@joyforkansas - Pay public school teachers the same as babysitters ($12/hr and help yourself to the snacks in the fridge)

So they've just come out and said it: the public school teachers who teach lies to your children with your tax dollars are promoting themselves as a glorified babysitting service:

So if we're going to take Joy on her word, funding doesn't really matter does it?

Teachers salaries can be cut to a level more appropriate for the level of service that "educators" -- of their own volition, mind! -- agree that they provide.

Public school teachers keep your kids from accidentally drinking turpentine, and know how to dial 9-1-1 if they break their arm playing touch football. As the title of this post implies, that's worth the rate of a decent sitter, which as all parents know is just a slightly-less immature moron than her charges, but hey she works on the cheap and helps drive the "marriage economy" by which couples get out of the house together now and again.