Star Wars fallout at the Battle of Alberta

I've made a couple of comments on the Battle of Alberta in the last couple weeks, and this one in particular got everybody going:

The Lames have trouble scoring 4 goals over five or six games, and now we expect to see them all chunked together? As Governor Tarkin would say, "I think you overestimate their chances" (hopefully to more accuracy)

I didn't even log into Blogger to post it, finding it way easier just to hit "Anonymous". Naturally, when I make a popular comment like this I don't end up using my Blogger name, which deprives me of needed site traffic. Anyhow, here's the followup:


I believe it is Grand Moff Tarkin

just sayin...
Oh, it is Grand Moff, but it still works for me.
Andy Grabia
I don't know what the fuck you sci fi nerds are talking about, but it's not like the internet is lacking in places for nerds to talk about shit that never happened and never will happen.
Grand Moff Tarkin? Fucking Star Wars? Ya, a totally unfamilar cultural reference point.
Andy Grabia
Hey sci-fi geeks. Hope you can all put-down your light sabres long enough to get out and watch the game, maybe even with real people. We in Vancouver are heading to the Black Frog. Come on down and join us. Loxy, I know you're reading this. C'mon out and find yourself a good prairie boy. And bring all those Single friends of yours.
Leia called him "Governor." It's valid.

And the line is "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you seriously overestimate their chances!"

I'm kind of pissed that they put out the DVD boxed set and then the individual movies with the theatrical cuts on the other side. Fuckers.
Its offhand funny that because I didn't link back to Third Edge of the Sword I ended up having my geek credentials questioned. I rectified in this (anonymous again) post I just made:
Grand Moff is just the title given to governors of a sector, thereby insuring that my geek creds remain intact. Hockey creds are another matter: either the Flames have used up their scoring quota for the opening week in their first two games, or this "new Calgary offense" might actually deserve some of the promotion its been getting. Please note, that "we've doubled our goals for" merely means that Calgary has caught up to the league average, which is why "some of the promotion" is not the same as "all of the promotion"

My other recent post (signed) was regarding Calgary fan Matt Fenwick's failure to discuss Jarome Iginla after last season. Since he failed to bring it up, it was decided to use his drafting order against him in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey, even though he wasn't present for the draft. The pre-rankings still allowed him to favour Calgary players, they observed. I said:
To be fair, autodraft can take the blame for a lot of things. It's just impossible to remember to exclude every shitty player that you balk at when seeing how overranked they happen to be. (ie. its hard to remember that there are three Molinas to avoid like the plague)

You might have a lot to tear into him for, but pre-rankings just fail to take a lot of the situations into account (which is why it is permissable to skip work for an important fantasy draft).
No real followup to this post, however. Naturally.

Colby Cosh posted in the "Grand Moff" thread about Sykora being "on pace" for 164 games. I was originally going to blog something about that after Game 1 of the Oilers season.

To wit, after Game 1 it could be said Calgary was "on pace" for an 0-82 season, Edmonton "on pace" for a 82-0 season, and Petr (Peter?) Sykora "on pace" for 164 goals. I was going to state categorically (now less so) that nobody talked like this in hockey (and even now obviously as a joke). It's absurd to think in these terms. Yet that doesn't stop baseball commentators as early as the 10th game of a 162-game season from bringing up "on pace" as if it was a completely sensible metric. Even in late May, "on pace" is still a lousy thing to bring up, as the cold weather start of the season means that the warm weather July portion might as well take place between completely re-staffed teams playing a completely different game (if possible on a completely different planet). It's just bad all around, and so is this rant (which would have been better if I'd done it at the time).