Do as they do, not as they say

If you've been watching many YouTube videos, you've been seeing this retarded commercial instead of what you actually wanted to see:

The question arises though: how did they film this without following their own irrational COVID restrictions?

They didn't, of course: unlike all the potato chip and car commercials that come with those "this was filmed before COVID and social distancing rules" disclaimers, this video obviously had to be made after they ordered the rest of us not to do things like this.

The parties depicted in these commercials, by the way, weren't legal under the last two "relaxed" lockdown rules either. So what we have is another case of "do as I say, not as I do".

Well piss on that. I won't be cancelling my house parties (we just finished having 18 people over the weekend before Christmas, a dozen confirmed for New Year's Eve), and won't be ending any visits to friends or getting together inside or out.

Never submit to their rules.