Baseball on Valentines Day

Again, any interested readers who are interested in a free for-fun baseball pool run through Third Edge of the Sword, feel free to post a comment here. February 16th is when MLB.com opens their fantasy section, and after that I'll give more details such as where to find it.

Watching the May 12 '05 tilt between the Houston Astros and the San Fransisco Giants on MLB.tv today while I clean and try to avoid Xbox.

I've got a "free" trial subscription to the Redmonton Urinal that should end at the end of this month... between Journal pages and laundry that's half the cleanup in a 1 bedroom apartment. There are a few things from today's paper that I want to vent about, but I'll hold off until later tonight or perhaps tomorrow afternoon. Another reason I probably won't get a real subscription. That and I'm poor. Mostly the poor thing, I suppose.

Here's a Valentines Day bunny presentation for you all.