So which slut did Jared Porter show his dick to? Hazel Mae?

Porter, who was hired as New York's general manager in December, reportedly began a texting conversation with a foreign correspondent who moved to the United States to cover MLB. The woman met Porter at Yankee Stadium in June 2016, exchanging business cards after a brief conversation regarding international prospects. Porter then invited the reporter to meet him for a drink the next night. After the reporter declined to meet with Porter, he began a string of over 60 unsolicited texts, per Kimes and Passan.
So...Hazel Mae? Porter heard how she'd screw Terry Francona and even Brian Burke and decided to get in there?

Nope..this foreign reporter apparently has trouble with English:
ESPN obtained the explicit messages sent by Porter in December 2017. The outlet then reached out to the woman in question, who originally did not want the story to be released due to concerns for her career. In recent days, she "decided to come forward only on the condition of anonymity because she fears backlash in her home country," per ESPN.

"My number one motivation is I want to prevent this from happening to someone else," the reporter told ESPN through an interpreter. "Obviously he's in a much greater position of power. I want to prevent that from happening again. The other thing is I never really got the notion that he was truly sorry.

"I know in the U.S. there is a women's empowerment movement. But in [my home country], it's still far behind," the woman said. "Women get dragged through the mud if your name is associated with any type of sexual scandal. Women are the ones who get fingers pointed at them. I don't want to go through the victimization process again. I don't want other people to blame me."

So we can look at the evidence that she's not from a European country. Possibly she's Asian but I'm going to go on a limb and say she's from a Latin American country. International baseball coverage is pretty spotty outside the Americas, so let's play the numbers here.

It also lines up with this guy's observation:

After she sent a selfie, Porter responded: "You're gorgeous. Want more of me?" She said yes

Porter sent three pictures including the first of several that would show a man lying on a bed with a bulge in his pants. "Like?" Porter wrote. She laughed again and texted yes

We can also guess that she covers either the Yankees or the Mets: at the time in 2016 Porter was with the Cubs, who on June 30th did start a series against the Mets. None of their other June 2016 games were in the area though I suppose he could have spent June 9th in NYC the day after their Phillies series but before the Braves, or June 16th between their disappointing outing against Washington and before their amazing domination of the Pirates (DC to NYC isn't a rough drive or train ride, but it makes getting to Pittsburgh a bit of a pain).

They did meet in Yankee Stadium though, so let's presume that she covers the Yankees. There's no database of media correspondents, sadly, and there are a lot of international broadcast partners to manually sort through. We do know the Yankees were also in town on June 30th and June 9th. Sorry June 16, they were against the Twins.

We do have one last data point: she apparently "left the profession" since the incident. Still, we have four years to look through, including a year of Wuhan Flu shutdowns that make even noticing a reporter no longer working difficult.

So we're left sort of stabbing into the air and seeing what we can find. Which foreign reporters were covering the June 30th game against the Texas Rangers? Again there's no database of media correspondents and post-game scrums aren't the sort of thing you can look up this many years later. As with so many of these investigations, the work is only beginning.

Jimena Sanchez? Never covered the MLB, though apparently she is a Yankees fan and has difficulty speaking English. She seems a little too big and popular to be worried about how she'll be perceived, but also likes her privacy... was she in NYC in June of 2016?

Somewhere somebody knows for sure who this reporter girl is, and then we can see if she was worth sending a dick pic and possibly losing your job over...

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