Sneak preview into the near future

I don't see myself doing too many end-of-year introspectives. I got that out of the way with the anniversary post in a cold and lovably mathematical way.

But in the run up to the year 2007, and in the run up to the 600th post on Third Edge of the Sword, I felt it an interesting idea to mention some of the things that were due to come up.

First off is a topic I've been planning to blog about for some time: what changes I would make if Ed Stelmach had appointed myself as minister for several different cabinet posts (half tempting is to demand that "Honest Chicken Ed" just put me in charge of several posts, so I can make everything right on the first day).

Also planned is a review (and a couple stories regarding) Mark Steyn's bestselling book "America Alone".

Somewhere in there I might do also a few movie reviews, the usual commentary on news from around the world, and posting of a few more photos I've amassed of pretty girls, to help fellow Albertans make it through The Winter That Global Warming ForgetTM. Stay tuned!