Sophie Trudeau gets jungle fever, Canadian taxpayers get the bill

I somehow missed this when it first came out, though I was fairly occupied in the week of August 21st, but Harrington Lake renovations were being performed simply because Justin "Rat Bastard 2.0" Trudeau is unable to sexually satisfy his wife.

Canada’s National Capital Commission (NCC), the federal agency that manages national heritage properties including the Prime Minister’s homes, was directed to construct a sprawling second mansion at Harrington Lake by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in late 2019 — shortly after the federal election in October and just days following turbulence in the marriage of Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire, a source inside the PMO tells The Chronicle.

The $8.6 million in federal spending was not publicly disclosed until April of this year, which included $3 million to renovate the main house, $2.5 million to reconstruct and relocate what has been described as a caretaker’s house on the grounds, and $3.6 million to construct a second mansion that is intended for the Trudeaus’ use.

Just days after Gregoire threatened to divorce Trudeau last October, when she first began refusing to sleep under the same roof with him, the PMO ordered the NCC to proceed with millions of dollars in unplanned projects at the Prime Ministerial retreat.
This isn't the only time Sophie's interest in a British nigger hurt the working people who get robbed by the federal government either...remember the infamous WE Charity trip where she and Elba both got the Wuhan Flu and then never infected her husband? Yep, also paid for by taxpayers.

Ditto the Shiny Pony's Costa Rica trip that was an excuse to get the grey in his beard (and escape his wife who hates him almost as much as a random Albertan), and in all likelihood his recent secret trip to Barbados.

Despite the (typical, but inexplicable) fascination women have to men in the Trudeau family, apparently Shiny Pony is such a lousy husband and lover that his wife has to seek BBC in the land of the BBC.

But it's the rest of us who play the role of sugar daddy.