FACLC buys a fridge

Editor's Note: this post was supposed to go up on this date in 2015 but got caught up in Draft status and did not publish. So instead here's the "the boss bought a fridge" story a mere 5 years late.

So, I now have a new fridge.

It showed up about a week ago, the result of...well, I remembered something about this tweet from August:

So it turns out that was a problem. The freezer door didn't close particularly well, and a couple weekends back I returned from a good night out on Whyte Ave to discover that my fridge was running, but no longer keeping things cold. It came when it was time to pull out some chicken from the freezer, and it was already thawed out. This caused a bit of a problem.

The next problem came because it turns out my cabinets were built to accommodate a fridge size which apparently isn't any longer available. You see, fridges have become these super-wide and relatively short behemoths. Ridiculously wide French doors. Ice makers. Water dispensers. Various types of crispers which don't matter to a person whose only refrigerated vegetables are jalapenos and onions. My cabinets aren't wide enough to fit a lot of the super-big fridges, so instead I had to get a narrow enough one to not necessitate a full kitchen renovation. Which came with the next problem: apparently despite the continued (vertical) growth of people (the horizontal growth is not relevant) our refrigerators have somehow been shrinking: my old fridge went right within a 1/4" of the cabinet above it: all the newer ones of the correct horizontal dimensions sit a solid 2.5-5" below it depending on the model.

So joyously, the new fridge is less capable than the old fridge. On the bright side, when you order a new fridge for a small fee they will take away your old fridge. Neat, right? Only problem is of course you have to be there at the same time as they are. So I book the appointment for a weekday (weekends are of course booked well into 2016) and then leave for work so I can get there at 11:15am: the window for delivery I picked was 11:30am to 2pm. So I don't think anything of it when I see a delivery truck with the same company name as the store I bought it from driving past me around 11:09am as I'm approaching home. Of course, when I see I got a call from Private Number at about 11:03am I get a little suspicious...check the voicemail and yep, they attempted delivery and will have to rebook. I phone back and yell at them over the phone for a bit (pointing out they didn't wait until 11:31 even) and they finally came back. Of course now they do the bare minimum: they deliver the fridge to the front door and take the old fridge once I wrangle it out the front door but bringing it in isn't part of their job description.

Seriously who needs the two crispers?

End result though is I finally did get my fridge. I just wonder why it always sounds like the motor is running...