Why are conservative governments letting their ministers promote Twitter, a far-left site that bans their followers?

My Twitter account is in Thelma and Louise mode as I post this — a mass deletion app is purging my old content.

There’s no point in remaining on the platform, even as a source of breaking news. Trump and others have been purged in the past few hours, and the high value accounts like Andy Ngo are surely next.

Apple is threatening to ban Parler. Face it folks, it’s time to rebuild the independent conservative blogosphere.

Believe it or not, much of this post was already completed by the time this news started breaking: the far-left site is doing more and more to remove principled conservative voices for "crimes" which violent thugs in mid-2020 enjoyed without worry.

So the question remains: why are conservative governments not doing more to take away Twitter's power by requiring all ministers and departments migrate over to Gab or Parler? Over the Christmas holidays, Alberta's medical chick Deena Hinshaw used Twitter to publish the province's COVID updates, which were dutifully repeated in the mainstream media: the subtle implication being this internet platform is useful and you should be a member.

Meanwhile, this same platform bans and shadowbans the people who are interested in re-electing her boss Jason Kenney. So what's the motivation for Kenney to allow this to continue?

Imagine instead an alternate world where Hinshaw was only permitted by government order to communicate in her official capacity on a free speech enabling platform like Gab?

For the purposes of this post I'll use Gab as the example, though this will apply equally to Parler or MeWe. I'm actually planning an upcoming blogpost about Parler, as I have a few technical notes to make about how the site needed to be improved (which may or may not be impacted by the move from Amazon)

In that case, the fake news pressitutes at Global News would be required to show a screenshot of Hinshaw's Gab post, mention Gab on the air, and make the subtle implication being this internet platform is useful and you should be a member.

This was one of the issues with Trump being on the censoring Big Tech sites in the first place: his popularity and presence was giving them legitimacy this whole time: every time there was attention to something Trump said on Twitter he was inadvertently providing comfort to his enemy.

So here's my free advice to Jason Kenney, Scott Moe, Doug Ford, Blaine Higgs, etc: get yourself, your cabinet ministers, your government departments, and your government officials off of Twitter and Facebook. If they want personal accounts that's one thing, but absolutely no government business should be conducted on the Big Tech censorship networks who are busy silencing the conservative voices who not only are superior to leftist voices but are also the only people who are going to be putting you into office again.

No more Twitter posts that links to press releases. No more announcements or clarifications or anything other than Gab. Sure you'll find that mysteriously the mainstream media will no longer be linking to or embedding your Gab posts and you won't be engaging with your leftist constituents, but that's a feature and not a bug.

Twitter and Facebook are far-left organizations who actively harm the conservative cause. We've already seen the cumulative effects of this at the ballot box both in Alberta in 2015 and America in 2020. Unless you want the (superior) conservative cause to be chased out of the argument and then the levers of power, you need to fight back.