Third Edge of the Sword Fifteen Year Anniversary

If you can believe it, 15 years ago today Third Edge of the Sword was debuted upon the planet. For the ten year anniversary post, click here.

Since then we've explained murders, solved murders, exposed Liberal vaccination hypocrisy, reviewed hundreds of Fringe plays, examined police corruption (against white people), discussed a military force for an Independent Alberta, highlighted bipartisan 2016 election myths, explained different murders, and discovered that Red Indians are the ones letting their toddlers burn to death.

We've ridiculed Edmonton noise bylaws, ranked female tennis players using the only metric that makes sense, exposed the $3.1B Harper government lie, explained Wildrose suggesting polices the members voted for, deep dived into Wuhan Flu stats, countered the May "Nationale Patriots Day", revealed the territory the Wet Soup Tribe actually own, and watched President George W. Bush (pbuh) in Edmonton.

There have been liveblogs of Oilers games, baseball games,, provincial leadership debates,  Deep Space Nine episodes, Grey Cup games, and in-depth reviews of Corner Gas and Day Break. The perils of woke NuTrek, an ideal response to Whistler's mayor, and how to use the Second World War to determine soccer outcomes were all discussed. We've explored Eddie Murphy's involvement in Canadian politics, Republican presidents in Star Trek games, how drinking a double-double is costing you a Big Mac, coming up with memes to denounce the expanded long-form census, the Five Commandments of conservative protests, and defended the maligned chicken finger.

There have been riding-by-riding election endorsements, a shadow 2020 Alberta budget, game reviews during the 2006 Oilers playoff run, analysis of sodomite Mayor Nenshi's "big award", discovered the record-setting Edmonton Redbull Crushed Ice event, the sad-sack cap-era Oilers, and analyzed footage to determine the NHL assigned incorrect credit to a goal and cost RNH a hat trick.

There have been in-depth movie reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness, Toronto Film Festival's Thale, Peter Jackson's Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, two fun romp Halloween "horror" films, and Ugandan favourite Space Cop, with discussions of the music of the James Bond franchise, music from the second-highest grossing movie of 1977, how Redirected and The Force Awakens are basically the name movie, and two early 90s movies that looked nostalgically at the Cold War.

We've peeked at the world's hottest criminal, examined how Somalis are bringing their evils with them to Edmonton, compared the media treatment of two different classes of evil people who change their names, made an alternate commercial for David Suzuki showing up in your basement, did a little armchair psychology to explain an Alberta election confrontation, asked why the City of Edmonton is so inconsistent about trains and transportation policy, and of course evaluated all 94 TRC recommendations and explained why all of them are garbage.

We've analyzed what that Einstein quote on your cubicle wall says about you, counted all the years a song called "9 to 5" was top of the charts, tried and failed to buy a locally sourced burger on a Sunday, examined the loss of iconic Whyte Avenue locations, told a hilariously true story about Taylor Hall vs. Jason Strudwick on Whyte Avenue, and looked at sexy girls on Whyte Avenue

Ever notice that the NHL is hurt by Liberals lowering the value of the Canadian dollar? Have you wondered why the 2019 Red Deer Walmart shooting took place? Ever considered trading your S10 for an S10? Can you think of a good reason Red Indians but not Egyptians can be victimized by your Halloween costume? Does your local station still play Christmas music on Boxing Day? Were you disgusted by Bill 6? Do the factual errors in Canadian rap songs bother you?

Over the past fifteen years and 3000 posts, Third Edge of the Sword has been fulfilling its earliest mission statement:

Understanding, Ambassador Kosh once said: was a three-edged sword... your side, their side, and the truth. As a conservative I've often noticed that there were always two sides: the socialist side and the quoted-in-papers conservative side. I always thought that the first was awfully wrong, and the second just plain wimpy. So my side, which I've found to be synonymous with the truth extraordinarily often, was the third side to which Kosh spoke.

 See you in another 15 years (and perhaps another 3000 times in between)!