@Dominowarlock - AIDS kills poofters, so it's okay if I do as well then?

Human pregnancy isn't easy. It's actually kind of shocking when you think about it, in part because our fellow members of the animal kingdom don't have to put up with it nearly as much.

Scientists figure it's a lot to do with our abnormally sized brains. I prefer to presume it's caused by domestication: I linked to horses above, cows are notoriously bad at giving birth. Considering how long it takes mammals such as cows and humans to produce new offspring (ie. 1 per mother per year) you'd think we'd be better at not dying during it, or having the kids die in utero. Yet here we are.

It's something we as a civilization spent centuries working around and in the last couple of centuries spent seriously solving. Yet despite the death rate of pregnant women collapsing, the deathrate of the baby itself is going down but not at nearly as dramatic a rate.

What does this have to do with abortion? Er...nothing.

Yes yes, I know Stacey seems to think so. She's maybe a little out of whack with her "gotcha" moment about death rates though. It implies there's some sort of number of natural miscarriages that would make it "not okay" enough to morally justify an abortion: in her mind we are well over that imaginary line and therefore it's all fine and good to suck an unborn baby into a sawblade. Hey there's a one-in-three chance God was planning to get around to this anyways always seems like a sound bit of thinking.

After all, as I noted in the post title, you can say that about a lot of things. Sodomites are killed by all sorts of diseases, so if I can put this 33% up as a very high end of the "allowable percentage chance of dying" it means Stacy here is totally okay with me machine gunning a whole bunch of them into chunky bits. Somehow I get the impression that course of action wouldn't be as popular.

It's what happens when you try to listen to a moral argument from somebody who accepts the killing of babies just because they really crib Brenda's style. It's another case of the evil and mindless left not really thinking three seconds about the other point of view: because again if Stacy had put any serious inquiries to herself or others, her last sentence would leap out at her as a really really really silly one.

Because the answer is "yes, of course".

Why Stacy would think that people who know (not think mind you: know because the science is on our side) that a fetus is merely a term we use to describe an unborn human baby, and therefore understand that its a person the same as any other, wouldn't think that its death was caused by God (or, if Stacy wants to get full retarded atheist on us, "mother nature")?

No matter what the percentage is of naturally occurring miscarriages is, the baby at the heart of it is very clearly dead. So yes, God killed the baby. I'm sorry, do you again think you've found some sort of gotcha question?

When your uncle Gary had a blood vessel burst in his brain while driving four years ago, God killed your uncle Gary too. Did you think we thought it was somebody else? We all live on this mortal coil, in the end God (or, again, "nature" if you want to be a granola muncher) kills every single one of us, along with all of our ancestors and all of our descendants and all of our friends and all of our enemies.

That's not exactly an argument: if it was, then you couldn't oppose any murder since God inevitably was going to get around to doing it anyways. At the very top of the Twitter thread Chris Hayes hit the nail squarely on the head (or if not squarely on the head, that thing where the nail bends a bit but also drives in pretty deep): if you know life begins at conception (again he says believe like he isn't sure what the science says) then there's exactly one acceptable reason to get an abortion: the mother has reason to believe her own life will be jeopardized.

Once you get a first principles understanding like that (as I recall, President Donald Trump mentioned once that's how he came to change his mind on abortion) the rest of it falls into place, and silly statistics about miscarriages and non-sequiturs about whether or not God killing you is a murder fall completely by the wayside. You stop agonizing about what you realize are semi-interesting factoids like rape and incest cases or partial birth or not being economically/emotionally "ready" for the pregnancy.

You only have to learn a single statistic and you never have to demand Yahweh explain picking one random number instead of another.