I'm sure they aren't connected...

Alexandra Kitty: more than 230 Hamilton hospital workers have gotten the Wuhan Flu.

If hospitals in Hamilton cannot contain a virus, they have failed.


Public healthcare in Ontario scores another Chinese animal virus victory!

But back to the big black eye Hamilton Health Sciences has because that’s a lot of workers who have the cooties.

So, what do we know?

  1. Masks don’t work!
  2. Sanitation with cancer-causing disinfectants doesn’t work!
  3. Social distancing doesn’t work!
  4. Lockdowns don’t work!
  5. Isolation doesn’t work!

There is your real-life proof. The world is a living laboratory and here is Mother Nature — our intrepid truth-loving scientist — letting the world know in no uncertain terms that HHS is an epic fail in their knowledge base.

Say it with me, gang…

Masks don’t work. Masks don’t work. (Repeat until it sinks in).

Lockdowns don’r work. Lockdowns don’t work. (Repeat until it sinks in).

Meanwhile, courtesy of Blazing Cat Fur, Hamilton is in the news for another reason: Ontario Has A Stay-At-Home Order, So Why Are 5 Movies Filming In Hamilton?

Meanwhile (BCF again): anti-lockdown protesters in Hamilton are charged. Next time bring a film camera or a stethoscope, guys!

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