@legant66 now do the same for queers and Injuns

Once you "make your point" with a protest, Dave figures, your protest should end.

He's specifically referring to the (Truckers) Freedom Convoy from Ottawa earlier this year (currently under a so-called inquiry where Rat Bastard 2.0 has just finished perjuring himself) but there's no reason indicated in his tweet that it's unique to protests he disagrees with (there seems to be a lot of that going around).

For example, for years we were told that faggots wanted legal recognition for their fake marriages. That happened (over the wishes of the MPs representing the people of Canada) in 2003. So with that, protesting sodomites have had "more than enug time to make their point". Unlike the Freedom Convoy protesters who didn't get their demands for federal mandates to be lifted for half a year after their protests were criminally shut down, faggots continue to protest this twice a year. Despite abusing their position (and tens of thousands of underage boys) repeatedly, neither Dave nor his leftist buddies are calling for anybody who protests in favour of special rights for faggots to have their bank accounts seized.

Of course poofters in Canada are a minor blip compared to Red Indians, who consistently and violently protest that they are....treated differently even though that different treatment is both demanded and beneficial. If Dave thinks that a bunch of trucks protesting in the middle of the national capital is "criminal" and "terrorist" wait until he hears what the Wet Soup Tribe have been up to. Or the "largest civil disobedience in Canadian history" a mere year earlier: hardly "benign opponents".

There's also quite the laugh in Dave thinking that a quote from far-left lunatic Farley Mowatt complaining about the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) is part of his "entire agenda has been revealed" blather. That's right, the convoy protests are "revealed" by an activist author complaining about a Prime Minister who's entire tenure was nothing but rational and incremental centrist changes. Indeed his failure to understand that Dave and his fellow retards hate him just for existing was why he's not particularly well regarded in Canadian conservative circles these days: he did an even-handed and competent job, but that hasn't been a useful skill for Prime Ministers since Sharon Tate died.