Great leadership there Ed

Ed Stelmach today became the first person to jump through the hoops to replace Ralph as leader of the provincial PC party.

This would be the same Stelmach who, before he was Intergovernmental Relations Minister, was the Minister of Transportation who talked a tough game regarding the regulation of photo radar, but then when cities such as Edmonton violated the regulations (read: called his bluff) he took no action against them, and even permitted the expansion of photo radar programs to include red light cameras and green automated photo radar boxes. He also allowed the bullshit where it is now illegal to park in a legal stall that happens to be in front of a photo radar van.

So sorry Ed, but gutless ministers who let the police dictate terms to the government are not the kind of men we had in mind to be the Premier of Alberta.

Bonus Link #1: An Edmontonian tried to fight the ticket and EPS backed down before it could get to court.

Bonus Link #2: If we all took them to court, photo radar would be bankrupt. (Of course, if we all took them to court we'd get demerits)

Bonus Link #3: Edmonton media don't seem interested in dealing with daily photo radar abuses [or the other abuses of the Edmonton Police Services, such as handing out jaywalking tickets to people who are in the crosswalk while they are trying to make a turn in their police cruiser. -ed] except for when they can finger a big evil American corporation with the current ACS scandal.