Mister Ed and what you missed

Harry Strom Ed Stelmach is now the Alberta Premier. Except for a few comments on other blogs and the half dozen NDPers I murdered outside of a polling station last night, I for now have nothing to say on the topic.

(Quick sidenote, I checked the list of Alberta Premiers Wikipedia entry and saw that it failed to list Ed Stelmach. I clicked the "edit" button, and found in that small time that Ed's name had been entered already. That was creepy)

But that's okay, since I've had lots to say lately on lots of topics. There's a sticky Morton thread that has been staying in front of the new posts, so if you've been scanning this blog since Friday and leaving when you saw the old content, you've been only getting half the story. As I always do after the sticky post un-sticks, I am giving you a rundown on the missed posts. Since Blogger was throwing these posts around in pretty much random order, I'll give them chronologically; more recent posts will be farther down the list.

  • new placeholder this post was edited to have content -- was empty for its first 2 hours:
    I had intended this just to be a "placeholder" post to make sure that the draft posts I created to keep this Morton post sticky. They all (seemingly) worked this time, but for some bizarre reason the draft post thing doesn't always hold the proper order.

    Well, so far I've had no luck asking why Third Edge of the Sword is being shunned by Technoratti, so I suppose the next logical step is to ask another question of the blogosphere.

  • I don't know which Wikipedia article is the best at NPOV:
    I certainly can tell you that this article on Florida reporter Jane Akre has to be one of the worst.

  • Liberals hate faggots too, they're just too queer to admit it:
    h/t to Dust My Broom:

    Young Liberals are insulting George W. Bush and Stephen Harper via sodomy.

    The image can be viewed here. Its in French...that is so homo.

  • I have absolutely no clue where this post will end up:
    This is the sort of quirks that Blogger needs to address one fine day.

  • Great online tools for when you want to sound snobby
    Twice today I've used the Classical Composers Database in the realm of comment placing.

    This first was this little Stephen Harper narrative on the Dark Blue Tory blog. I needed the name of a composer. Not a famous and therefore trite one, but also one who isn't stuck in the 20th century. Tommaso Traetta fit the bill nicely.

  • It hasn't been 5 long years, but I hate them just the same
    One of my favourite Colin James songs (besides the one in the post title, which has a more personal meaning for me) is "Chicks, Cars, (And the Third World War)". Not having enough energy or knowledge to do a Mark Steyn-style Song of the Week segment, I did think that the artist who penned this tune has no business being involved in the Liberal Leadership Convention.

  • Another endorsement for Stelmach: Sir Humphrey Appleby:
    So there you have it: there is some precident for Premier Ed Stelmach. If we elect him, we will end up having the provincial Civil Service in charge of the province. Quite obviously, he is the candidate they would like us to choose. I cannot for the life of me think of any better argument against it. Party brass might enjoy the notion, but honest-to-God conservatives should be horrendously against it.

  • (this blog) Ought to Be In Pictures I won't bother quoting this post, just know that it contains pictures of hot girls

  • I wish to announce I am dropping out of the Liberal leadership race:
    LIEberals can't even keep from pulling the spin doctor routine on their own leadership convention. Isn't that an awfully good argument (as if there weren't enough already) to ensure that they never again assume the reigns of power?