Unpacking the lies of Ron Johnston

Simon Fraser University's activist Director of a racist group called the Office for Aboriginal People, a man by the name of Ron Johnston, recently posted to social media his Residential School sob-story.

This is a photo of my Mom a couple of years after she was released from Sechelt Indian Residential School. She was taken there at a young age with her sister and brother after being apprehended by the RCMP on her way home from her local school. Although she eventually made it home, unlike the other 215 children who were recently found in mass graves at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, her life was forever changed from the many traumas that she and her siblings endured while imprisoned there. She carried these with her throughout her life, always going to bed with the light on and often waking in the middle of the night from the many nightmares she experienced throughout her life. I too have carried these traumas as well, often referred to as "intergenerational trauma" which have been passed on to subsequent generations of Indigenous people. My Mom passed to the spirit world at the young age of 52 yrs old, which I believe was inherently related to her Residential school experience. Throughout my life I have heard people say that Indigenous people should "get over it", "move on", but we continue to carry these traumas with us even though they have happened from years gone bye. Indigenous people have been triggered once again by what has happened and are collectively grieving across Turtle Island and telling their stories to help alleviate the pain we are carrying and to get rid of the toxins which continue to haunt many of us. Sharing our stories is good medicine and is important on many level so that others always remember what happened (to make it real) so history doesn't repeat itself. Which is why I'm sharing my story with you today. Love you Mom miss you
Of course everything about this is an outright lie. There were no 215 kids recently found, nor was it a "mass grave", it was an unknown number of bodies of an unknown species that might easily be unmarked (but already documented) graves in a graveyard.

So I've fixed Johnston's post by putting the truth about the excellent Residential School system in place of his nonsensical lies. Go peddle your wares elsewhere, birdbrain.