He solves the problem in his last sentence

The Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson on why FakePresident Biden is cancelling KeystoneXL:

Miss Donald Trump yet?

Transition documents suggest that Joe Biden plans to rescind the permit to construct the Keystone XL pipeline as one of his first acts as U.S. president. This would be a blow not only to Canada’s oil and gas sector, but to relations between the two countries in the wake of the disastrous Trump presidency.

And it will strain national unity, once it becomes clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is prepared to surrender on Keystone while still fighting tooth-and-nail to win an exemption from the Biden administration’s Buy American initiative, which would harm manufacturers in Ontario and Quebec.
Of course he has to start (for the sake of the Globe and Mail editors) by telling typical leftist lies about Donald J. Trump. The "disastrous Trump presidency" doesn't bother Modi or Bibi or BoJo or all sorts of mature and reasonable world leaders or even Merkel and Macron for that matter: only for retarded babies like the Shiny Pony and his sycophants.
Western separatists are wrong to assert that the Liberals don’t care about the region’s interests – the Trudeau government was so committed to the Trans Mountain pipeline it bought the company. But the first priority of any federal government, Liberal or Conservative, is going to be preserving jobs in Central Canada, where most people live. That’s simply the way of the world.
If your question in that paragraph is "what did Ibbitson get wrong" the better question is "did he get anything right"? Shiny Pony didn't buy the pipeline to "commit to it", he bought it to destroy it. It's standard procedure for evil leftists:
If the priority of federal governments were preserving jobs "where most people live", that stopped being Central Canada a generation ago: the population outside the "Golden Triangle" of Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto exceeded the population within it while Preston Manning was Leader of the Opposition. Manufacturing has been whittling away in Central Canada -- Biden's old nigger boss was a big proponent of that remember. Plus "most people live" in non-essential industries (as defined by governments of course: reality says that every worker is an essential worker) and the federal government has been falling over themselves to take those jobs away. On a macro level, "most people live" in a "way of the world" with two genders and where thugs are to be avoided rather than emulated. That never seems to bother the Shiny Pony, so why should this?
Mr. Trump was a friend to oil and gas. He reversed former president Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone project, issuing the presidential permit to allow the pipeline to cross the Canada-U.S. border.

As a candidate, Mr. Biden pledged to reverse the reversal. TC Energy, Ottawa, Alberta and Saskatchewan were hoping they would at least be given a chance to make the case for Keystone. That case is compelling.

Construction is well under way, with the cross-border portion of the line already completed. Cancelling the project will cost thousands of jobs in both countries. TC Energy is committed to reducing carbon emissions, while the oil that replaces what Keystone would provide American refineries comes from countries with little or no commitment to fighting global warming.

By cancelling Keystone at the outset of his administration, Mr. Biden would be saying he has no interest in hearing what Canada has to say, which is the kind of reflexive, reason-free action that you might have expected from Mr. Trump.
Trump's actions benefit both countries (and these 'carbon emissions' that only clueless clowns care about), while Biden's actions harm both countries without really improving the precious environment. Ibbitson really has a lot of difficulty with this doesn't he? The President Trump in his head turns out to be completely unrelated to the President Trump on our own mortal plane, and it bothers the hell out of him. "Reflexive reason-free action" is the exclusive purview of leftists? Who could have thought it?

“Peremptorily revoking the permit without first giving Canada a chance to make its case wouldn’t exactly send a signal [of] renewed friendship that he has promised towards America’s closest allies,” Roland Paris tweeted Monday. Prof. Paris, a political scientist at University of Ottawa, was Mr. Trudeau’s first foreign policy adviser.

Mr. Trudeau will protest, but eventually give way, for several reasons. First, he wants to establish strong relations with the Biden administration, and a protracted fight over Keystone would not be a good start.

Second, he shares the incoming president’s commitment to economic restructuring through investments in green technologies to fight climate change. Keystone lies outside those parameters.

Third, Mr. Trudeau’s highest priority is to win a Canadian exemption from the Buy American provision in the new administration’s US$700-billion procurement and R&D program. Buy American rules could freeze central Canadian manufacturers out of the U.S. market, while also disrupting supply chains.

So let's go over the Shiny Pony's reasoning, as Ibbitson lays out for us in his shithole of a lying media property:
  1. He's a pathetic coward more anxious to go along to get along than to advance Canada's national interest, as opposed to his behaviour under God-Emperor Donald Trump where he was anxious to "stand up" to a superior man rather than advance Canada's national interest.
  2. He's just as retarded and evil and despicable as the man he wants to suck up to, and would advance this horrible policy no matter what Biden thought.
  3. He's a duplicitous scumbag who refuses to treat all national economic activity, not to mention voters and public interests, equally equitably or fairly.
As a minor aside to point (3) above, anti-oil retards online are telling Alberta in the wake of all this that we (ie. Jason Kenney) need to stop "putting our eggs in one basket" and waste tax money on renewables while also selling oil to more non-US countries, so why doesn't that logic equally apply to manufacturing industries in the Golden Triangle? Maybe try selling more of your automobiles to Europe or Asia? 

 How Alberta is expected to get this oil to other countries when our pipelines are blocked by anti-oil activists north, east, south, and west is an exercise these nutters have left to you and I to figure out, apparently. How hard is it to built a space elevator exactly?
But energy is as crucial to the North American economy as manufacturing. Richard Masson, executive director at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, says he believes Mr. Trudeau should integrate the Keystone XL pipeline into a comprehensive Buy North American pitch.

“The whole North American economy can be more efficient if we work together rather than if we start setting up barriers,” he said in an interview. “That is the argument that we need the Canadian government to make, and this pipeline is part of that argument.”

But he is “not very optimistic” the argument will prevail. Keystone has become such a lightning rod among environmentalists and their allies that Mr. Biden wouldn’t dare reverse himself even if he wanted to.

Democrats have traditionally been suspicious of trade agreements that put local manufacturing jobs at risk. Under Mr. Trump, Republicans became equally protectionist. Despite their deep polarization, the Americans have reached a consensus in rejecting the globalization of trade.
Whoops, he almost said an unqualified negative thing about FakePresident Biden and has to try to turn it back around to blaming it on Trump. Nevermind that both parties had pro- and anti-trade wings in the 2016 election, but curiously only the Republicans still have people in both camps.

I'm about to leave Ibbitson with the last word. I know, I know, I typically don't do that. But I'm going to tell you to first read the title of this post, and then read the final two lines of Ibbitson's article. Capiche?
The Canadian and Mexican governments, to their great credit, were able to preserve the fundamentals of a continental market by renegotiating the North American free-trade agreement. But that agreement won’t save Keystone XL, any more than a court challenge will.

For as long as Joe Biden is president, Keystone is dead.