Mr. Serena Williams hauls her massive cheating carcass back to Indian Wells

Serena Williams is returning to Indian Wells after a decade-and-change absence:

"I play for the love of the game. And it is with that love in mind, and a new understanding of the true meaning of forgiveness, that I will proudly return to Indian Wells in 2015," she wrote.

After winning the tournament in 2001, Serena vowed never to return to play there because of the harsh treatment she received from fans.
Let's make this perfectly clear: the harsh treatment she received from fans was because she and her sister were quite possibly cheating at their father's behest.
"The false allegations that our matches were fixed hurt, cut and ripped into us deeply," Serena Williams wrote on Time.com. "The under­current of racism was painful, confusing and unfair. In a game I loved with all my heart, at one of my most cherished tournaments, I suddenly felt unwelcome, alone and afraid."

Serena went on to win her second title there but was booed loudly throughout the match. The boycott was on. Richard Williams later said he heard racial slurs from the crowd during the final.
To remind everybody of what happened, Richard Williams was strongly suspected of fixing matches in 2001. Elena Dementieva spoke out about it, and within days Venus was backing out of matches with an injury to let Serena breeze through without risk of injury or fatigue.

It was either out-and-out cheating akin to last weeks' Molchanov vs Velotti match, or else extraordinarily dirty and underhanded play. This is a giant black eye on the sport of tennis in general perpetrated by the Williams sisters.

With this in mind, let's go back to this old post of mine from March 2009:
Racism, as one traditionally understood it, isn't at play here. What is at play is that when we perceive and/or witness somebody doing something antisocial or otherwise objectionable, we assault and belittle them with every weapon at our disposal. (It is vital to note that neither the black guy nor the other hispanic guy are ever the recipient of racially charged assaults. They both act properly, in the sense that they show up for work, do their jobs, take the blame when they mess up and only take the credit when its deserved. We have no reason to be upset with them.
With this insight, we see that the blame for Richard Williams being called a fucking nigger isn't with the crowd, it's with Richard Williams himself. The fucking nigger is fixing matches. His nigger daughters are cheating.

Serena Williams, you were caught cheating. Stop trying to claim you're the victim, nigger.

Serena has taken to Time magazine to "write about her experience" of being called nasty names when she was caught being a horrible human being unworthy of any respect whatsoever.
Thirteen years and a lifetime in tennis later, things feel different. A few months ago, when Russian official Shamil Tarpischev made racist and sexist remarks about Venus and me, the WTA and USTA immediately condemned him. It reminded me how far the sport has come, and how far I’ve come too.
Serena Williams is either lying, stupid, or both. Tarpischev called them the Williams Brothers. It made no mention of their race, and made fun of them for being giant beefy human specimens that (in the immortal words of one of my friends) look more like shaved apes than human women. You might not like that he slammed you, but you don't get to cry racism when he makes fun of you. Sidney Crosby called, he wants to remind you that it happens to white athletes too.

You can play Indian Wells and end your boycott, Serena. But get off your high horse. It just looks like your sister is giving you a piggyback ride.