Mel Gibson, Hollywood Trailblazer

First Mel Gibson gets drunk and says weird Jewish Conspiracy theories when he's arrested for driving whilst impaired.

Then Michael Richards freaks out at some black guys during his show (maybe he should have gone tanning first?) and starts spewing racial epitaphs.

Well now Andy Dick has jumped onto the bandwagon, and if you don't believe that its now becoming a bandwagon...well, didn't you catch the damning evidence that Andy Dick has jumped onto it? He's already apologizing for his comments and the only reason he hasn't made a Letterman appearance yet its because nobody cares who he is. Needless to say, once Andy Dick has started in on it, expect all sorts of B C D E-grade celebrities to start up.

Anyways, speaking as we were about Mel Gibson, he has a new movie coming out. Apocalypto takes place in 1519-era Mesoamerica, home of the declining Mayan civilization and apparently right around the arrival of the Spanish Conquisadors. What was the motivation for Gibson choosing the decline of the Mayan peoples as the focus of his latest film? Many point to its allegorical potential of a superpower fading or crumbling (Iraq), or to its story of a civilization falling due to violent uncontrollable external factors (pan-Islamisicm), but I am left thinking that the reason Gibson really chose this timeframe is that pre-Columbian Mayans are notable for something else: absolutely positively not a single Jew in the film.

Bonus Richards Link #1: "The Wife" was not the first time Michael Richards was in blackface. Check this YouTube video.

Bonus Ricards Link #2: People do know that there's a real Kenny Kramer who the character is based on, right? Nobody thought to tell vast swarths of the MSM (or, to be fair, most bloggers).

Bonus Richards Link #3: From a bad decision occasionally stems a desirable result. The Ricards tirade has led to a strict ban against racism at the L.A. club where he performed. The first 'victim'? Damon Wayans.


ABFreedom said...

Heck, I don't even know who Andy Dick is. I might even have to start watching this thing I turn on when I get home sometime.