Thinking ahead to the Royal Alberta Navy (and RAAF, and RAMC, and RAGF)

The Royal Alberta Navy (RAN)

  1. One of these
  2. At least four, maybe six of these.
  3. Two of these.
  4. five or six of these with one of these.
  5. At least 5 of these
  6. This means we will have to buy about 45 STOVL F-35B Joint Strike Fighters and at least two C2 Greyhound cargo planes.
  7. I'm not sure if we should go for a Halifax classed frigate or not: the Italian-French designed FREMM frigate seems much better suited to Alberta's naval needs: three or four of them would be wonderful. A pair of Horizon-class frigates seem a good additional boost of firepower. Six cruisers seems a sensible size for Alberta's Navy.
  8. One of these, maybe two
  9. Between 15 and 20 of these
With no territorial claims over the north, (its tempting, but I would say no) there is no need for smaller aircraft carriers and the like. But damn I want that DD(X) fast-response warship.

We likely would find the DD(X) class ship would replace the need for corvettes and destroyer escorts. This means that the DD(X) and CG(X) ships could be split: half of each type serving as a battlegroup to go with our aircraft carrier, the other half to be available for task forces with the frigates.

In a support vessel role, the Spanish Patino-class seems a good fit. Its modern, but a little slow. A single Supply-class American ship might be a good additional purchase.

As for naval bases, that almost goes without saying. The main naval base will be located in Equimalt, Alberta. A second naval base will be located in the Prince Rupert, Alberta/Port Edward, Alberta region. A third and smaller naval base will be operated in West Vancouver.

Additionally there will be three inland naval reservist stations: Edmonton, Alberta; Calgary, Alberta; and Saskatoon, Alberta.

The Royal Alberta Air Force (RAAF)
  1. It makes sense to have another 18-23 CTOL F-35A Joint Strike Fighters for deployment at ground bases.
  2. In addition, another 3-4 Sikorsky H-92 lift choppers (ground-deploy variant) would be handy. These two designs would fit well in the context of integrated airforce/navy supply.
  3. 10 AH-64D Apaches
  4. A single B1-B long range bomber
  5. Five A400M strategic airlifts.
  6. Three Raytheon Sentinel ASTOR command and control aircraft with AWACS capability
  7. Two A330 refuelling planes
  8. 8-12 Chinook HC.3 troop transport choppers
  9. Ten RQ-4B Global Hawk unmanned drones, and an additional 5 RQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned choppers and 3 British Corax UAVs
Cold Lake, Alberta will be the primary airforce base in the Independent Republic of Alberta. Additional "2nd-tier" airforce bases will be in Prince Rupert, Edmonton, Fort Chipewyan, Wollaston Lake (shown here on Google Maps, Regina, and Kamloops. Finally, RAAF reservist bases will be additionally set up in Vancouver, Prince George, Calgary, Grande Prairie, and Saskatoon.

As for the Royal Alberta Marine Cops (RAMC) and the Royal Alberta Ground Forces (RAGF), I'll write more about those tomorrow. Its bedtime for me. (This post took the better part of an hour)

Update, 3:56pm: The rundown of army and marine (read: special forces) equipment has been completed.
Update, October 28 2006 4:54pm: I never did add on here that the math for the Navy/Airforce/Army/Specialforces has been redone assuming Alberta annexes much of the NWT and Yukon


ABFreedom said...

I know this is an older post... but I definitely like your style... LETS DO IT!

Dave said...

Regarding #'s 2-5,7, and 8. You're gonna have to dredge the Bow river ain't ya? Naval Command set up in Prince's Island Park? Hell, why not! You'll be able to hire some of the "people" that Polly constantly whines and cries for!

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Why on earth would we have to dredge the bow? It's a naval reserve station there, not a harbour!

Anonymous said...

12 out dated mbt's...... Are you on glue? A marine corps, no navy, a mixture of out dated NATO and Warsaw pact support units and wet dreams of some super rifle? How about a well trained and fair sized conventional army. I hardly think canada would give away an additional 1 1/2 provinces when we succeed. If you want bc and Saskatchewan you should invade them, with your 12 mbt's.