@TrueFriction - Stop lying, Viro Fascist

TrueFriction is lying, of course.

Don't act surprised: he's a leftist, and leftists always lie about everything.

After all, it's easy for him to "pay more in taxes" right now: just send Revenue Canada extra money. Rona Ambrose even used to write you nice letters for doing so.

However, and everybody surprised by this raise your hand, despite huge numbers of (lying) leftists claiming they would be happy to pay more in tax, none of them actually do so when the rubber hits the road...and not in some dystopian future world of "taxes going up to pay for programs" but right now:

So don't hold your breath expecting immoral liars like TrueFriction to actually volunteer extra money to the government beyond what they are obliged to every April. "I'd happily pay more" is just another lie the left tells themselves (us too, but unlike them we're smart enough not to believe them), like "I oppose racism" or "her body her choice".

And yes, I know that it's a misnomer to believe that you only get taxed in April (or even income taxed in April)