Shiny Pony can't do math

From commenter George Alexander in this John Robson article:

We are constantly being told or advised by PM Trudeau, and other government spokespersons, that there will be enough vaccines available by September, so that everyone who wants to be vaccinated can and will be vaccinated.
That is wonderful !
BUT>> How does Trudeau know how many Canadians will want to be vaccinated ?
AND >> At the present , or the current projected rate of receiving vaccines , stated as being about 2 million per month, enough for 1 million people , going to be administered to perhaps 36 -38 million people would that not mean he perhaps is talking about September 2024 ?
OR>> If by some divine miracle enough vaccines appear by September 2021 what facilities are being planned to administer 36 million doses, which means 72 million injections, in about a 200 day period ,, that is 360,000 doses (injections) per day ?
Is anyone thinking about the logistics of what they are talking about ?

Nobody involved in logistics works for the government. Well, maybe LCBO retailers.

For those wondering, this is also why public healthcare (not needed by everybody, run by the government) can't deliver services to its "customers" within a period of mere weeks or months while privatized groceries (needed by everybody, run by the free market) manages to get foods from around the world into every Canadian's hands every single day from sea to sea to sea.

Except grapefruit for some reason. Has anybody noticed in the past three weeks that Edmonton grocery stores have somehow completely ran out of grapefruit?