When good KD goes bad

Decided to make White Cheddar Kraft Dinner last night, and also decided (since I had my storage room torn apart on an unrelated matter) to use some of the boxes of KD I had in my old food reserve box (dating to 1999 or so).

I remove the cheese packets, pour the KD into the pot, and am starting to stir when I notice some little brown floaties. Drat, I think to myself. The cardboard box didn't like the passage of time. Dump the pasta out, rinse out the pot, get 2 new boxes (I eat 2 boxes at a time) and try again. This time I'll be smart, pour the KD into a bowl first, and pick out any pieces of cardboard which wind up inside. As I'm doing so, I take a close look at the brown pieces.

That ain't cardboard.

They were in fact the hollowed out dried out bodies of little weevils. Further in-depth inspection led to the discovery that all the KD I had in that storage box (some 25 boxes) was contaminated with the little bastards. Drat I think to myself again. At least I'll have 15 packets of cheese for future boxes (some of the packets had small holes in them). Then the thought struck me: are these holes made by my bugs? Taking a hole-free cheese packet, I opened it up, poured it into my garbage can, and made a horrific discovery. There were bugs inside the cheese, and they were still alive. So last night I made Stagg Steakhouse canned chili to eat. I wasn't in the mood for pasta.


ABFreedom said...

LMAO .... been there, done that. Ya gotta remember that there's a lot of protein in them little buggers...

Anonymous said...

I found holes in my cheese packets as well, only the kraft dinner packets, nothing else in my cupboard had holes. I wonder if it is comming from the kraft factory or store.