@JUNlPER - Stop banning conservatives and it will all stop

The left often can't decide whether deplatforming (superior) conservative views is a great thing and it's wonderful they are happening, or a nonsense conspiracy theory that isn't even true.

The necessarily corollary, as Juniper highlights above, is expressing shock and derision that conservatives are reacting to the deplatforming. "Ha ha all you conservatives who said Bruce Jenner was one of the greatest male athletes of the 70s are joining this Truth Social, why not just stay on Twitter (which bans the conservative/intelligent practice of 'misgendering')?" In this particular case, it's related to a conservative-themed dating app (which the Toronto Star hilariously claims, pace Juniper, was setup by those evil conservatives to conceal great right-of-centre catches from the liberal men and women who are desperate to find them).

As always with leftists you're left wondering "are they stupid or deliberate"? After all, there have been a lot of news stories related to conservatives being banned from dating apps just because they have (again, superior) beliefs to the powers that be.

People who participated in a "mostly peaceful" protest in June 2020 are more than welcome on Tinder while both it and Bumble banned people who participated in a mostly peaceful protest in January 2021. A Seattle-area conservative commentator was banned from Tinder despite not participating in any so-called "attack on democracy". Jack Posobiec was banned from Bumble, Chris Cantwell was banned from OKCupid: neither had done anything wrong or violated any terms of service.

Not that "TOS violations" are an excuse: after all, much like the Twitter "misgendering" the terms of service are written either specifically to exclude conservatives or be nebulous to include conservative accounts just for existing. Hinge prohibits conduct which "could reasonably be deemed to be offensive or to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person": posting a picture of yourself at the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest meets the definition while a picture of yourself in front of a "TERFS fuck off and die" poster does not. OKCupid admitted Cantwell's ban was because they just didn't like his opinions on Robert E. Lee statues, not because he broke any rules.

The right needs these so-called "safe spaces" only because leftists like Juniper hold (and exercise) the control levers in 2022 society to ban them from the existing spaces. Stop using or even possessing those levers and you won't have to worry about Truth Social or The Right Stuff: conservatives will be on the same platforms as you and you'll get your individual chance to "swipe left" on Chris Cantwell or Katie Daviscourt without imposing that will on everybody else.