Love is a bird, she needs to fly / Let all the hurt inside of you die / You're frozen / When your heart's not open

To the left you can see a screenshot I've just taken from the AlbertaBlogs page showing the site blogroll. (Click the picture to see it full size, if you're interested in readability).

Now as I understand, this blogroll updates constantly so that blogs with newer content are closer to the top, and blogs that haven't updated fall slowly to the floor. For some reason, the last 2 weeks have seen this action not operating. Its a BlogRolling problem for sure, since Robot Guy hasn't updated in nearly a week while, say, The Black Kettle updated just yesterday.

To be fair, for the longest time I kept mum on this because it was actually working in my favour. Sure I didn't bump up with each new post, but for a while I was fairly slow and putting up new content. But now that I've surged with content, I would very much like the bloody thing to work, si vous plait.

(It is, I admit, mere conjecture on my part regarding how BlogRolling updates. Perhaps it takes into account sustained posting rate, but I don't see that happening)