Deep Space Nine on Blu-Ray

Will Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ever be released on Blu-Ray? No.

Will it ever get an HD remaster? No.

Recently on their 2021 "State of the Podcast" show The Pensky File broached the topic, speculating that when machine learning reaches the next pinnacle of automatic HD remastering in the next 3-7 years that we'll end up being able to download torrents of HD DS9.

You can watch a minor example from CaptRobau on YouTube...warning, you'll need to watch this fullscreen on a laptop screen or larger to notice much improvement:

As a minor aside, why is the go-to episode always "Sacrifice of Angels"? Why not an HD restoration of the battle between the USS Odyssey and the Jem'Hdar back in season two? I personally think this is one of the great moments in all of Trek...

Anyways I mentioned you'd want to watch on a larger screen, because the results are...underwhelming. At least from the scenes we've been shown, the technology isn't quite there yet. If it ever will be: after all, there's some information that's simply forever lost because of how VFX and 35mm elements were combined in the 80s and 90s.