Chicago Catholics have gotten into the venison business:

A spokesperson for the archdiocese assured CBS 2 no illegal hunting is going on at the cemetery, which made us ask about lawful hunting. That’s when we discovered deer are being killed on this property, by licensed professionals with permission from the church.

“Lay your loved ones to rest here, but let us kill the beautiful animals that are walking around. How right is that?” Tammy said.

The herd is apparently too big, causing safety issues, but when CBS 2 asked about specific examples, we weren’t given any by the Archdiocese.
As expected, the weirdo "you can't hurt an animal ever" crowd came in with their unrealistic expectations.
Whatever the problem, the animal lovers thought of a solution.

“What they should be doing is tranquilizing the deer and relocating them,” Tammy said.

“Look at their eyes. They’re so beautiful. How could you kill them?” Franks said.
Easy: you pull the trigger. When an animal needs it, an animal gets it (I actually had to kill not one but two cats in 2020).

Helpful hint, it's a lot easier than tranquilizing and relocating them.