, but in his first game Winnipeg steamrolled past him to a 6-2 victory. Smith's poor performance led to Dubnyk getting the start against LA, where he stopped 24 of 26 shots to a victory. The next game was against Dubnyk's old team for several seasons until this mess began: the Edmonton Oilers. It was Mike Smith who got the start, and though he got the win he still let in four Edmonton goals. His third game of the season came against St. Louis where the Blues walked over the Coyotes 6-1. Mike Smith had allowed sixteen goals over three starts and only had a .822 SV%. Dubnyk got the next start and a shootout loss, but Smith got the call against Minnesota where the Wild's hot goaltender (remember that for later) made a 26-save shutout to hand Arizona another loss. Smith began getting streaky: he was solid in two games in a week against the Panthers, but was replaced by Dubnyk against Tampa Bay in between. Dubnyk's play wasn't that much better (though, as Oilers fans began to grumble in late October, his Edmonton replacements couldn't even catch his anemic numbers from the previous season, let alone his almost-league-average current tally), losing a wild 6-5 game to Washington (though he did make 32 saves). Mike Smith began to show signs of improvement by November and allowed only 5 goals in three games, but Dubnyk shone in a 5-0 stomping of the Vancouver Canucks. Coach Dave Tippet was so impressed by his 35-save performance that he gave Dubnyk the nod against his former team. So, on Sunday November 16th 2014, Devan Dubnyk walked into Rexall Place where he had played so often before, but for the first time as the enemy 'tender. Devan had no idea what to expect: he had been chased away from Edmonton almost with pitchforks, but his former club found that without him in the pipes they didn't get any more success than with him in there: in fact, they had less. The game opened up with a video tribute to Dubnyk and fellow former-Oilers teammate Sam Gagner. Fans mostly boored Dubnyk and cheered Gagner during the game, but excepting a late Taylor Hall goal that prevented a second-straight shutout, Dubnyk put in another great .970SV% performance and earned a first star which he paraded around the fans who begrudgingly cheered his success. Dubnyk got another win in his next start, lost his next, and appeared to be much the goaltender who the Oilers rode in 2011-2012: solid but streaky, capable of good games but never putting together a particularly strong stretch run. Mike Smith didn't fare much better, but with the bigger salary and pedigree comes a longer leash. Despite Devan Dubnyk being 9-5-2 with the Coyotes (Smith was 7-7-2) and a .916 SV% (Smith's was .882), Arizona GM Don Maloney publicly declared that he was "married" to Mike Smith as an Arizona Coyote, and that Mike Smith's our guy". Therefore, on the afternoon of January 14th 2015 the trigger was pulled, and Devan Dubnyk was traded to the Minnesota Wild.

January 15th 2014 was the day that he was traded away from Edmonton.

Devan Dubnyk had just endured a year of hell.

Over those 364 days Dubnyk had been a member of 6 different teams (Edmonton, Nashville, Montreal, Hamilton, Phoenix, Minnesota) and had played in five different cities while his wife and young son waited for him in sunny Lethbridge, Alberta. He had to watch the team he had been with for years decide to replace him with fresh blood, tried and failed to make an impression with his new team, been traded as AHL fodder, watched his team go to the NHL Conference Finals without him, and then after trying for a fresh start found he was playing good to have trade value but not good enough to keep. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Under such circumstances, it was unsure what would happen in the next phase of his career as he joined a struggling Minnesota club.

Remember that Coyotes game where Dubnyk watched on the bench as Mike Smith allowed two goals as the Minnesota Wild shut out? Well, the winning goaltender in that game was Mr. Darcy Kuemper. Kuemper (who, like Dubnyk and Dustin Tokarski, hails from Saskatchewan) was the Wild'S #1 goaltender, and started the season off by posting back-to-back shutouts against the Colorado Avalanche. He only allowed two goals in his third game, and his fourth was the shutout against the Coyotes. He had a .980 SV% at the end of that game, and was looking unstoppable. (His backup, Niklas Backstrom, was 0-2 at that point after losing two 2-1 games). But that wasn't sustainable. Minnesota won 7/9 games in October, 7/14 games in November, and 4/12 games in December. They beat Toronto to start the new year, but then lost their next six straight. Wild coach infamous lost patience with his squad after a 4-3 overtime loss to San Jose where the Sharks kept retaking the lead after Minnesota came back to tie the game. It didn't help: the team kept losing, and on January 13th 2015 the Wild lost to the Pittsburg Penguins. Final score? 7-2. It was their sixth loss in eight games, and the second time in January where they had coughed up seven goals. Mike Yeo was the overwhelming consensus pick to be the next coach fired after Dallas Eakins in Edmonton and Randy Carlyle in Toronto, but Wild GM Chuck Fletcher had publicly given Yeo a vote a confidence following the dust-up. Something had to change, so just like a year earlier when fans in Edmonton called for blood and Dubnyk was gone, fans in the hockey heartland of Minnesota demanded change and Dubnyk was in. At the very least, it showed the Wild were trying, though it seemed hopeless. Minnesota was in 12th place in the Western Conference, and eight points out of the playoffs. Minnesota only gave up a third round pick in trade, but the message to the rest of the squad was clear: we're ready to start making changes, and you might be the next one. Devan Dubnyk didn't get a lot of time to prepare though, the very next night he was suited up in the green and white and though it was the dreadfully bad Buffalo Sabres if there's one thing his Nashville experience had shown it's that you don't get a lot of games to make your mark. Dubnyk fought off a moderate offensive rush early in the game and his team responded scoring two first period goals and three more in the second. By the time of the third period the game was essentially over, and despite only facing 18 shots from the abysmal Sabres team that probably couldn't have scored if Dubnyk had left halfway through the game to order a pizza, he earned the shutout and the win. This time it was Minnesota's turn to score seven goals in a game, and look forward to the next opponent. It was Dubnyk's old team, the Arizona Coyotes, and the first time that Dubnyk would play in front of the Minnesota crowd. He didn't disappoint them, allowing in only a single goal against as his new club beat his old club 3-1. Chants of "Doob" filled the arena after he was named the second star at the end of the game. For the first time since his glory days with Edmonton, Devan Dubnyk was being appreciated by the fans. He lost his next two games, and was pulled in favour of Darcy Kuemper in a 5-4 loss to Detroit. Was Dubnyk just a temporary boom? Did the Wild players who had responded to him over his first games already started regressing back to the form that led them to 12th in the West? Dubnyk was heading back to western Canada though, on a road trip that for the second time in the season featured him playing against his old team. He won that game, then shutout Calgary and beat Vancouver. Then he shutout the Blackhawks, shutout the Avalanche, and backstopped a stomping of Vancouver. Earlier we showed the Oilers goals-against line in October 2013. Here's the goals-against line for Minnesota from the Dubnyk trade until the end of February 2015:

A lot of differences between that line and October 2013! For what it's worth, Devan Dubnyk had changed too. He had learned a new "head tracking" method from Coyotes goalie coach Sean Burke (for comparison, after his 2014 Edmonton replacements made Dubnyk's 2013 numbers look good the Oilers fired their goaltending coach). He adjusted how he played in the crease. The technical why though wasn't what Minnesota fans were worried about though. Devan Dubnyk was keeping them in the playoff hunt, only giving up 4 or more goals once over twenty games. In February the NHL named him First Star, ahead of Carey Price and Alex Ovechkin. In March, Dubnyk was the third star behind Andrew "The Hamburglar" Hammond, another hot goalie leading his team to success. Dubnyk was the legitimate #1 starter again, with a career high number of wins and shutouts by the first of March.

That Detroit game, where he was pulled in a 5-4 overtime loss, is the only time the Minnesota Wild have allowed five or more goals since Dubnyk's arrival; before he arrived, it happened seven times. The same Wild team that was 12th place and 8 points out of a playoff berth with a 18-19-5 record (0.428 win percentage) ended the season in the Stanley Cup Finals, with a record of 46-28-8 (0.561 win %). Devan Dubnyk played 38 games in a row without getting a night off until the Wild's 81st game of the season on April 9th, 84 days after he was traded from Arizona. Dubnyk played his 39th game for the Minnesota Wild against the St. Louis Blues on Saturday April 11th, looking exhausted and being pulled for a second time after letting in three goals on only 14 shots. Wild coach Dave Tippet took some flack for playing Dubnyk at all: as both teams had clinched the playoffs and given several of their regular players the day off. By the time St. Louis won and the regular season was over, Devan Dubnyk had played for his new squad in 39 games, 2,293 minutes, faced 1,064 shots and stopped 996 of them. Along with his time in Arizona he had played 3,328 minutes and posted a .929 SV% (league average was .915). The previous season he only saw 1,802 minutes of play and posted a .891.

Tonight, Devan Dubnyk gets to experience something he's never before been able to experience: playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The 14th overall pick in 2004, he's spent every postseason on the outside looking in. That changes tonight from the unfriendly confines of the Scottrade Center, where an estimated 19,150 Blues fans are going to gather to hope they can watch a repeat of April 11th. It will be Dubnyk's third trip to that building this season (all with the Wild, Arizona only traveled to St. Louis after the trade), and the next few days and weeks will tell us what the future looks like for Devan Dubnyk.

Nathaniel Dubnyk will turn two years old in the offseason. Between then and now, his language skills will likely be growing to the level of transitioning from words to short sentences. He will likely also be potty trained, express a desire to do things on his own, and express a right-or-left handed preference. At the same time, his father will be experiencing in his professional career one of the sporting world's most mentally and physically grueling contests. Somewhere between 16 and 28 games are required to hoist the Stanley Cup, and in the playoffs goaltending is the difference between winners and losers. A goaltender that shines in the playoffs becomes a household name for years to come: just ask Roberto Luongo, Carey Price, Dwayne Roloson, Jonathon Quick, Mikka Kiprusoff, Tukka Rask, and Tim Thomas. Goaltenders that falter in the postseason become whispered in hushed tones: just ask Corey Crawford, Jimmy Howard, Marc-Andre Fluery, Jose Theodore, and Evgeni Nabokov.

Devan Dubnyk is riding high, and now considered the key to his team's postseason success and a dark horse candidate to go all the way and raise the Cup. If that does happen, Devan Dubnyk will be celebrating his son's second birthday as the league's success story. If not, he could find himself again struggling for respect in a league where goaltending is considered "voodoo". Either way, he'll be renegotiating a contract that will likely be far closer to his old $3.5M salary than his current $800,000 one. Over the next year nobody can predict what will happen.

But for Devan Dubnyk, it's hard to beat the year of hell.

Everything Russ Kuykendall said is true

And that's why faggots and their familiars don't like it.

What Russ said:

I'm told that St. Andrew Roman Catholic Church is one of the most conservative parishes in the city. Evidently, whoever rented the hall on behalf of the event was not entirely forthcoming with the parish priest and administration as to what event would convene. Then, apparently anticipating (wanting?) trouble, the event organizers arranged for two uniformed members of the Edmonton Police Service to be posted at the entrance to the hall. The parish priest is said to have advised parishioners who saw what was taking place across from the church sanctuary to pray.

What else could the priest advise? When the Knights of Columbus attempted to cancel a reservation for a lesbian wedding and offered to pay any costs associated with the change, they were brought up before the human rights commission.

The message that appears to be sent to Catholic Christians who don't accept this "lifestyle" as acceptable is that "equality" means that gay activists can take their agenda not just to your front door, but inside the door to places that are consecrated to the Catholic faith, with uniformed police officers (!) exercising state coercion to defend that right!
Now, will someone please tell me:
What happened to the separation of church and state?
Seeing how since Russ's 2007 blogpost and now faggots have used state coercion to force moral people to accept their disgusting immoral and illegitimate lifestyle time and time and time and time and time again, if anybody should be staying out of the Alberta legislature over these comments its anybody who opposes what he said who should be turning tail and running.

Calgary Board of Education demands a tax hike. Tell them to take a hike.

The Calgary Board of Education isn't very good at it's job.

That's the only conclusion you can draw from the news that they're predicting a $29 million dollar budget shortfall this coming year and are expected to pull money out of a [funded by others] reserve fund despite current funding being "new normal".

After all, the job of the elected school board is to determine how to spend the money provided by the provincial budget. Their job isn't to determine how to spend the money provided by the provincial budget plus another $18 or $29 million.

The public school board released its preliminary budget estimates on Monday.

Board Chair Joy Bowen-Eyre says the province has failed to take into account the number of new students entering the school system when it came out with its budget last month.
Who says that? Okay, I know Bowen-Eyre says that, but what is she basing it on? Public school boards are given money based on the number of students. In fact, the majority of the funding provided to students is on a per-student basis.

There is additional funding sources that isn't necessarily per-student based, but that's again where it's the job of the Board of Education to decide, based on the funding that the provincial government makes available, which services to provide in order to properly allocate the resources available. From the sounds of it, the CBE is completely abandoning this responsibility.

And it doesn't look poised to get better: on April 20th far-left "social advocate" Julie Hrdlicka will be sworn into a position where she has decided not to do the job she was assigned to be rail against the provincial budget.
“No one is happy about this budget at all. When we’ve been door-knocking, parents and principals and vice-principals have told us that they don’t know how many more cuts they can take,” she said.

“We need to starting standing up to this province when it continues to say 'more cuts, more cuts, more cuts.'”
Hrdlicka is completely wrong here. It's not her job to oppose cuts. She wants to administer the Calgary School Board, right? Well, that's what the administration of a subdivision of a larger corporate entity entails. Administer it. Work with the budget you're given, the goals you want to achieve, and prioritize accordingly.

Once Hrdlicka tries her hand at that (hint: as an extremist liberal she'll fail at it) maybe she'll find that the province actually gives out plenty of money, and that there's no need to rail against a budget set by her betters who actually hold moral and legal responsibility for all the tax revenue raised by the province. You see, Calgary Board of Education has a history of wasting money that is given to them. They aren't good managers. Giving bad managers more money isn't a bright idea under any circumstances.

For example, despite Alberta teachers being overpaid, in 2013 the Calgary Board of Education agreed to salary hikes for later this year, two years before knowing what this year's budget was supposed to look like. Were they hoping for an increase? You don't budget based on "hope". I'm sure they looked at the future under Red Redford and thought that provincial dollars were a gift that kept on giving. Hrdlicka wasn't responsible for that, but she should be taking her colleagues who were to task.

At the same time the CBE approved annual 2% wage hikes for their plumbers/carpenters/etc. What's the kicker from this CTV News article from the time of the agreement?
The CBE says funds for both agreements were set aside in the budget.
Apparently not!

Meanwhile the CBE has to pay millions in sick leave (it's sunny out, I'm not feeling well cough cough"). The average teacher is sick for 10.2 days a year...and remember that teachers only work a 10-month year. That's the equivalent of Joe Lunchbox taking a whopping twelve-and-a-half sick days on average a year. Meanwhile the Alberta average for full-time workers -- and please remember that also includes due to injury or disability, which you probably should know is far more likely to impact a warehouse worker or a machine shop operator than a goddamned lazy unionized teacher -- is a mere 6.1. When you consider that the Calgary teachers are included in this average and are probably the reason it's even higher than six, Calgary Board of Education is paying for twice as much sick time as they should be.

If you object to the "greedy" or "lazy" tags applied to union teachers, than I'm sorry, you're a moron.
The Alberta School Act grants teachers up to 20 paid sick days per year in their first year of employment. That increases to 90 paid sick days a year for teachers in their second and subsequent years, according to the ATA’s collective agreement with the CBE. A doctor’s note is required if more than three consecutive sick days are required.
On the bright side, even the slimy ATA agrees that sick notes are a good idea.

The Calgary Board of Education has been smarter (not smart, but smarter) in the past, cutting administration and operation costs in 2013. Of course, they've also been wasting time/energy resources on foolish "educator" nonsense like eliminating letter grades or embracing Faggot-Familiar Alliances (featuring Third Edge of the Sword favourite Sam Dyck who pretends she isn't a girl). Hey idiots, how much money would be around if you didn't waste the cash on stupid shit like that?

Ultimately Calgary gets the third-rate teachers and Board of Education they deserve. Julie Hrdlicka, the far-left activist who probably isn't talented enough to run a hand sanitizer stand in a whorehouse, won with a meagre 5% voter turnout. As long as Calgary voters continue to let their school board be retarded idiots and misspend money, the conditions that they constantly object to will continue.

I was resisting the urge to call her Julia Hard-Licka, but if you can believe it she's going to be on that board with a woman named "Trina Hurdman". Having both Hard-Licka and Hard-Man together on one board is priceless.

The Calgary Board of Education isn't good at their job. Because the people of Calgary let them continue to have these jobs that they aren't capable of, the public school system in Calgary will be a pathetic mess. No amount of government money can fix stupid. We've tried that.